Thursday, January 29, 2009

Really Good or Really Bad

That's how I feel about my biology test. Either I did really good or I did really bad. I was amazed at how much I did remember. And for the first 30-40 questions I was like, "I've got this". Then around question 50 I started thinking.. "What? Did we go over this? Seriously? The what gland? Am I in the right classroom?" Yeah... and then the last 25 questions or so I started feeling better. Hmm, so we'll see come Tuesday!

I need some prayers being said for my nephew, Jon Wesley. Poor little boy.. He had to go in and have immediate surgery this evening to have some staph infection removed. They took him to the doctor Monday, I believe, and the doctor put him on some antibiotics and said to bring him back if it didn't get better. Well, it didn't and the doctor told them to take him to the hospital to be admitted that it needed to be removed immediately. So please say some prayers for him.

Update: I just got through talking to my momma and she said they were able to get all of the staph and it had started to form another spot next to it and they were able to get that as well. So that is good news. He is going to have to stay over night, I guess for observation. She said when he woke up from the surgery that he was pulling at his IV. Hopefully they got it all and he is able to get some rest tonight. All prayers for him would be much appreciated.


Bridgett said...

You know, every exam I took in college was like that. 75% percent of the questions I'd feel confident about...then there was that 25% that looked like questions from some other planet. I think professors do that on purpose.

Maybe to see how you rationalize questions that weren't discussed and whether you can use the knowledge you've learned and apply it to something you didn't.

Does that even make sense? LOL

Keeping your dear nephew in my thoughts. Please keep us updated. Staph is NASTY.


Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment on my blog. Let me tell you I feel super guilty about not doig more for my little man's 1st birthday but what can you do? I've sacraficed as much as we can and its just what we were able to do at this point. But everyone tells me I'm nuts for being so worried about it. He'll never remember!!

Christy said...

Oh Emily I am so glad they were able to get all the infection from John Wesley. Praying that's the end of that nasty infection.

God Bless and sorry I'm behind.