Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kiddie Comics

Yesterday, I'm folding clothes and Nathan is having a snack. Zoey was sitting at the kitchen table playing with her "animals" and a variety of other toys that I simply call "junk". Anyway, she is playing and singing to herself. I told her that it was time for her to clean up her toys so we could go outside to play. She looks at me and simply says, "Momma, I'm a singer not a cleaner".
Last night I was getting ready for bed. I walk into the kitchen and see Jon Kent's pajama bottoms laying the floor. I show it to Kent and he said, "Oh, he must have laid them there when he peed on his underwear when going to the bathroom earlier." Kent thought when Jon Kent was peeing in the toilet that he accidentally got a little on his underwear, so he thought nothing of it. Yeah.. upon closer examination Jon Kent was apparently sleep walking and peed on my kitchen rug. That will teach us to give him benadryl right before bed time!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a day

I'm tired. Seriously. I don't know when the last time I was this physically tired. It's a good tired though. So today went a little something like this:

*5:45am- Nathan wakes up and is hungry. So I feed him.
*6:00am- Zoey gets up and gets in the bed with Nate and me to snuggle.
*6:15am- Jon Kent is up.
*7:00am- I start washing clothes.
*7:45am- Cook and eat breakfast.
*8:15am- Put another load of clothes in the wash while the first one dries.
*8:30am- We do "school" and follow that up with four books that we checked out at the library.
*9:00am- Fold dry clothes, throw 2nd load in dryer and another load in the washer.
*9:30am- Head outside to play for a bit. Take several pictures.

This is a hole that a bumble bee is eating/digging through the play set. It is also the one or type of one that stung Zoey yesterday.

The "mess" that it is making in the process. Thankfully Kent took care of it, we hope.

I just thought this was a funny picture of Zoey.

This is a picture of Nathan.. with a mouth full of rocks. Yes, rocks.

This is Nathan mad after being rid of all rocks from his mouth.

Now we are happy again. The mood swings this boy goes through in a matter of minutes..

Jon Kent looks so grown when compared to his little brother. His little brother doesn't seem so sure of his current passenger.

This looks like a seemingly normal picture. However, Nathan got to that spot all by himself. Talk about having a heart attack watching him do it.. I had a couple.

Lastly, this is Nathan cheesing it up before being dragged inside for nap time.

*10:30am- Put Nathan down for a nap. Fold clothes and put last load in dryer.
*11:00am- Fix lunch. Turkey sandwiches.
*11:30am- Clean kitchen, sweep and mop. Clean foyer, sweep and mop. Clean bathrooms and sweep and mop.
*12:30pm- Nathan is up. Feed him lunch. Fold last load of clothes.
*1:oopm- Toy pick up time for all small O'villers.
*1:30pm- Back outside to play.
*2:00pm- Kent's grandparents pick the kids up to go to the park.
*2:15pm- Go to workout. Walk/run 1.25 miles. Then light weight train.
*3:00pm- Head to my parents and then home.
*4:00pm- Quick shower and then start supper.
*5:00pm- Sit down with family and eat.
*5:45pm- Kids and hubs head off to church.
*6:05pm- I head off to what I hope is my last night of class.
*6:30pm- Finish up what I hope is my last test in Psychology.
*6:35pm- Find out if I am exempt from my final.
Oh yeah.. I'm exempt. She dropped my "lowest test score". Woot-woot!

*6:45pm- Get home and iron Kent's uniforms.
*7:20pm- Kids and hubs arrive home. Kent takes care of bees and the kids enjoy a small snack.
*8:00pm- Kids get a bath and get ready for bed.
*8:15pm- Kids are snug in bed.
*8:45pm- I'm here blogging.
So there is my day. Tomorrow should be pretty mellow. No housework or laundry to do. Just enjoy the kids and enjoy playing outside. And maybe another workout. Oh and the kids' game. Besides all that.. not a lot. ;o)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to my momma. I won't say how old she is.. although I'm sure she wouldn't care. I hope your day was a great one!
Tonight was my last night in A&P. Woohoo!! The final is Tuesday and then I will be done!! Woot-woot! I find out tomorrow night if I am exempt from my psychology final. This semester is almost over. Then it will be on to packing and moving.

No kissy-kissy with the pig

I'm sure we have all heard about the swine flu that is seemingly spreading up from Mexico. And has been found all over the globe. With each passing day, more reports of people who have died from it and who have been hospitalized with it. Dozens every day are dying in Mexico, while dozens here are coming down with a "mild" form of it. So, who is worried? I'm not worried.. yet. It seems like, for now, things are under control. I'm trying to remind myself and the kids to wash, wash, wash our hands. Especially if we have been out in a public place. It just seems like once we figure out how to handle one disease or virus another comes along. So far Alabama hasn't had any reports of swine flu. And I don't believe South Carolina has, but don't quote me on that. It was "funny" though that on last night's news there was a reporter waiting for a group of high school band students to get off their bus so they could talk with them because "they have just arrived home from Mexico". Really.. really? Do you think it was the wisest thing to do.. not trying to be too paranoid but at least be somewhat cautious. I don't know. I was just wondering what everyone else's take on it was.

Birds and Bees

We have a very protective mommy bird in our yard. Or maybe it's the daddy bird. Whatever it is, it is very protective of it's nest that is in the tree by the kids' swing set. I saw it chase off and fight 3 or 4 birds in a matter of 10-15 minutes. One of those birds being a huge crow. Thankfully it doesn't see any of us as a danger. It will just sit on the limb and watch the kids play.

This following video is Zoey talking about what happened when we were outside playing today. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Race Weekend

I'm not a race fan. Living in a city that is only known for the race it puts on twice a year will do that.

Kent had to work security for it yesterday and today. Yesterday, Kent went and worked security.. and wouldn't you know it, Miss America was there. Not Miss USA, but Miss America. Yeah.. Kent got that wrong and totally asked her if she "was the one who won last week". Oh.. you are asking why Kent was talking to Miss America? Because he has to make small talk while he was taking a picture with her...

Pretty, isn't she? Yeah.. I totally didn't notice. ;o)

Later Kent came and got Jon Kent and took him back to the track with him to watch the race. Or at least the end of it. Kent let Jon Kent have a "Serra Mist". Later found out it was an energy drink. Kent said he thought it was a regular Serra Mist but later realized it wasn't.

Later would be when Jon Kent was bouncing off the walls and throwing himself against our headboard and laughing hysterically. Yeah... Daddy said (the older two spent the night with my parents) that Jon Kent literally passed out at 9:30pm and didn't wake up until 7:30am. Needless to say.. no more energy drinks.

I wish I would have gotten Jon Kent on video telling about what he saw at the race. For one, he was talking really fast. And two, he was overly dramatic about it all. It was really funny. He had a really good time at the track. I'm glad he got to do it at least once before we leave.

While I don't technically support any driver, I do act like I like Jeff Gordon to get on my husband's nerves.. since he likes Dale Jr. He apparently took a picture of something or another of Jeff Gordon with his camera. Aww, he was thinking of me...


Now I'm off to stare at my sleeping husband who is totally sunburned. He has a farmer's tan (burn) and even has sock lines. Let me go snap a picture and show you.

Can you say, "Ouch"?

Friday, April 24, 2009


Today was a long day. The realtor came out. Talked, took pictures, took measurements and left. He didn't seem very interested in selling himself to us. I kind of wonder if he knew he was running against another realtor. The other realtor took time to tell us about herself, how she would market our house, gave us a folder full of information, etc. This guy, came in with a notepad, a camera and a pen that ran out of ink. Oh well. One less thing to do.

Today wasn't particularly a busy day. But I'm tired. I feel like I've been running all day. But I haven't. The kids played outside this morning, we ran to town to pay a bill, lunch time and then nap. I washed clothes and cleaned up the house a bit. Vacuumed and dusted. Pretty basic stuff. And yet I'm tired.. really tired.

This evening we went over to my parents' house. Ate with them, my grandmother, brother and nephew. We left there and went straight to Wal-Mart to pick up a pool. It was too big for our car though. Pretty disappointing. I felt bad for the kids because they got all excited when they saw us trying to get the pool to fit in the back. They kept asking why we weren't taking the pool home with us. We'll have to get some one's truck and go back and pick it up. But tomorrow everyone is busy with the race. Hopefully we can get it soon. The weather is nice and warm right now. Today you could even say it was hot.. almost 90.

Right now I have a lot on my mind. Which could have a lot to do with my tiredness. Situations happen and I honestly don't know how to react to them. I think in my head of something to say, but then mull over it, second guessing myself until I just end up saying nothing at all. I don't want to say something and then regret it. I've done that more recently than I care to admit to. But sometimes I think staying silent speaks louder and harsher, maybe, than just saying something to begin with. Does that make sense? I don't know. I'm just typing without thinking. Trying to sort it out without getting into the details. Oh well. It's way past my bedtime. Goodnight all.

I'm liking this blogging...

Hey everyone! It's me, Nathan. I just got through with my "snack lunch". I don't do whole lunches. I make momma break it up for me. A "snack lunch" before nap and then another one after nap. I over hear her saying it drives her crazy, but you know.. crazy looks good on momma.

Anyway, today momma was feeding me a snack lunch after nap. Puffs and goldfish crackers. She was sitting with me snapping pictures with her camera. I hammed it up for her a bit. See?

I'm cute. I know this.

Then after eating I spotted momma eating some cookies. Chocolate cookies. Let's just say I persuaded her to give me some. One for each hand please! I gobbled them up and asked for more. Again, one for each hand please! I ate them like I thoughtsomeone was going to steal them. Of course, momma took a picture of me afterwards. I don't know what the big deal was. So what if I got a little bit on my face. Those were some good cookies!

Well it's time for me to go. I need to watch momma vacuum. She keeps telling me to quit making messes, that some man is coming to look at the house. And??? This is my house, I'll make a mess if I want to. See? Jon Kent helped me make this one.
OK, I'm seriously going now. This blogging can be addictive!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lab Exam

I think it went well. At the very least (hopefully) I made a B. I know of at least 2 that I probably missed. Maybe 3. It was about 65 questions long. I'll hopefully find out Tuesday which is also our last day of regular classes. We will be reviewing for our final exam that day as well. This semester is almost over. Yipeeee!!


You know the drill. Go over and check MckMama's blog out. Stellan isn't doing so hot right now. Things were looking good, but now not so much. There is still a lot of unknown that MckMama and the doctors are having to figure out. Stellan won't be going home anytime soon and MckMama is really sad over it. Go over and give her some encouragement. She could really use it right now.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April Rose

April Rose's button is in my sidebar for those who may have not noticed. Please go and check out her mom's blog. She has really just started it, so getting back up to date won't be hard or long. Today they received some awesome news. Go over and check it out. It really does speak for itself. God is good.

Running Thoughts

Be warned.. this will be very random.

I had a psychology test this evening. I think it went well. I got there at like 6:20 and was out of there at 6:30. Only 2 more classes in there and then the final. Woot!

Nathan has been running a low grade fever since last night. No higher than 100.5. I've been letting it run it's course only giving Motrin right before bedtime. He has loved the fact that he has been able to run around in only his diaper. He and daddy got to stay home alone tonight while I went to class and Jon Kent and Zoey went to church.

I ran through Wal-Mart after class. Had to get milk. We buy two gallons at a time because the kids LOVE milk. We have been through 3 gallons since this weekend. We usually go through 7 gallons of milk in two weeks.

The race is here this weekend. Which meant there were race fans shopping and stocking up on their beer. Just another pro to add to the list of why moving is going to be good for us. No more race fans.

I've studied and restudied for my A&P lab test. It's tomorrow by the way. I know all the lab sheets. I'm hoping to know it when it's actually on the model. Goodness knows things look one way on the paper and another on the model. We'll see how it does. The test is at 5. Gives me an extra hour to study, I guess.

The second realtor called today. We have to have two come by, look the house over and send in a report to the relocation company. Then we can choose who we want to sell our house. This realtor is already on our "not going to happen" list. First of all, it's taken them well over a week to contact us. The first realtor contacted us almost immediately after being notified. Then this realtor calls today and asked, "Can I speak to Jason?". Kent said, "You mean Jonathan?" (Kent's first name is Jonathan). The guy was like, "Oh yeah, I mean Jonathan". Jason is actually our relocation person or another. Forget exactly his title. But he was the one who called the realtors to let them know we were selling. I think he had to recall this realtor to remind them to contact us. So needless to say, this realtor probably won't be our pick. Unless he just blows us away come Friday. Which, by the way, Friday they are coming to talk with us and for us to show them the house. Which means another fitful cleaning on my part. I'm not going to go all out, like I did for Monday's appointment. The house is basically clean already, just need to straighten up and vacuum. Maybe dust.

Things are moving along for the moving stuff. It's crazy how much it is going to cost to just move us. Not including if the government has to buy our house. Roughly $75,000. And like I said, that's not including if they buy our house. Crazy, ain't it! The bad part of it is, is that it will go on our taxes as income. So we have to pay taxes on it. But we believe they take some taxes out on our per diem. We think.. hope. Or else come the end of the year we will be hurting. The pest control people came today to look at our house and make sure we weren't infested with pest or something. I wasn't here because they were running ahead of schedule and came around 3:30pm when they were supposed to come around 5pm. Kent's momma showed them around, I believe. But they left without saying anything. So hopefully that is a good sign. We had to choose our moving company. We went with North American. Kent heard good things about them from some coworkers who used them when they moved. Hopefully they will do a good job of packing, storing and unpacking.

I ordered 197 prints from Shutterfly last night. I did a prepaid thing for 200 pictures for $20. I had up to two years to use it. Totally already used it.. lol. They also have a $60 plan for 600 pictures. So 10 cents a piece, basically. I usually use Wal-Mart, but they lost a set of pictures back in January and still haven't found and returned them. Totally ticks me off. Anyway, these pictures are from back in September until now. Sad ain't it...

Starting tomorrow the weather here is supposed to be in the 80s. Woot!!! Love warm weather! LOVE IT! Can't wait to start doing stuff outside. We are thinking about taking at least Jon Kent to an SEC College baseball game in May. I want to take the kids (Jon Kent and Zoey) to a little country type water park near by. And maybe even to Six Flags. We also are planning a vacation to the beach at some point. Not sure exactly when because of all this moving stuff. Lots of fun stuff to do for sure. Kent has to work the race this weekend and he is thinking about picking Jon Kent right up before the Saturday race and taking him back to watch it. Jon Kent would love it!

OK, I have totally rambled on and on. Need to wrap this up. Tomorrow is library day with the kids and then hopefully we will be outside for the rest of the day, minus nap time. Later y'all!

My momma is so NOT cool

Hey all. This is Nathan. I'm going to make this quick. I'm supposed to be napping and my momma is currently throwing some clothes in the washing machine. Which that thing is so cool. Momma lets me throw clothes in there sometimes and it's just the best. She thinks I'm cute when I do it, but not when I throw clothes in the toilet. What is up with that? Anyway, I just wanted to write in here really quickly how my momma is not cool. She is the opposite of cool, whatever that is. She is sooooo NOT cool. Why? Well, let me just SHOW you!

OK, let's go over a few things. 1) The last time I checked, which was just awhile a go when momma changed my diaper, I was not a girl. Trust me.. my little *ahem* BIG boyhood is still there. I make sure to grab it allll the time just to make sure I haven't lost it. 2) My hair is no where near long enough to throw into a ponytail. And why is it called a ponytail? I'm no pony! 3) Lastly, I didn't even realize she did it to me. She just let me walk around the house and be ridiculed by my siblings. Really, what kind of mother does that? A not cool one.. that's for sure.

Ut-oh, she's coming back. Gotta go. And shhhhh! I was never here!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our very busy Monday

Nathan did fair last night. Kent got up with him twice I believe and was able to settle him down for the most part. I went in there once to try and to settle him down and when I walked out Nathan lost it. Kent went in there and settled him down, but he was still upset. But thankfully he settled down pretty quickly after that.

This morning we all got up had breakfast and I start laundry and cleaning. Kent and Jon Kent went and got haircuts. When they got back I continued to clean and Kent weed eated the yard and sprayed for bugs and sprayed weed killer. Then Kent and I cleaned up the garage and I swept it out. After feeding the kids their lunch I ran to the grocery store to get groceries for the next two weeks. And amazingly I was able to get everything and get back home in about an hour. Would have been quicker had the two ladies in front of me known how to work the card swiper thingy. When I got home I unloaded the groceries and then vacuumed really quickly.

At 3pm the realtor came and she was really nice. She told us about her experience, about the company she is with and how she would market our house. We showed her the house and she took some pictures. She said she should have her report done for the house in about 2 days and will give us an estimate at what she thinks the house could sell for. We are waiting to hear back from another realtor (we have to choose between the two). They haven't taken the time to call us back yet, which aggravates me a bit. Hopefully they will get on that soon. At 4pm the inspector came. He spent about an hour and a half going over the entire house. He found 3 things "wrong" with the house. But they are all easily fixable. Now I don't know what is ahead. No appointments in the near future that we are currently aware of. But that could change, I'm sure. At least we are a couple steps closer to finishing this whole thing.

In other news, go over and visit MckMama's blog. Stellan was supposed to have surgery tomorrow but they are thinking about bumping it up to as early as tonight. So please say a prayer for Stellan and the surgeons and MckMama, too.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday.. oh where has the weekend gone?

Thankfully Kent is off tomorrow. So our "weekend" isn't quite over yet.

I just got through studying.. again.. for my A&P lab test. I'm was feeling pretty good about things last night. And then... stupid leg muscles. Oh and some of those arm muscles. What is up with extensors and flexor and branchioradiallis... etc. Can't we just name them like muscles #1, #2, #3, etc? I mean really.. all these long complicated names for little muscles. Is it really necessary? I think we should write our congressmen about this matter. Oh who am I kidding.. like any government official would actually listen to the people who voted for them...
I digress..
Where was I?
Oh.. muscles. Yeah.. not feeling too good about them tonight. Maybe tomorrow it will get better. At least I hope so. And the ear.. who knew there were a billion and one parts to the ear? Apparently not me. Oh well.. that is what studying is for...
Not a lot going on here(obviously). Tomorrow will be a busy day. Kent and Jon Kent need hair cuts, Kent is going to weed eat and clean out the garage. I'll be busy keeping the house picked up tomorrow. Then the realtor and inspector are coming.. which I've already told y'all that. Hopefully all will go well and our inspection will go smoothly.

OH! Nathan (who is currently stirring and whining) went down tonight without nursing. He wasn't too happy about it, but fell asleep (until 2 minutes ago). IF he does well tonight and I don't cave, he will be down to one nursing session a day. I'm really hoping to have him weaned completely by the middle of May. Here's a hopin'!!

And now for your viewing pleasure.. completely random pictures taken this week/weekend.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Feeling better about my muscles..

Well.. not exactly my muscles but the muscles I have to learn for my lab test.. which is Thursday.. this Thursday.

I have roughly 12 pages that I need to memorize and I memorized (at least for now) 5 of those pages tonight. So, I have 4 more nights of studying and if I memorize and rememorize the rest of it and the first of it (confused yet?) then I should be good. Should.

Once this lab test is over with I will be able to breathe a bit better. I will still have my A&P finals, but I'm not too worried over it. And psychology.. pfffftttt. She says some of us (hopefully me!!!!) might be exempt from the test. Here's a hopin'!!!!

Then after all that is done I will let out a HUGE sigh of relief.. at least until I remember that I still have to pack up my whole house and move two states over. I'm still thinking it hasn't fully hit me yet. Crazy, I know.

Kent's new boss has graciously extended an invitation for us to drive up there one Saturday and spend the day with his family and they show us the town and all the different subdivisions before we meet with the realtor. He said we could stay with them that night as well. That way we would have a better idea of the area before getting into the death grip of a greedy realtor (I'm only sorta kidding.. ;o) ). I thought it was pretty nice of him. But I'm feeling a bit awkward. I don't do strangers.. meaning I'm very shy and it takes me awhile to warm up to people. Even if I have known you for years.. if I don't talk to you regularly (minus my one friend who I have known since 2nd grade.. we can go weeks without talking and then pick up right were we left off) then I have to rewarm up to you.. it's stupid and crazy and I totally need to grow out of it.. but so far.. haven't figured out how to. ANYWAY, I'm hoping I don't make a fool out of myself or my husband. I think sometimes people think I'm stuck up.. which I totally am not.. but it just comes off that way because I don't know what to say in many social situations.. and since I don't know what to say.. I just don't say anything at all. So yeah.. I can see where people would think I'm stuck up.

Eh, anyway.. random post.. I know and I have a whole lot of "...'s" in here as well. Hmm.. I wonder why I do that???

The Pooper Keeper is good

We got our septic tank inspected today (one of the MANY requirements we have to meet) and it was all good. I had the windows up today.. pretty day and all. Jon Kent was taking a nap in my bedroom and Zoey was in her room napping as well. Right before the septic people started pumping the tank out Jon Kent woke up. I went in there and told him to check out the guys digging holes in our yard. About that time they cut their pump on and it was loud. Jon Kent threw the covers over his head and said it was "too loud". About the time he decided to come back out a lovely smell came through the windows..

Oh my goodness.

Jon Kent declared that something surely was stinky.

Yes, my son.. that would be your poop and anyone else's poop who has pooped in our potty in the recent 3 years. WONDERFUL.

Thankfully the smell soon left and so did the septic people.

Next is the realtor at 3pm and the building inspector at 4pm on Monday. Then the pest control inspector is coming Wednesday at 5pm (I think). And we have been in contact with a realtor in South Carolina. She sent us a link to several homes to check out. We have a date set for May 31-June 6 for house hunting. The ball is rolling... and picking up speed.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Breaking News.. Breaking News.. Breaking News

The moon is broken. I repeat, the moon is broken. It was spotted today by two O'villers AFTER the sun was already up. They reported that it was broken because some of it was missing and it wasn't going away once the sun was up. They both declared that it must indeed be broken. Please, take this news seriously. Everyone please take cover. It's only a matter of time before the stars are broken as well and the sun will soon follow. Go gather your supplies and get to your safe place.

That is all.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My mind is totally else where

A&P is basically over. We are having lab classes right now to get ready for our final lab exam which is Thursday. I'm sitting in class today trying to figure out where all the muscles are (WHY are there so many!?!!!?) and I just could not focus. I had no desire whatsoever to know a cotton pickin' thing about muscles. So I just packed my stuff up and left. All the way home I just wanted to scream or cry or something. My mind is just full. Full of school, full of house stuff, full of moving stuff, full of cleaning stuff, full of house hunting stuff, realtor stuff.. just stuff. It's full. And at 4:50 this afternoon there just wasn't room for anything else. I got home and grabbed the kids and the hubs and we all went to Jon Kent and Zoey's t-ball game. I tried honestly to just not think about anything else.. but how can I not when my whole life is about to change. We are about, for the first time ever, to leave our family and friends.. leave our comfort zone. Our world is fixing to be rocked. After we got home tonight and gave the kids their baths and got them all in bed, I was picking up the house and I hear barking.. coyotes or something of the like were in our backyard towards the woods. Kent runs and grabs his gun (totally a southern thing to do, no?) and runs outside. Then I hear "BANG!" and then Kent yelling something. I walk outside and see that Kent's brother was also outside with his shot gun (sorry I'm laughing at how redneck this sounds) and shot towards the woods. They all talk and laugh and then come back in. Things like that aren't going to happen once we move. We aren't going to have the random family reunion outside. I don't know.. my mind is just so full. We have so much going on this weekend...
Here is the run down..
Tomorrow an inspector is going to come out and inspect our septic tank.
We have to clean, clean, clean this weekend to get the house ready for the realtor. It reality our house is clean, I make sure of it, but just getting it that extra clean.. it's driving me nuts.
The realtor is coming Monday at 3pm to look over the house and we are just supposed to talk and ask/answer questions.
Also Monday at 4pm another inspector is coming to check out the "bones" of the house. The crawl space, in the attic,etc.
Over the weekend we have a lot of projects (besides the cleaning) that we also are going to tackling.
See? Now can you see why my mind is completely full?

Prayers for Stellan

I haven't written an update on Stellan lately because most of those who read my blog also read MckMama's blog as well. And if you don't, then click the link and go on over. But to recap what is going on.. Stellan was moved to a hospital in Boston to have surgery. He will be having an ablation. This is very risky on such a young baby, but MckMama and the team of doctors feel this is what is best for Stellan. So please be in prayer for Stellan and the whole MckFamily as they go through this. There are specific prayer requests on MckMama's blog. So go over and check it out.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2 weeks... 2 weeks..

In two weeks my classes will be over.. then finals will start. After that.. I'm done until we are settled in South Carolina. Two weeks.. I can make it.. I can make it.


One of the realtors is coming Monday at 3pm for us to interview and her to look at the house. Not really sure what it all in tells.. what I do know is that I will be cleaning like a mad woman this weekend.

It really is true..

The more kids you have the less you do for the last one. More pictures of the first. More details of their babyhood for the first. The second, there are still tons of pictures just not as many with them alone. Still able to keep up the baby book but the little details aren't there. The third one comes along and there are still pictures but rarely one where the third is alone. The baby book is still be kept but just the bare essential details are kept up with.

I made a point to keep baby books for all the kids. And I think I've done a good job of keeping them all up to date. They each have their own baby photo books too, that I keep separate until they are a year and then any photos taken afterwards go into the "mixed family" photo album. But I have slacked in one department and that is their baby memories box. I swear I made up Jon Kent's box before he was born. It's filled with his coming home outfit, his dedication outfit, decorations (balloons, ribbons, etc.) from the hospital, his first drawings, etc. I made Zoey's box up a few months after she was born. And it is filled with likings of her older brother's box. But poor Nathan.. he hasn't had a box. All his special memories and treasure have been in the top of my closet in a baby shower gift bag... until today. Finally.. FINALLY I made his box and it is now filled and is up to date. It only took me one year and 1 week. But shhhh.. he never has to know.

Speaking of Nathan.. I sent in his 1st birthday picture of him eating cake to the local news station and he was on the news this morning. I was so proud. I recorded it and have already rewatched it. It's just a boastful moment for this momma. Also, Nathan had his one year check-up yesterday. All is well. He was 23 pounds, 2 ounces and 29 inches long. He was average in all categories. We are supposed to go back at 15 months, but we won't be here.. so I'm hoping we have all their medical records forwarded to a new pediatrician by that point.

In moving news.. The ball is starting to roll and starting to pick up speed. We are in talks with relocation people and trying to set up real estate agents, mortgage companies, etc. We have to choose from a list of people that we want. I believe in the next 48 hours we are supposed to have our agent and things will start to pick up. There are few minor repairs we want to do before we get the house appraised. We want to update one light in the kitchen (have already updated two others in there), fix two spots in our vinyl siding, replace the porch light with a new one, recalk the master bath and do some touch up painting. We hope to have all this done soon. The weather is supposed to be nice this week until the weekend, so hopefully we will get that done. We are looking at going house hunting May 31-June 6. We are mainly going to check out neighborhoods and try to find a nice one to either move into a house or build one. The first thing on my list of stuff to do is find a new pediatrician for the kids. We have a great one now and I really wish we could just box her up and take her with us. I'm hoping we find another good one. I'm also hoping we find a good church home to become a part of. Kent's boss (from what I've gathered) seems to be a Christian, so I'm hoping he can point us in the right direction.

I've rambled enough. I'm sure before this is all said and done, y'all will have gotten quite tired of all my moving talk. ;o)