Tuesday, January 15, 2013


We are heading into our 4th year of Upward.  Jon Kent and Nathan are playing basketball and Zoey is cheering.  They all 3 love it and I am so glad we have a chance to do this sport as a family.  Kent coaches 2 teams and refs.  I coach Zoey's cheer squad.  It's truly a family affair.  So here's to a wonderful new season of Upward Basketball!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas- 2012

This Christmas the kids didn't get out of school until the Friday before.  That Friday the kids all had their parties at school.  They were all excited to be able to wear their pajamas to school and have a fun, free day.  All was going well until Zoey threw up several times at school.  I think by the time I got to the school she was up to three times.  Not the way I wanted to start our Christmas break.  So we came home and she rested the rest of the day.  No more throwing up either, which was good.

I had a few things planned for the kids to do leading up to Christmas Eve.  Gingerbread house building  baking and decorating cookies, doing some "elf training", special Christmas books, etc.  We had a great time just spending it together as a family.

Christmas went well.  The kids enjoyed all their gifts.  Jon Kent was especially excited about a book he received (at last minute purchase).  He read it in about 2 days.  Zoey loved her new iPod and furby, and Nathan loved his new 3DS.  Kent and I spoiled each other with some new clothes and other special gifts.

Mostly, I am thankful for the down time.  Just time to spend as a family.  Since we live 4 hours from family we always stay home for Christmas.  We don't have to run from one family function to the next.  We just get to enjoy each other, talk, play, rest.  It's nice, especially since January starts what seems to be a non stop of activities for us.  I think our next "break" will come with summer.

A couple of days after Christmas we headed to Alabama to spend some time with family.  Sadly, while there Kent got a stomach virus so he was out of commission for about a day.  We had several gatherings to be at and enjoyed seeing family.  My kids, without a doubt, were extremely spoiled.  They are truly blessed with wonderful family members who love them greatly.  And of course, Kent and I were too.  My favorite surprise was a nice monetary donation that my daddy gave to me for an upcoming mission trip this summer that I plan to be apart of.  More details on that later.

After a few days in Alabama, Kent and I came home alone for some reconnecting and resting of our own.  The kids spent a few extra days in Alabama with the grands and great grands.  It was the first New Year's that we haven't spent together as a family.. I think.. ever.  But it was nice and I know my kids were all well taken care of and of course spoiled.

Christmas 2012 was great and I am thankful to have celebrated another year on this earth.  There is always a realization that we aren't promised another Christmas let alone day, so we should enjoy it while we have been blessed with it.  My momma reminds me of that each year that she is no longer here.  This Christmas marked 3 Christmases without her.  And each year I think her absence is more prominent, at least it seems that way for me.  But she is celebrating with the whole reason we have the Christmas season.  Jesus Christ.

I hope everyone's Christmas and New Year was as blessed as our's.