Friday, May 27, 2011

On to 1st grade!

Jon Kent is now a graduate of kindergarten.  My first baby is moving on to 1st grade.  How it is even possible that this child is old enough for this?  Isn't he supposed to still be that 5lbs, 8oz little baby I brought home from the hospital.. like.. YESTERDAY?  How did this happen so quickly?  Wow.  Just wow.

Last night Jon Kent and his class of about 100 got their certificates of completion.  Jon Kent also got an owl award for knowing all his lightening words and a music award.  I was especially proud of the music award because, as my husband likes me to put it, I am a true band nerd.

The whole night Jon Kent was beaming from ear to ear.  I was able to hold back my tears, which surprised me.  I was just so happy for him.  He was happy and that is all I could ask for.

Still though, I can't believe he is through with kindergarten.  Next he'll be going to middle school and then high school and before I know it I'll be sending him off to college.  Now.. on THAT day there WILL BE TEARS!

I love you bubba!  I am a proud momma because of you!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My baby girl is WHAT?

She is off to kindergarten.  Huh?  Did I just really write that?  Really?  Kindergarten... hmmm... not preschool.  But kindergarten.  Yes, Emily.. it's happening.. your babies are growing up.. and quickly!

How I just want to hit the pause button.  Freeze Zoey in time, just as she is now.  Freeze her right now while she still thinks I hung the moon.  Freeze time while she still wants to give me hugs and kisses and still doesn't pronounce a lot of words the way they were intended.

Today Zoey and her preschool class did their end of the year program and "graduated" from preschool.  She was all smiles.  I was too.. for the most part.  A few tears were shed but only because I was just bursting with pride at how well my little girl has done during her first year of school.  And just a little, tiny bit of sad that she is quickly growing up.

Happy Graduating Preschool Day my baby girl!  I am so very proud of you and all you are doing!  You are off to a great start!

They are "too cool for preschool"!

"H is for happy hearts- filled with love and cheer."

"Z is for zest- Let's give ourselves a great big cheer!"

Telling everyone what she learned to do in preschool.

Getting an award.

Zoey and Miss Eskierka

Zoey and Mrs. Pitts

Friday, May 20, 2011

Just in case...

Tomorrow, the world will end.  Or at the very least the rapture will take place. So they say.  I am a Christian.  I do believe in the rapture.  But the way my Bible reads (and when I say my Bible I mean all Bibles that were God breathed) "no one knows the day or the time... Only God the Father knows.  Not even the Son of God knows when the rapture will take place."(Matt. 24-36 & 37; 42-44)  So in my common sense of thinking, if God doesn't tell His own Son.. what in the world makes me think He would tell an earthly man??  What really concerns me in all this is the fact that those who already so strongly disagree with the Bible and say that it's inaccurate are going to feel they now get to say, "I told you so".  And sadly many will be lead astray because of this. But I know that nothing happens without God already knowing it.  He knew before time began that this day would come.  This didn't take Him by surprise.  I am praying that because of this, people are at least curious at to what the Bible does say and will read it.  Because God's Word never returns void.

If Jesus doesn't return tomorrow, then praise God.  This world has a little longer to come to a personal relationship with Him.  If He does come tomorrow, praise God.. I'm going home!  I get to start my eternity with my Lord and Savior and I get to see my momma and two babies!!  Amen and Amen!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy 28 to me-self!

 Friday, May 13, 1983, this world was graced with a beautiful 8lb, 10oz little girl.. who would remain nameless for the next 24 hours.  Not by choice.. had to be rushed to another hospital because I was producing too much insulin.  What can I say, I was born an over achiever (ha, not really).

Now, 28 years later.. it's Friday, May 13.. and this time I am not 8lbs, 10z and I do have a name.  Although it has changed slightly.  And by choice, I was where I wanted to be.  With my family.  Eating out, laughing, spending time together and getting a new bike. It was a wonderful way to spend my 28th birthday.

Oh, by the end of the night there was some cleaning up of poop.. which ironically was happening 28 years ago as well, but I am fairly sure I was on the receiving end of that smelly birthday experience.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Has it really been that long?

I can't believe I have not updated.  We have been busy.  Very busy.  Nap time is usually my blog/facebook time but lately I've been using it to exercise or clean or even catch up on couponing or what have you.  So let's see.. what have we been up to...

Nathan is playing tee ball.  That is winding down soon though (w00t!).  It has been a... trying season to say the least.  Next year we will probably play at our city rec instead of the one we are at now.  But they didn't offer tee ball to 2 year olds, so..  Nathan likes it though, so that's all that matters.  I, however, am not digging being team mom.  My husband volunteered for me... I bet he doesn't do that again.... ;)

Jon Kent is playing soccer.  Which means at least one night a week our family is split up.  Kent and Nate going to tee ball and the rest of us to soccer.  It's OK.  They all enjoy it and are building character or something... Jon Kent has really enjoyed soccer though.  His team hasn't lost a game yet.  He's made some friends and has almost scored a few times.  He is one of the youngest on the team, so I think he is doing pretty well for his age.  His season will be ending in the next couple of weeks.

Zoey isn't doing anything right now.  We are waiting for summer dance camps to start.  We are going to put her in a week or two long camp and see if she likes it before shelling out money for a full year.  She is really excited about it and can't wait.

In other news, our we having problems with one of our neighbors.  It's been blown up and I can't catch the lady to try and talk to her.  I don't want to go knock on her door because I don't want to seem like I am confronting her.  But I do want to talk to her.  Apologize for the dog barking (that's how this started.. Nova barking kept her visiting mother awake one night.. then the neighbor lady comes and beats on our window at midnight.. scare the fool out of me until I saw her walking off) but to also let her know that beating on my window will not be tolerated again.  Anyway, it will work out one way or another.  We have Nova inside now at night, but I don't know what we will do when we go out of town.

I'll end this boring update with a few pictures.. I am off to do more Disney planning!
Nathan's 3rd birthday party

We made a butterfly for a project in Zoey's class

Easter Weekend