Friday, August 28, 2009

Bust a move

Do you ever have days where you just want to let loose? Let your hair down? Be care free? Kind of like when you were a child. Nothing matters. You were solely in it for the fun. For the adventure. For the laughs. I wish I could be more childlike in the sense that I wish I didn't care so much. I see my children walking up to a complete stranger (child) and start talking. "What's your name?" While I've got cotton mouth and am breaking out in a sweat trying to think of a way to start a conversation with the new neighbor. Kids just see it how it is: There is a person there they want to play with and therefore they go over there and start talking and playing. Simple.

I'm actually trying to take cues from my children in the department of socializing. Seriously. I may think I am making a fool of myself, but really what does it matter in the end. I may make a new friend and even if I don't I won't regret not trying.

I'm also just trying to be more carefree. Hear a song I like, start singing it. Feel a beat in my feet, start dancing. Kind of like what Jon Kent did for me today. That boy let loose and wasn't afraid. He had a move to bust.

And he busted it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our first time at a playgroup.

Should I put that in their baby books????

Our first playgroup was today at a local fire station. The kids had a really good time. They got to see where the firemen eat, sleep, watch TV, do training, etc. They got to check out the fire engines, watch fireman Tim slide down the pole and at the very end they even got to see one of the trucks pull out heading to a fire. It was pretty cool. There were probably about 40 moms there and add in the kids with that then you have probably over a 100. It was madness for most of it. Kids running around, babies fussing, etc. I did talk to a couple of moms, but I didn't pick up any names or anything like that. It was just so crazy. I did run into a mom that I met while we were staying at the apartment. That was pretty crazy, small world I guess. Our next playgroup won't be until we get back from Alabama. I think it has to do with pony rides or something like that. I am going to try and find a play date (smaller group) at some point. Maybe once I get to know some of the moms a little better. But all in all it was a pretty good experience.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Supermom

And here is why:

Earlier tonight we were all sitting at the kitchen table eating. Somehow the conversation of superpowers came up. Kent asked if "momma had any superpowers" and Zoey said no. But then Jon Kent spoke up and said,

"Uh huh. She does! She can tell if I'm picking my boogers. Even when I'm under the covers!"

Monday, August 24, 2009

You Might Be a Redneck If...

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you already know this, but...

Jon Kent whipped "it" out in our neighbor's front yard and peed RIGHT IN FRONT of their window. Which the blinds were opened to. And I know they were there because I saw them right when we were going outside. I seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY hope they weren't looking outside. AND it was in one of their flowerbeds. Jon Kent told me he had to pee and asked if he could pee outside. I said sure, but to go in the backyard. Instead, he went in the neighbor's yard. He said he went behind a tree.. Well, yeah but it was in the neighbor's FRONT YARD! I laughed the whole time though. The things kids do... We are certainly labeled the redneck family now.. for sure.


Today I tried, again, to get my driver's license. We went a little before they were supposed to close and got right in. Our number was called and we went to get our information logged in the computer. The lady told me to read line number 2 on the little vision tester and y'all.. I couldn't read a thing. I was so embarrassed. I forgot my glasses because I hardly ever wear them because one of the kids stretched them and they don't stay on my face. Anyway, I flew back home to get them, but by the time I got back they were closed. So strike number two. I'll go back maybe tomorrow or Wednesday.


My parents made it home safely yesterday. I really had a good time with them here. I hope they come back soon and often. We leave this Saturday to go back to Alabama. My schedule is already filling up pretty quickly. I'm meeting up with my best friend while in town. We are going to spend the whole day together just catching up and doing girly things. Then I am also finally "cashing in" my Valentine's gift from Kent. A manicure/pedicure at a spa close to my hometown. Of course, can't forget the Auburn football we are going to on the 5th. I'm so excited about that! I'm looking forward to seeing family and friends and just relaxing for a week or so.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


When we lived in Alabama we lived so close to all our family that any visits we had were short. A 15-20 visit here or an afternoon there. There wasn't any need for overnight visits. Now that we have moved and family is coming to visit us for 2,3, 4 days at a time it's made me realize how much I love these types of visits more. They mean more, I guess. You don't take them for granted like you would if they lived next door to you or a 10 minute drive across town. I'm getting used to our new lifestyle and finding more things about it that I truly enjoy and I'm glad has happened to us.

Speaking of new things, I joined a playgroup. Shocked? Me too! Our first meet up is this Wednesday. We are going to tour a local fire station and the kids will get a demonstration and get to check out the fire trucks, fire equipment, talk to fire fighters, etc. I know Jon Kent will love it and Zoey will like having other kids to run around with. I'm nervous. As I've stated before, I'm not a social butterfly by any means. But I'm trying. I'm really trying and I want to make new friends, so I'm doing it. No matter how much it terrifies me.

To find a playgroup near you, check out!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My heart hit my stomach

The kids and I were wrestling in the boys room when the doorbell rang. We all come barrelling down the stairs like a full herd instead of the small herd that we are and answered the door. It was the UPS man. He had a package for me that needed to be signed. So I did and he went on his way.

I love getting packages. It's like a small 5 minute Christmas while you rip open the box.

It was a garden flag that I had ordered to go by our mailbox. An Auburn flag that is. War Eagle. Ahem, where was I? Oh yes.. so I assembled the flag and the kids and I went outside to put it up. While I found the perfect spot for it, the kids ran barefooted in the yard and jumped in puddles that the rain had left from earlier in the afternoon. While doing all of that, Kent came home from work. We admired the beauty that is Auburn and came inside. Kent asked, "Are you missing something?" while holding my engagement ring in his hand. I was shocked and asked where he found it. It was sitting on the rug by the front door. How in the world did it get there? So, I went and looked on the kitchen counter where I had left them this morning and they were gone.

Sidenote: I am rarely without my rings. I took them off this morning because after I ran, my fingers were ridiculously swollen. And I wanted to give my ring finger a chance to heal because I have formed a mysterious rash in the same spot my rings sit.

I asked the kids if they had seen them or gotten them. "No" was their response until I told them not to lie to me. A quiet "yes" came from Zoey. I asked her where she had them and she told me the kitchen table. So I looked there. Nothing. We told everyone to start looking for my wedding band. I looked everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Inside, outside, under the stove, under the fridge, everywhere. I was seriously beginning to panic just thinking about losing such a precious ring that is a symbol of my union with Kent. I decided to look in my jewelry box to see if they stuck it in there and sure enough, like a needle in a hay stack there it was. I thanked God for letting me find it and the kids got a lecture about not playing with my jewelry.. EVER.AGAIN. They are also having to go to bed early after baths. I'm sure that isn't going to go over well, but OH MY GOODNESS!!

So yeah.. great times.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Highlights from my day

  • Kent and I were unable to get our driver's licenses. However, once we do get it we won't need to renew it for 10 years. If you followed me on Facebook or twitter you would have already known that though.
  • Nathan broke my camera. My precious, precious camera. No more pictures until it's fixed or I find an alternative.
  • Nathan peed on the side of the bath tub before his bath tonight. Held his penis while he did it. Although it wasn't a proper technique so he peed all over his hand.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Give the boy new kicks and he conquers the world

We finally got Nathan some tennis shoes that fit. He has been sporting Crocs all summer because they were just easier. But as summer is coming to an end we needed to upgrade Nathan's footwear. So we got him some adorable Sesame Street New Balances. I'm usually not the type to "theme" my children's clothes. I like for them to look cute without looking like advertisement for the hottest cartoon or what have you. That's just me, so don't take it personal. But these shoes were just too cute and didn't scream "Big Bird". So we got them. And Nathan seems to like them too.

So today I took the kids to the post office and then to the park. I put tennis shoes on all the kids so no one felt left out. Once we got to the playground I set the small herd loose. I was talking to one of the kids and looked up to find Nathan.. climbing.. WAY too high for my liking. He was climbing on something Jon Kent and Zoey didn't conquer until they were at least 2. The boy is 16 months old and thinks he's 4. Seriously, if he could talk he could pass for a small 4 year old with the way he thinks he can do things. Gives me a couple heart attacks a day.

I am soooo going to love watching his children do the same to him.

O'ville Happenings.

We've had more family visiting, but sadly they left today. It's always great to have family in the house. Makes this new, unfamiliar world seem normal.. if only for a few days. We had a great time with Kent's grandparents. They got to see what our new life is like and we got to hear how life in Alabama hasn't changed. Kent and I even got a few hours alone yesterday to go out and do whatever. It was nice to be able to talk without hearing, "Momma. Hey, momma. Look momma. Momma. Watch this, momma." etc. Earlier we all went back to Monkey Joe's where, again, the kids had a blast. We grilled out, talked, played, laughed and cried. It was a great time and we can't wait to see them again soon. We are heading back to Alabama in 12 days, so it won't be long.

Now it's time for the "undoing". Where I have to "retrain" my kids to behave. Do you know what I mean? When grandparents, aunts, uncles and great grandparents come for a visit they over do it with the spoiling. My kids get away with just about everything if I'm not in the room to correct them. They get gifts, candy, late bedtimes. So once everyone leaves the kids are still spinning from that and still think they can get away with it. Since the great grands left this morning I have had to deal with at least 5 meltdowns, Nathan locking himself and Zoey in the bathroom and Nathan biting me. Yes, biting me. I was so ready for nap time. SO.READY. I'm really hoping after nap we can all feel better and act better.

Kent is in the works trying to get us football tickets to Auburn's first football game (WAR EAGLE!). It's September 5 and if all goes well we will be taking Jon Kent. His first college football game. I'm so excited for him! And for me! It's been YEARS(!!!!) since I've been to a game. I'm looking forward to it and really hoping everything works out so we can go.

Well, it's nap time so that means cleaning up, washing more clothes and grabbing a quick shower. Later!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Keeping busy..

It's been rainy here in South Carolina(still feels weird to see that.. anywho). We've been keeping busy, but if I'm to be honest it's been hard and I've fallen off my normal game. I have just been lazy lately. Our TV has been on more in the last two days than I would care to admit to.. it's been on so much I know every "cotton pickin'" song on Noggin. I'll be glad when "The Fresh Beat Band" (who weren't they once called the Jump Arounds or Hop Arounds?) finally make their debut because goodness knows I'm tired of it being advertised every 30 minutes.

I digress...

Where was I?

Oh yes, keeping busy and not doing a good job of it. So anyway, today I decided we were heading out. I've been told several times of this neat little bouncy place for kids called Monkey Joe's. So I thought we would go check it out. We had a BLAST. I'm talking a B-L-A-S-T! I want to go back tomorrow.. seriously. It was just so much fun. And Nathan loved it. He got in free because the lady checking us in said he probably wouldn't do anything.. Pfffft! That boy did it ALL. All he needed me for was to get him to the top of the slides. I slid with him a couple of times, but the rest he would push me away so he go all by himself. Talk about big stuff.. he thought he was! And he was! I was amazed and so were a lot of the other parents/grandparents sitting around. They couldn't believe he was only 16 months old. We all had the best time running around and playing. We worked up a sweat! Afterwards we swung by and grabbed a bit to eat and headed home for naps. Zoey slept over 2 hours after running around at Monkey Joe's.

Tomorrow Kent's grandparents are coming in to town. We are really looking forward to seeing them. I have been cleaning and getting ready for their arrival. They should be here around 3 or 4 tomorrow afternoon.

So with them here, we shouldn't have any problems keeping busy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good Vistors and some girl time

Our visit with Kent's sister and her boyfriend was short but sweet. We enjoyed having Kerith and Tim and the kids REALLY loved having some new playmates for a couple of days. Hopefully they will be back soon.

This evening Zoey and I locked ourselves in my bathroom for some girl time. We painted our nails, danced, pretended to have a picnic and talked. It was the best 30 minutes. It's going to have to become one of our little traditions.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Zoo knew?

That going to the zoo could be so fun. Wait.. we do!!

Yeah, I'm corny.. sue me.

So we went to the zoo today. It was Nathan's first time. I so need to remember to put that in his baby book. Yes, I keep a baby book for all my babies.. not just my first. Sorry.. off subject. So today we went to the zoo and had a good time.. until about noon when it got really hot and we started to melt. But that is neither here nor there. We decided to go ahead and get the family membership. For what it was going to cost us to get into the zoo for two trips we paid for today. And we already plan to go at least two more times for sure. The membership also comes with 12 free guest passes, which works out great with all the family that comes and goes. I would have to say the best parts of the zoo adventures today were: seeing the look on Nathan's face when he spotted an animal (it was like "OOOOOOh!!! LOOOOK!! ANIMAL!!!!"), watching Jon Kent and Zoey absorbed what we were trying to teach them about the animals and lastly but definitely the funniest.. when a bird that Kent was feeding nectar to hopped onto his hand and Kent started freaking out(FREAKING OUT!!!). So hilarious! I have a picture on my phone, but so far can't find the cord to hook it to the computer to upload it. But seriously.. funny. We had to leave earlier than we had planned because it was pretty hot. By the time we got in the car it was 100 degrees outside. Way too hot to be walking around the zoo! Here are some pictures of what we did get to see and do! Enjoy!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Is exactly what I said about .2 seconds after the door closed behind me. The locked door. "Nice" I thought a few seconds later. When we moved into the new house we changed all the locks. My wonderfully smart, super loving, always knows best husband decided to get the locks that stay locked from the outside unless you manually unlock it from the inside. So anyway, it was 3:30, hot, humid and hot again. I called Kent told him and he said he would be home as soon as he could. So while we waited (45 minutes... 45 HOT minutes) I put up the kids little kiddie tent. Which wasn't the smartest idea I've ever had because 1) It was hot 2) I apparently threw away the directions and ended up having to take it down after FINALLY getting it up and redo the rods before putting it up again and 3) It was hot. So I did that and the kids loved it. Kent soon arrived home (45 minutes later.. wha?? I did??? Well it really was.. I digress). After eating supper we went and got ice cream at Bruster's. It was good. Then we went outside to play and thankfully it wasn't as hot as it was earlier when we were stuck outside for 45 minu... ok, ok I'll hush now.