Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nathan as a Santa Baby

"Ho, Ho, Ho!"

This Santa Baby is one jolly fellow!

"Looking for a Mrs. Claus"
(Note from Momma: "Ahem.. only after he can actually grow his own beard and is finished with college)

Christmas Decorating Pictures

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Survivor

So I did it.. I did the "Black Friday" thing. Although I wasn't one of the early birds.. but I did go early enough. I dropped all the kids off at my parents' house (thank you daddy!) and went off in search of my hunky hubby's Christmas gift(s). It was around 10am when I pulled into the packed (no signs of a weak economy there!) parking lot. I went into the first store.. got what I wanted and stood in line for about 10 minutes. Went to the next store, got what I wanted and stood in line for about 2 minutes. Went to another store, got what I wanted and stood in line for 45 (!!!!) minutes! There was only 4 other transactions in front of me.. but the cashier was soooo slow. I didn't think it would take that long.. but sure enough it did. Anyway, I then went to my next place and got what I wanted and stood in line for about 5 minutes. So all in all it wasn't all that bad. I was back home in under three and half hours. AND I got all the kids their Christmas outfits and their Christmas PJs. AND I'm done (unless I find something else along the way) with Kent's Christmas. WOOT!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for my salvation. For the gift that God so freely gave, His Son. I'm thankful for my family. They love me and my children. I'm thankful for the hands that made the delicious food that I ate all (yes, all) day. I'm thankful for my husband. He loves me despite my faults.. he loved me through my darkest days. I'm thankful that out of all the people in this world that God made me one with Kent. We are truly, without any doubt soul mates. I'm thankful for my children. They are all healthy. They are all beautiful. They are all currently playing with their news toys that people so graciously gave them. I'm thankful for the men and women who sacrificed this day with their family to insure freedom for my family... our military. I'm thankful for my freedom. Today, as I think about all I'm thankful for my heart (and stomach) is full. It was a good day.. a really good day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Decorating for Christmas

I just couldn't wait until after Thanksgiving.. if I can't decorate my house until after Thanksgiving (thanks Kent!) I'll decorate my blog!!! I just love Christmas!

Not Me! Monday

Thanks to MckMama for putting on this little carnival of Not Me! Mondays! Click on over and check out her Mcklicious family!

*I did not eat birthday cake for breakfast- twice.
*I did not watch the "Tim in Whale" video 20 times and laugh each and every time. Never!
*I did not put the kids to bed an hour before the bedtimes twice this week because mommy was tired of being mommy.
*I have not let my emotions get the best of me this week. And thusly, I have not made decisions or said things that I later regretted. Not me! I'm more composed than that!
*I did not lay perfectly still in bed several times this week hoping that Nathan wouldn't realize I was there and go back to sleep. And even if I did do that, which you know.. I didn't.. it's not like he couldn't see the huge (eh..) lump in the bed where I wasn't laying perfectly still.

Now.. on to you.. what did you not do this week?

Heavy Heart

Ever been so full emotions, different emotions, that your heart just feels heavy? Well, that's me currently. I've been feeling this way for days now. It's tiring. Kent and I are currently thinking of making some changes that will heavily effect our lives. It's not a decision we have taken lightly and one that we keep going back and forth on. It's something we know will be hard, not just on us but on others as well. Some relationships will be bruised, others might be lost all together. Which makes it so hard to go through with. My heart literally hurts every time we talk about it. I try not to let my emotions decide what's best for us, because lately those emotions have gotten me in some tough situations. I'm trying to think about this with a clear, open mind. I've prayed for just peace about our decision.. either way we decide.. But it's hard to do when you know people who you love and love you, your kids.. will probably feel hurt or saddened. I don't know.. I wish things were easier with this.. I just really do.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Say Hello!

I would like everyone to give a big "Heyyyyy Kent!" to my hunky hubby of 6 years. He has become one of my "public" followers. He has come out of the shadows and created an account so he can now "follow" me. So sweet!

Anyway, to answer a question from Chrissie. Tim (the guy in the video below) totally knew he was going to be on youtube and posted on my blog. He is a great guy. Very laid back. I really like him and the kids adore him. I'm really rooting for him with Kent's sister. I totally hope there is a wedding in the future for those two. Super sweet guy.


Here is a highlight of the party. Tim or "Uncle" Tim as the kids call him.. come out of the blow up whale. Tim is HUGE (in a good way.. not an over eating, fat sloppy way) and to see him coming out of the whale.. was just.. hilarious.

Party Details

The kids had a great time. They loved playing in the blow up things. They loved their cakes. They LOVED their presents. They really just had a good time playing and having all the attention on them. They both got spoiled as usual. We still haven't gotten all the toys out of their boxes yet. We're just letting them play with some and then we'll open the rest. They've had such a ball playing. The blow up things are here until 3pm today (Sunday) so once it warms up later today we're going to let them play on them again. Might as well get our money's worth.

Now.. on to other details. I'm glad the kids are so young and don't really notice or care so much about their surroundings yet. Yesterday we were expecting between 35-40 people. That's how many we invited. Out of those 35-40 people there would have been roughly 15ish kids. By the party's end 3 kids showed up.. 3. And 11 adults. That's it. Now, don't get me wrong.. I know people have lives and they have things that come up that they can't make every event. But goodness.. if that is the case.. call. Let me know before we order food. We ordered pizza thinking we would have at least 30+ people. Yeah.. we're eating leftovers for lunch today. At first when it was well past time for everyone to be there.. and no one other than immediate family was.. I was mad.. then it turned to embarrassment.. then disappointment.. then I started questioning if we were bad people and no one liked us. I mean, that is crazy.. but it crossed my mind. We aren't extra social people. I have one good girlfriend myself and that's it. We have close family (which we of course invite.. then extended family and friends from church) who always pull through for us.. so thank goodness for close family. I guess in the end, I'm just hurt. We go to all these other people's parties and if we can't be there we are sure to let them know. I don't know. It just hurts. Like I said.. I'm just glad the kids are young enough to not care at this point. But I told Kent from now on, at least until they are in school and can make friends, that we aren't doing this big party thing again. Just our close family, those who come through for us all the time, will be invited.

Anyway, all in all.. the kids had a good time and that's all that really should matter.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Party Pictures

I'll have to give full details later.. I only have one free hand currently.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A mess of pictures

I've been busy getting the house ready for the kids' (Jon Kent and Zoey) birthday party tomorrow. So I decided to just post some random pictures for yall.. enjoy!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My first "award"

I'm so honored. *grin*

I received this award from Bernadette. She is a hoot! You all need to click on over and visit her and let her know you linked her from here. She is a mom of two and is always having a crazy adventure. Seriously.. I laugh every time I read a new post from her. I originally met her in J-land (AOL) and I'm so glad she decided to move on over here to blogger. A hoot I tell ya.. a hoot!

Anyway, the rules to this little awards game go something like this..
I need to post the award on my blog.
Link back to her blog : Just a stirring in my soul
Link back to the originating post.
Pass it on to 5 of my fellow bloggers.
Post the rules for the recipients.

So, I've done all that.. on to my "winners"

Taking Heart
Erin is a wonderful woman. She is a wife, mother, nurse and child of God. She is a great writer and I always feel such a connection with her. I believe Erin has been a "reader" of mine for most of my years of writing. I like to think we have become more than just lurkers but online friends. She is just a great person.

This Is MY Life
Brandi is another woman that I have known "online" for years. Since before Jon Kent was born. She is a mother to one little boy, Ryan, with another baby on the way (hoping girl!!). She is a great mother and a great person. She is just a down to earth kind of gal.. my kind of person!!

The Hair Raising Joys of Raising Boys
Karen is a mom to two boys. She is a great, creative mother who enjoys being with her boys. Karen and I met through a pregnancy board with "our Nathans". We then bonded further with our love for being republicans. ;o) She is another person that I feel "gets me" sometimes. I enjoy reading her!

Away in Arooba
Claire.. Claire.. Claire. She is another hoot. It doesn't matter what she writes about, it's always full of humor and always makes me laugh out loud! She is a mom of two boys and I also met her through my pregnancy board while pregnant with Nathan. She is crazy and fun and just a great mom!

Audrey and Stella's Playground
Megan is a mom to two little girls. Two BEAUTIFUL little girls.. at that! We met, again, through my pregnancy board with Nathan. We've somewhat lost tough over the months but hopefully that won't last too much longer. She is a great mother who gives her all to make sure her girls are well cared for and loved. I love reading about her days and reading about all of Stella's new accomplishments. Go on over and check her out!

OK, there ya have it. Now.. go check all these blogs out and tell 'em I sent ya!! Ya hear?!!?!?

Dancing with the Kids

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Randomness of Pictures

Nathan getting his breathing treatments at home.
Zoey showing me her earring.
Our latest craft. The kids' hands made into a wreath. It was fun getting Nathan to hold still so I could trace his hand.. really fun.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Zoey's newest "milestone"

This was the "detour" we took during Jon Kent's birthday boy outing. Enjoy!!

It's grainy because it was taken with a cell phone.

Who is Ready..

..for Christmas?

I am so looking forward to Christmas. My family has been so blessed this year, with our addition of the littlest O'viller and all. I'm looking forward to continuing some of the traditions we started last year, starting new traditions this year and watching the kids on Christmas morning. I'm looking forward to listening to Christmas music and going to the local Christmas parade. I'm looking forward to hanging all the stockings and adding a new one to the group this year. I'm looking forward to the looks on people's face as they open the gift that I sought out just for them. I'm looking forward to looking at all the Christmas decorations on other people's houses. I'm looking forward to our decorations inside and out. I just love Christmas time. People are nicer, more caring, more helpful. It's just the best time of year.

But the only true reason for the season is because it's a time of celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. He is the reason for the whole Christmas season.

So.. am I the only one ready to gear up for Christmas?

And lastly, for your viewing pleasure.. O'viller's

Monday, November 17, 2008

Same lyrics, same song.. that is my current life..

The littlest O'viller was back at the doctor today. Ugh. Double ear infection, his breathing was still labored, he was running a fever.. just grrrrreat. So, we got another in office breathing treatment. We also got sent home with a nebulizer. We have to do that every 4 hours. He also got his asthma medicine dosage upped. And he is on an antibiotic. Hopefully.. please, please, please.. this will knock all this crud out. I am oh so tired of doctor offices. SO TIRED.

Not Me! Monday

I did not have a great weekend with my family celebrating my first born's 4th (!!!!) birthday.
I did not enjoy cuddling my littlest boy even though he is sick.
I did not enjoy laying in bed late yesterday morning with all three kids (yes, ALL 3) laying on me.
I did not have to take my littlest BACK to the doctor for the 2nd time in less than a week.
I am not too tired to think of all the not me kind of things I did over the past week. OK, so maybe I am...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jon Kent's Birthday in Review

Jon Kent got up bright and early. Apparently he wanted to enjoy his birthday in full.. So I went and got him out of bed and wished him a happy birthday. He was soooo excited. I sang "Happy Birthday" to him as I carried him back to our room for some cartoons in momma and daddy's bed. After everyone was up for the day Kent made "birthday pancakes" and he got to blow out the candles. After breakfast Kent had to run to town to get the carpet cleaner but he was back shortly. Once he did that we went on a treasure hunt for Jon Kent's birthday present. He had a good time with that. It would have been better had the weather not went from 70 to 50 over night. ....Soooo wasn't expecting that when I made the treasure map to go outside... Anyway, he followed all the clues and the map to his birthday present. He was excited. And he enjoyed his car all day. Later, after lunch, all the kids went up to Kent's parents' house so we could clean the carpets real quick. While there he got another present from his great grandparents (Lincoln Logs). After we got done with the carpets we took the kids to a town over and let them play in an arcade and ride some little kiddie rides. They had a good time. We then made a slight detour on our "all about the birthday boy" outing. It was for Zoey and it will be posted about later.. don't want to steal the "birthday boy's" thunder. Then we took the birthday boy to Garfield's for birthday steak. The waiter got him a bowl of ice cream and everyone sang to him. It was really cute. After that Kent took the kids to another toy store to let them pick "just one more toy" out while I went and fed Nathan. Then we went home and my parents came over to give Jon Kent his birthday gift (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fighting thingy). Then it was to bed for the birthday boy and all the O'ville kiddies. It was a really good day!

Happy Birthday, Jon Kent






It was four years ago today (at 5:05pm) that I gave birth to my first wonderful baby boy. He came into this world so tiny at only 5 pounds, 8 ounces. He filled my heart and scared the life out of me all at the same time. He will always hold the title of my first. He is the one who made me who I am today, a mommy.

Jon Kent, in the last 4 years you have grown, matured, developed and learned so much. Your giggles make my heart melt. You give one of a kind kisses and you, my sweet first born, will always, always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for being my first. I hope you have the best 4th birthday EVER. You deserve it!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Day

This is what we did...


Although a sick Friday isn't really a good Friday.. but it still does mean the weekend, which means I'll have an extra set of hands for helping. Here is the run down on the kids..

Jon Kent- still coughing, sneezing and running a fever. However, he is acting a ton better than he was 24 hours ago. He still isn't eating well but he will take a few bites when offered.

Zoey- she is back to her old (talkative) self. She is still coughing occasionally but over all is fine.

Nathan- still coughing, sneezing. He is wheezing pretty badly still so he will be on breathing treatments for awhile. He currently isn't running a fever so that's good. He didn't eat all yesterday morning but finally started back up in the afternoon. He still isn't eating a lot but enough. He also isn't sleeping well or at least didn't yesterday or last night.

I'm hoping everyone is better soon. I feel like we are all blobs because all we do is mope around and watch TV with the occasional playing when a burst of energy hits. Oh and not to mention I'm tired of washing puked on bedding.

And Jon Kent really needs to get to feeling better because tomorrow is his birthday!!! He'll be 4!!! So crazy how he will be 4 when it seems like he should still be little like Nathan. Thankfully his (and his sister's) birthday party isn't until next week. I'm really hoping we are all back healthy by then.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Does he look like he's having fun?

My poor baby boy. He was so not happy.

The Kiddies of O'ville..

Are sick. Here is what we got to do today.
3 chest x-rays
3 tests for flu
3 tests for strep throat
3 finger pricks
1 breathing treatment in office

Results: Jon Kent has strep throat. Zoey has the beginning stages of pneumonia and Nathan has severe wheezing. Jon Kent is on antibiotics for 10 days, as is Zoey. Nathan is on a steroid to try and get the wheezing under control. He also is the one who got the breathing treatment. Now THAT was fun. I took a picture of him with the cell phone. I'll have to load it so y'all can see the enjoyment on his face.

Here's hoping this gets us back on the road to recovery.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Works everytime..

Got a sleepy baby who won't go to sleep? Just put them in here.. turn on the vacuum, do some cleaning and come back to find.. ZzZzZz..
Works everytime!

Is it sad...?

Is it sad that I had ...count 'em... 5 waffles for breakfast?
Is it sad that my children want to watch the Care Bears.. all day?
Is it sad that not only did I eat 5 waffles but I also had hot chocolate for breakfast?
Is it sad that I wasted all day yesterday being upset?
Is it sad that I woke up in the middle of the night with a soaking wet shirt (my clogged duct finally UNCLOGGED) and didn't care enough to change?

So back to the Care Bears. Kent bought the DVD for Zoey thinking she would love it. And she does. But so does her older brother. Wanna know why? Because they "Shoot guns from their tummies". Nice, huh?


Zoey is still running a fever. 99-101. She woke up in the middle of the night (which she never does) and wanted in the bed with me. She said she was scared of something or another. Couldn't understand what exactly she was saying. So she got in the bed around midnight. Her daddy didn't even realize she was in the bed until he woke up this morning. We see who gets all the good sleep in this house.. don't we.. I digress.. I'm hoping the fever is gone by the end of the day.. if not.. off to the doctor we go. *sigh* It is that time of year..

Nathan did, unfortunately, get the cold as well. But so far it's just the coughing and the sneezing, no fever. So the boys seem to be fairing better than their sister.


So, about the *person* hurting me. I'm over it. Well, not over to the point that it doesn't still hurt but over with letting it hold me down. Yesterday was such a miserable day. I was holding it in the fore front of my thoughts and was letting it control my mood. I'm not going to willingly let it take over me like that any longer. I just have to let it go and realize that this *person* is either jealous of me or was just trying to show out by shooting off at the mouth. Whichever, I know the truth about my parenting and how I raise my kids.

Well, I do need to go. Nathan and his new crawling skills are keeping me on my toes!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Having a sister isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Not Me! Monday

It's that time again. Not Me! Monday. As always for full rules just click on the above button. Here's my not mes for the week.

I did not enjoy getting up early to work out, just because it meant some alone time.
I did not go a whole week without shaving my legs. And even it I did.. my husband did not call my legs the woolly beast. He loves me too much to say that!
I did not look forward to the kids' swing set being built because it meant they could go out and play and I didn't have to be right there with them.
I did not put off sending the kids' birthday party invitations out because I've been lazy and haven't addressed them yet. I'm more productive than that!
I am so not tired today because the kids slept great last night. I could totally take on the world today.
I am not still hurt by hurtful things *someone* said.

So.. what did you not do this week?

Monday Moaning

I'm still hurt over what was said about me.. maybe I'm being overly sensitive about it. I don't know. The more I think about it the more it hurts, not so much by what *this person* said because I know my kids are well raised, but how "*they* said it. There was a room full of people (of some people who love and care for me.. so why in this world *they* thought it wouldn't get back to me...) some who know me and some who don't. Those that don't may think I'm a horrible, neglectful mother now. And that ticks me off. I obsess DAILY over if I'm doing enough for my kids. If I should or shouldn't have done this or that. It drives me nuts some days. And then to turn around have *this* person say what *they* said. Just rubs me entirely the wrong way.

Zoey is also sick. As is Jon Kent but his is just coughing and a runny nose. Zoey has all that plus a fever. No outside play today.. and that with a brand spanking new swing set outside. I'm hoping it's just a cold and it passes soon.. without passing through the rest of us.. especially Nathan.

Since the kids were sick last night, neither slept well. And Nathan never does... so it was a long night. THEN on top of that I kept have some seriously weird dreams. I would be dreaming about something and then "wake up" only to be "waking up" in another dream. Does that make since? It was really weird. I was so tired from all that getting up and down all night that I didn't manage to get up this morning to work out. I'm just drained.. physically and emotionally.

And lastly.. I have a clogged milk duct. Which I know how to unclog it and all.. it just stinks that I have one. Bah! I'm done... hopefully my next post will be more delightful... maybe.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


You know.. There are some people in my life that I never thought (naive as that may be) would talk about me behind my back. And even if they did talk about me behind my back.. NEVER would I think they would talk about my MOTHERING behind my back. My freaking MOTHERING! The one thing I do day in and day out.. and they have the audacity to talk bad about me and how I raise my kids. FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

How many O'villers does it take..

To put together a swingset? Apparently 3...And a dog.Ta Da!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

5 minute nap

After getting up early for the last two weeks to work out, it finally caught up with me today. Around 12:30pm the kids were supposed to be napping, so I thought I would be able to sit for a few minutes and just relax.. yeah.. the kids boycotted nap so... I had to get creative. Here are 5 ways to get a 5 minute nap that I came up with today.

  1. Let your child "fix" your hair. You can close your eyes while they work!
  2. Lay down on the floor and let the kids drive their cars over your back!
  3. Close your eyes and tell the kids to go hide while you "count"... ;o)
  4. Get a basket full of towels, dump it out and let the kids "help" fold clothes while you rest.
  5. Get the phone, call someone who would want to talk to the kids and let them have a good 5 minute conversation.

Enjoy your 5 minutes!

Happy 7 Months, Nathan!

Seven whole months (7!!!!). At first time crawled by, but now.. it's flying. With all the holidays coming up and birthdays time will just speed up all the more. Makes me happy and sad all at the same time. Happy that my baby is growing and developing in a healthy manner but sad that he is my last. It's been a good seven months.. really good.
This is what Nathan is doing these days:
  • He can crawl and is a crawling fool these days.

  • He can pull up and stand.

  • He still doesn't seem to like solids. Just mommy milk.

  • He is still getting up 2-3 times at night, but has been getting better some nights.

  • He has been taking 2 good naps a day with maybe a small catnap towards the end of the day.

  • When we make a kissing sound in his face, he will bend his head over so we can kiss him.

  • He loves to watch his siblings play and tries his hardest to get into whatever they are doing.

  • He is still getting the hang of his sippy cup. But still just likes to chew on the spout.

  • He has two teeth.

Happy 7 Months, Nathan!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby Head

Baby heads are the sweetest, most kissable things in the world.


I've come to love 5:30 in the morning. Seriously. It's my time. Who knew I had "me time"? It's not always easy to get up and going, but once I do I'm so glad I did. For the next 90 minutes it's all about me. Woohoo! I get up, get dressed and go to the gym. I work out, watch the news or listen to my ipod. It's great. I then come home and usually have 30 minutes before the kids are up (or rather allowed to be up.. we have a new rule.. no getting out of bed until 7am). It's an unexpected surprise.. to actually enjoy getting up so early. It always makes me enjoy my "sleep in days" (6:30am.. lol) a lot more. I've noticed it helps me as well to be more patient with the kids. I don't feel as run down or tired. I feel more energized and more attentive. It's amazing what those 90 minutes can do!

In the other news, both the kids are currently in time-out. They are going through a phase of not sharing and purposefully getting on each other's nerves, which in turn, gets on my nerves. Maybe they need 90 minutes of "me time".

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

November 5th

The best part of November 5th is that the election is over. TWO years this has been going on. Now no more political commercials to watch, no more emails, no more phone calls and no more political mail. That's the good news. The bad news... well... you know... John McCain didn't win. I wish he would have, I wish that morals in this country were stronger. But they're not. Money drives everything, I guess. So with that.. my prayers will go to Obama for wisdom and knowledge. I just hope that in 4 years we aren't in worse shape than when we started. I hope not.. I really, really do.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008