Thursday, November 20, 2008

My first "award"

I'm so honored. *grin*

I received this award from Bernadette. She is a hoot! You all need to click on over and visit her and let her know you linked her from here. She is a mom of two and is always having a crazy adventure. Seriously.. I laugh every time I read a new post from her. I originally met her in J-land (AOL) and I'm so glad she decided to move on over here to blogger. A hoot I tell ya.. a hoot!

Anyway, the rules to this little awards game go something like this..
I need to post the award on my blog.
Link back to her blog : Just a stirring in my soul
Link back to the originating post.
Pass it on to 5 of my fellow bloggers.
Post the rules for the recipients.

So, I've done all that.. on to my "winners"

Taking Heart
Erin is a wonderful woman. She is a wife, mother, nurse and child of God. She is a great writer and I always feel such a connection with her. I believe Erin has been a "reader" of mine for most of my years of writing. I like to think we have become more than just lurkers but online friends. She is just a great person.

This Is MY Life
Brandi is another woman that I have known "online" for years. Since before Jon Kent was born. She is a mother to one little boy, Ryan, with another baby on the way (hoping girl!!). She is a great mother and a great person. She is just a down to earth kind of gal.. my kind of person!!

The Hair Raising Joys of Raising Boys
Karen is a mom to two boys. She is a great, creative mother who enjoys being with her boys. Karen and I met through a pregnancy board with "our Nathans". We then bonded further with our love for being republicans. ;o) She is another person that I feel "gets me" sometimes. I enjoy reading her!

Away in Arooba
Claire.. Claire.. Claire. She is another hoot. It doesn't matter what she writes about, it's always full of humor and always makes me laugh out loud! She is a mom of two boys and I also met her through my pregnancy board while pregnant with Nathan. She is crazy and fun and just a great mom!

Audrey and Stella's Playground
Megan is a mom to two little girls. Two BEAUTIFUL little girls.. at that! We met, again, through my pregnancy board with Nathan. We've somewhat lost tough over the months but hopefully that won't last too much longer. She is a great mother who gives her all to make sure her girls are well cared for and loved. I love reading about her days and reading about all of Stella's new accomplishments. Go on over and check her out!

OK, there ya have it. Now.. go check all these blogs out and tell 'em I sent ya!! Ya hear?!!?!?


Bridgett said...


Can I just say, "Nice to meet you?" :)

Found you by way of Bernie.
And let me just say, you've got some really adorable children!

Hope to get to know you better.


Karen said...

Yay, thanks for the Award! And for saying such great things about me!

Bernadette said...

:) Going to check those blogs out.

..and you are very welcome..*you* are too sweet!