Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jon Kent funny

The other day I was turning Jon Kent's Wii game on for him. I was just clicking buttons trying to get through all the preview stuff. Jon Kent told me he wanted to watch the story part, but I forgot and clicked right through it. He got mad and I told him I was sorry that I just wasn't thinking. Then today he wants to play the same game and asked to watch the story part. I said OK. He then says, while it is coming on, "Momma, today just keep thinking and don't stop so that I can see the story at the beginning. Don't stop thinking, OK?!?"


Amanda said...

love it! lol Luke says all the time "what was I thinking?" another big one right now.. "what did you expect?" love these little kiddos!

Bridgett said...

LMAO! Too cute! And clever. ;)