Friday, November 14, 2008


Although a sick Friday isn't really a good Friday.. but it still does mean the weekend, which means I'll have an extra set of hands for helping. Here is the run down on the kids..

Jon Kent- still coughing, sneezing and running a fever. However, he is acting a ton better than he was 24 hours ago. He still isn't eating well but he will take a few bites when offered.

Zoey- she is back to her old (talkative) self. She is still coughing occasionally but over all is fine.

Nathan- still coughing, sneezing. He is wheezing pretty badly still so he will be on breathing treatments for awhile. He currently isn't running a fever so that's good. He didn't eat all yesterday morning but finally started back up in the afternoon. He still isn't eating a lot but enough. He also isn't sleeping well or at least didn't yesterday or last night.

I'm hoping everyone is better soon. I feel like we are all blobs because all we do is mope around and watch TV with the occasional playing when a burst of energy hits. Oh and not to mention I'm tired of washing puked on bedding.

And Jon Kent really needs to get to feeling better because tomorrow is his birthday!!! He'll be 4!!! So crazy how he will be 4 when it seems like he should still be little like Nathan. Thankfully his (and his sister's) birthday party isn't until next week. I'm really hoping we are all back healthy by then.

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