Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sick of being sick

Nathan has been sick for over a week now. That's why my posting has been lacking. It started Thursday, with what seemed to be a flare up of his asthma. So I did the normal protocol for that and he just didn't seem better. So I took him to the pediatrician Sunday afternoon. He put him on a new medicine for his nebulizer and a steroid. I drop Nathan off at the house to go fill his prescription and to buy groceries. Kent sends me a text asking when I was going to get back home. I knew that wasn't good. Nathan had been throwing up since I left. So, I get home and start Nathan on the new meds. He throws up.. a lot. So we have a rough couple of days until Tuesday when I had, had enough and took him back to the doctor. This time we got to see our actual pediatrician. She looked him over and he had developed an infection in his chest. So she put him on antibiotics for that. And since then it has made all the difference. He is acting so much better. He's fever is completely gone and his breathing has improved drastically! I am so happy that we are hopefully seeing the light at the end of this sick, germ filled tunnel. I do have to take him back tomorrow and get him rechecked. Hopefully once we get completely over this and I can get my house back into a reasonable, clean order there will be more posts from me. Until then, I'm not promising much.

Jon Kent funny

The other day I was turning Jon Kent's Wii game on for him. I was just clicking buttons trying to get through all the preview stuff. Jon Kent told me he wanted to watch the story part, but I forgot and clicked right through it. He got mad and I told him I was sorry that I just wasn't thinking. Then today he wants to play the same game and asked to watch the story part. I said OK. He then says, while it is coming on, "Momma, today just keep thinking and don't stop so that I can see the story at the beginning. Don't stop thinking, OK?!?"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

School with teacher Zoey

I do school most days with the kids. Just basic teaching of letters, numbers, opposites, etc. We have a little preschool workbook that we work out of it and I also do free style stuff on my own as well. Today, I brought the kids drawing/chalk board out to go over practice writing with their letters. The kids enjoyed it and when we got done Zoey wanted to take over with being the teacher. So it went a little something like this:

I asked Zoey if I could take her picture as the teacher before we started. She agreed. Yes, I totally fixed her hair that way. It made me laugh. She said it looks like a bear paw on her head. That made me laugh more. Laughter is a good thing. Try it sometime.
So then she went on with her teaching lesson. She taught me how to draw a pig, myself, a red rainbow, a door with a knocker on it, a house, her and some letters. During the lesson time I snapped another picture of her teaching...

She wasn't please. I got in trouble. :X

After it was all done, I had learned so much. She made a perfect teacher. Getting on to me when needed but still encouraging me all along the way.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jon Kent's 2nd Upward Basketball game

It went well. Jon Kent played so much better. I guess the "practice" times we are putting out on the drive-way shooting hoops is paying off. He just loves basketball. As does Kent, and Kent's daddy and Kent's daddy's daddy. It must run in their blood or something. So anyway, Jon Kent made 3 shots and scored 6 points. We were so proud of him. My parents got to see him played as well and they were thrilled. Every time Jon Kent scored he would run back down the court, all pumped, look over at us and grin. He was so excited and proud. We were, too.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jon Kent funny

So, the other day when I took Jon Kent to have his hearing rechecked he had to go into the sound booth. The kids and I were right outside the door in the waiting room. When Jon Kent got out I asked him how it went. This is what he told me.

The lady nurse told me to go into the booth. So I did. Then she told me to sit down. So I did. But when she closed the door I told myself... I'm trapped.

The things kids think up.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our days.. ::Random::

Lately our days have been lazy ones. We may or may not make it out of our pajamas. We might run to town or we might not. We might play the Wii or we might color. We might do some school work or we might watch a movie. I find time here and there to clean and the kids make sure their toys are picked up when asked, but besides that.. lazy. I think after all the running around, traveling, etc that we did over Christmas and New Year's that I was just burned out. And lately, especially at night when my mind tends to wonder, I've been realizing more and more that time is passing so quickly. I look at Jon Kent and no longer see one single thing that ties him back to his baby days.. toddlers day. Nothing. He is all boy now. He will be starting school in 7 months. School. When did that happen? And this is just the beginning, I know. Soon Jon Kent will be asking for the keys to the car and an extension to his curfew. Zoey will be into make-up and clothes and boys. Nathan will be doing his own thing and I fairly sure being stubborn while he does it.

I can't really tell you what brought all this on. But in a way, I am glad it is happening. I rather realize all this now rather than later, when the kids won't have a thing to do with me. I love them so much and I waited and went through a lot to get the 3 I have. I don't want to take for granted the time I have with them now. It's so short and I want to soak up every last minute of it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Dentist

..for the kids.

I'm still looking.

So the kids went to their new dentist yesterday. Compared to our last dentist it was alright. The dentist himself was great. He wasn't seeing any patients by the time Zoey was ready for a cleaning, so he cleaned her teeth himself. The hygienist was very please at how well they both were. It probably helped that this dentist actually let me sit back there with them, while our last one didn't. They got to watch a little TV while they waited, which they thought was awesome. Both kids came out without needing to reschedule for fillings. Or I should say, Jon Kent had no cavities and Zoey "had a few spots, but we are watching those for now". This dentist isn't pro fillings so much. He says if they are small enough, sometimes they can be contained by better brushing, flossing, etc. So we'll see. I appreciate that he rather work to better the kids' teeth rather than just cranking up the drill and giving them fillings. I also like that this dentist was a pediatric dentist for the Army for 21 years. He was very kind and loving to the kids. After they were done they each got a token (Nathan too) to get a prize out of the prize machine. They thought that was great. They were a little disappointed to come out without balloons (our old dentist gave them balloons, stickers, tattoos and a prize) but I took them out for playtime and lunch so they didn't really dwell on it. ;) All in all, I am pleased with their dentist so far.

Now on to finding me a dentist.. Yikes.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jon Kent's 1st Upward Basketball Game (1/9/10)

It went well and the kids had a great time. I don't know who "won" because they don't keep score. The goal is to teach them the right techniques, sportsmanship and about trying to be Christlike. Jon Kent is really enjoying himself and Zoey can't wait until next year when she can be a cheerleader(something I never did, so it will be all new territory for me!).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wii are having fun!

Since it's been so cold here the last few days and will continue to be, our outside time is limited. Or rather we don't go out unless we have too. We southerners just aren't used to it and I certainly don't plan on getting used to it. That's why I am in the south.

So anyway, we have been spending our normal "playtime" playing the Wii. Fun stuff. The kids love it and I think if Nathan just had a bit more coordination he would get a big kick out of it too. He already tries so hard to do some of the stuff on there.

I am also doing the Wii Fit each day. So far I have lost .4 pounds. Which isn't really all that much, but as long as I keep doing that then I should meet my weight loss goal. Oh and I brought my Wii Fit age down to 31. Improvements!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The kids "shooting" fireworks at my parents' house. In reality they held some sparklers and I let Jon Kent and Zoey light a cone firework thingy. They enjoyed it though.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wii.. will it work for me?

So, Kent got me a Wii and a Wii fit for Christmas. I tested it out yesterday for the first time. I did my balance and it grabbed my height and weight and added it all up. My Wii Fit age is 39 years old.

Ahem, I am 26.

Yeah. It asked me if I tripped a lot when I walked. :X

So, I am going to work on getting that number down. And also, my weight number and my BMI (body mass index) number. I have 16 pounds to lose and 3 points on my BMI. I am in the "normal" range for my BMI, but just barely. And I do mean barely.

Kent and I have had a lot of fun playing the Wii together. It's our time to spend alone after the kids go to bed. We compete against each other and get all competitive. I usually beat Kent on most of the games our first time playing them. But he usually beats me after we play the game a time or two more.

The kids love the Wii. Jon Kent loves playing the basketball and Zoey likes the bowling. We need to get two more remotes so we can play all together at the same time. The kids would totally beat me at 100 pin bowling. I can't score well on that game at all. But Jon Kent and Zoey can get 95-99 almost every time.

I am hoping we all continue to enjoy the Wii together as a family. And I am hoping the Wii fit does me some good. Beach weather will be here before I know it and I am positive no one wants to see my current body in a bathing suit. I know I sure don't! ;X

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I have high hopes for 2010. I have, in my head, made a list of things I want to get done this year.
Here are a few:
  1. Lose 16 pounds. Who doesn't have losing weight as one of their resolutions?
  2. To exercise more. Kind of goes with #2, except I want to also exercise as a family more.
  3. Eat better. Last year, after Kent got his insulin pump, we started eating fairly healthy. I lost like 8 pounds just from eating right and nothing else. Kent lost 25 pounds (figures, right?). I want to start doing that again. We got off track once we found out about moving and it just went down hill from there.
  4. Do the important things in life first. And if I get to the rest of the details, great.. if not it must of not been important.
  5. More family time. I realized as soon as 2010 rolled in at midnight that this time next year I will have one child in school.. if not two (Zoey might be in part time preschool). I know once the kids start school that amble amounts of family time won't always happen.
  6. To teach more to my kids. Teach them more about the Bible and answer their questions about the Bible to the best of my ability. Also teach them through our "school books" or by taking more nature walks or just simpling answering their questions. I want my kids to learn, learn, learn and to enjoy doing so.
  7. To not nag my husband or expect him to know what I am thinking (this is hard for me).
  8. To be thankful for my many, many blessing and actually, verbally thank God for them.
  9. Read through the whole Bible in 2010. My whole church has actually been challenged to do so.
  10. Enjoy the day. I'm not promised another.

Happy New Year!!