Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy New Years (late) and Upward!

2012 is already flying by.  And as you can tell from my lack of updating, keeping current on my blogging was obviously not one of my resolutions.  So far our new year is starting off well.  The O'villers are keeping busy.  Jon Kent and Nathan are playing basketball with our church's Upward program.  They are loving it.  Jon Kent moved up to an older boy league.  He is doing well with it.  He is the youngest player in his league and has scored several times.  He is also really good at stealing the ball.  As for Nathan, this is his first year playing and he is having the best time.  He does get bored with it after half time.  Especially since he is the youngest player out there and all the older kids keep the ball from him.  But he is giving it his all and has attempted several shots.  He's a ball hog though.. gotta work on that.  Zoey is doing cheerleading for Upward.  This is her 2nd year doing that.  She really enjoys it and has really gotten better since last year.  Sometimes I have to ask her how a cheer goes... getting old is hard on the mind.  Zoey is also doing dance, still.  We have through May.  I'm  not sure we will do it again.  We'll see once this year is over.  She enjoys it, but there is so much more she wants to do and there is only so much time in a day.  Again, we'll see.  Jon Kent and Zoey both just started karate.  This place isn't your normal karate place.   They do several mixed martial arts.  The kids have just started and already have really taken to it.  It makes our lives busy with all of this stuff going on, but it's keeping the kids active and that has been great.  As for Kent and myself.. we are doing our normal stuff.  We both joined a gym.  I have really loved it.  They have child care so in the mornings after I drop the older two off at school Nate and I go to the gym and he gets to play with new kids and I get an hour or so to myself and work some stress (and fat) off.  It's a win-win.

And with that, you are up to date on the O'villers. :)