Thursday, November 6, 2008


I've come to love 5:30 in the morning. Seriously. It's my time. Who knew I had "me time"? It's not always easy to get up and going, but once I do I'm so glad I did. For the next 90 minutes it's all about me. Woohoo! I get up, get dressed and go to the gym. I work out, watch the news or listen to my ipod. It's great. I then come home and usually have 30 minutes before the kids are up (or rather allowed to be up.. we have a new rule.. no getting out of bed until 7am). It's an unexpected surprise.. to actually enjoy getting up so early. It always makes me enjoy my "sleep in days" (6:30am.. lol) a lot more. I've noticed it helps me as well to be more patient with the kids. I don't feel as run down or tired. I feel more energized and more attentive. It's amazing what those 90 minutes can do!

In the other news, both the kids are currently in time-out. They are going through a phase of not sharing and purposefully getting on each other's nerves, which in turn, gets on my nerves. Maybe they need 90 minutes of "me time".


Terri said...

So glad you found "me" time...I think we all need that...especially mothers!


Karen said...

good for you getting up early and going to the gym! I tried that once, didn't go so well, lol.