Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is it sad...?

Is it sad that I had ...count 'em... 5 waffles for breakfast?
Is it sad that my children want to watch the Care Bears.. all day?
Is it sad that not only did I eat 5 waffles but I also had hot chocolate for breakfast?
Is it sad that I wasted all day yesterday being upset?
Is it sad that I woke up in the middle of the night with a soaking wet shirt (my clogged duct finally UNCLOGGED) and didn't care enough to change?

So back to the Care Bears. Kent bought the DVD for Zoey thinking she would love it. And she does. But so does her older brother. Wanna know why? Because they "Shoot guns from their tummies". Nice, huh?


Zoey is still running a fever. 99-101. She woke up in the middle of the night (which she never does) and wanted in the bed with me. She said she was scared of something or another. Couldn't understand what exactly she was saying. So she got in the bed around midnight. Her daddy didn't even realize she was in the bed until he woke up this morning. We see who gets all the good sleep in this house.. don't we.. I digress.. I'm hoping the fever is gone by the end of the day.. if not.. off to the doctor we go. *sigh* It is that time of year..

Nathan did, unfortunately, get the cold as well. But so far it's just the coughing and the sneezing, no fever. So the boys seem to be fairing better than their sister.


So, about the *person* hurting me. I'm over it. Well, not over to the point that it doesn't still hurt but over with letting it hold me down. Yesterday was such a miserable day. I was holding it in the fore front of my thoughts and was letting it control my mood. I'm not going to willingly let it take over me like that any longer. I just have to let it go and realize that this *person* is either jealous of me or was just trying to show out by shooting off at the mouth. Whichever, I know the truth about my parenting and how I raise my kids.

Well, I do need to go. Nathan and his new crawling skills are keeping me on my toes!!


Kristine said...

Hope the kiddies are feeling better soon. ((mama))

Indigo said...

The waffles and hot chocolate sound like a treat, one which we need to indulge in from time to time. Sorry to hear Zoey and Nathan are not feeling well.

As for someone judging your parenting skills or hurting you...more often in life I've found that the greater percentage of those who object the loudest, have something of their own they can't deal with or failed miserably at.

In the end I like visiting you, I see someone who truly enjoys their kids. Can't think of a better mother for it. (Hugs)Indigo

Mc Allen said...

hey, I could soooo eat 5 waffels!!! Yep the crawling days are sooo diff. from the "lay on your back a cooo dayz!!" lol. And I hope zoe feel better soon!! LA

Bernadette said...

LOL...uh, is it sad that now I want a huge stack of waffles?

I hope all the little ones feel better really soon!

D said...

Oh, Emily! My brother, my sister and I were addicted to Care Bears too and it looks like the same one as Zoey saw! There's actually two movies and my nephews have both copies as well along with our old videos! It's not sad. It's retro! Hope the kids start to feel better soon,it just stinks to be sick!