Thursday, June 9, 2011

Waterguns, basketball camp and swimming.. OH MY!

We are into a first full week of summer break and we have been keeping busy.  Jon Kent has been doing a basketball camp in the mornings and then in the afternoons we have been swimming.

My daddy has been here with us this week and he has helped us a few projects.  First and most importantly being putting up our pool.  It's just like the one we had last year.  We had to put a fence around it though to keep Nova out while we were out there.  It looks really good.  HUGE thanks to my daddy for the help and the purchasing of the pool.

We  have also invested in a set of waterguns.  We have already had a family fight in which the kids, hands down, won.  I hate being shot in the face with cold water.  So I give up fairly easily.  Nova has had her fair share of water squirted in the face.  But she on the other hand..err paw??.. doesn't seem to care.  She likes chasing it.

Summer is off to a great start!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Busy and fun summer ahead!

It's finally summertime.  I have been waiting all year for this.  I love summer!  I love having my kids with me and us finding fun things to get into or finding new things to learn about.

I had decided well before school let out that we were going to keep busy this summer.  I wanted my kids to enjoy their time away from school and to make memories in the process.  So far we have a lot of things planned.  Jon Kent has basketball camp next week, my daddy is coming for a visit, we have VBS the last full week in June, we have two trips planned to two different water parks, a weekend beach getaway, possibly dance classes for Zoey and a trip to Six Flags.  Also, somewhere in there, the kids are going for a few days to Alabama without me.  All that added with just regular days of going to parks, having plans with friends and such and it makes for a busy summer.  And I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope to fill this blog in the coming weeks with pictures from our adventures and trips.  So stay tuned!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

School makes 'em grow!

Something about going to school makes my babies grow.  And I DON'T LIKE IT!