Friday, July 31, 2009

Car Insurance for singers

Since moving to our new house we have also gotten to enjoy a new type of neighborhood. At our old house we were out in the country and it would have been pretty hard for us to take a family stroll down the road. But here the streets are pretty quiet and not a lot of traffic. So today I got the wagon out and Jon Kent got his little battery operated Jeep out. Jon Kent drove that while Zoey rode with him and Nathan rode in the wagon. We were happily going along and had gone a good ways when I decided it was time to turn around and head back to the house. Zoey asked to drive so I let her. About half way back Zoey was so busy looking around, not paying attention that she rams into a curve sending her youngest brother (who by this time decided he had missed out on enough fun by staying in the wagon) into the plastic windshield. Niiiiice. I made a mental note right then and there to start saving up on extra, full coverage car insurance.

Then tonight I was running water for the kids' baths. Zoey had put on some sunglasses and a sparkly hair bow and was running around singing and just being a ham. I called for her to come get her teeth brushed and get into the tub. When she came to me in all her sassiness and told me, "Momma, I'm a singa and singas don't take baths." Oops, my bad.. didn't know I was talking to the next queen of music.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just simply... Stellan

Prayers for Stellan

I hate even having to put my "Pray for Stellan" button back up. I hate that a little baby boy, heck any baby, has to go through what he as in his short 9 months of life. And even before. I hate that this world isn't perfect and that life isn't fair. I hate to have to even write this post and ask for you all to pray for Stellan. But I do love that I can go to God Almighty in prayer and pray for Stellan and know that I'm not the only one.

Please pray.

Prayers for Stellan

Yay for Kent getting everything fixed up and the internet running. I'm so glad to be able to write a blog and it not take 10 minutes to type out a short paragraph. Three cheers for my hubby!! Speaking of my hubs, yesterday was his 28th birthday. He celebrated by putting together a desk. We did go out to eat at one of his favorite restaurants in the area, Rhinehart's. It was really good. Also, speaking of my hubby.. Monday when we had the movers here and we were moving in and unpacking, Kent was trying to hook up the dryer. The previous owners had taped around the dryer vent, so Kent was trying to take that off. He had his knife out and was cutting the tape when his hand slipped and his middle knuckle on his left hand was almost sliced off by the metal vent. He had to go to the ER and have three stitches put into his hand. Thankfully it didn't take long and he was able to get home fairly quickly. Also that same day we locked ourselves out of the house and had to call a locksmith. Talk about a good beginning!

I have pictures. But you will have to look pass the mess that is my house right now. Do enjoy!

Front of the house
Jon Kent's bed

Jon Kent and Nathan's bathroom

Nathan's bed

Messy livingroom

Office area

Master bath


Messy kitchen


Zoey's bath

Zoey bedroom

Still Kickin'

I'm still around. But we currently have no internet access (I'm on my phone). Once we are up and running I'll give a better update with some pictures. Until then... it's back to unpacking.

Friday, July 24, 2009


We were on our way to closing when our lender calls and tells up that they are missing the address to our previous home on one of the forms. Kent told her that he sent everything and that he didn't know what to tell her. That our relocation company had messed up. She said that she needed to talk to our counselor and Kent said that counselor was on Pacific time and they weren't open yet (it would have been about 5:15am PST). Well for one reason or another the lender couldn't grasp the fact that we couldn't call our relocation office. So finally our real estate agent got on the phone with her and was telling her that it really shouldn't matter about that one document because we all know what property address we were talking about and how Kent and I have done all our closing on that end. But for one reason or another it did. So after going over her head we got it approved to go on with closing. So it's 10am and we are all sitting there signing our names when our loan documents still hadn't come. So we call our lender and she said it would be there in 10-15 minutes. So we wait and wait and wait.. 45 minutes goes by and still nothing. So we call back and she says 10-15 again and is real short and harsh with us. So after waiting to close for almost to 2 hours at this point Kent calls the main office for our loan company and asked to talk to our lender agent's supervisor. Kent talks to him and tells him how the agent had been rude with us and the supervisor said that it was uncalled for and he would have a talk with her. At this point we were approaching in on 3 hours of waiting after being told it would be 10-15 minutes. We are there with our three kids who were tired and hungry (it was lunch time and nap time as well at this point) and the sellers were waiting on our loan to close so they could pay on their own closing which was taking place today as well. So anyway, the supervisor took $350 off our fees to the loan company for all our troubles today. So that was nice. After Kent got off the phone with him the documents were there in like 2 minutes. So we closed and we now own our new home. The movers come in on Monday to bring all our stuff. Tonight we are going to get some odds and ends for the house. So glad to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New happenings

This afternoon is the final inspection for the new house. We close tomorrow morning. I'm ready to get this done. Tomorrow we will sign our life away- again. Only thing different about this time over the last time we signed our life away is we will have all three of the kids with us. That should be interesting... oh, and it will be close to nap time. Monday the movers will come and unpack our big stuff. We asked them not to unpack the little stuff because basically what they do is just put the boxes in the rooms they belong and unpack everything on the floor. That would be fine if it were just Kent and me, but with three kids.. stuff would be EVERYWHERE. So we are just having them bring in the big stuff (beds, furniture, washer, dry, etc) and put it together, then just leave the boxes unopened in the room it belongs. We will have 7 days to report any damaged or stolen items, so that will give us enough time to go through everything.

In small O'villers news...
Nathan has now conquered the toilet. No, I don't mean he is potty trained, although that would be awesome. No, he has figured out how to climb on top of it and stand. He somehow pulls himself up with his little muscular arms and just claws his way on top. He saw his big brother standing on it last night to get his teeth brush and he figured that was the way to go. So now that's all he has been doing. Which is just awesome. Really.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Word of Advice

Running is a theft and a liar.

Running will tell you that the more you do it, the more energy you will have. But it lies. It takes your energy and runs with it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm buff.. I'm tuff..

I totally did run today. OK, so I didn't. At least not as of this morning. I was sore from my run yesterday, but that isn't what kept me from getting up this morning. These are my reasons for not getting up this morning:

Where shall I begin? Jon Kent wouldn't fall to sleep last night. He kept saying he was scared because he thought we were already asleep. Then he wanted EVERY light in this apartment turned on. So we obliged.. why not.. we already paid our bill for the month. Then Nathan was waking up every hour... all through the night. Around 3:30am Zoey woke up, realized Jon Kent wasn't in the room (he had already crawled his way in between Kent and me) and came to my room wanting in bed with me. I told her there was no room, but I would go lay with her in her bed. So I did, thinking I would be in there 10 minutes, sneak back out and go back to my own bed. 2 hours later I wake up and get back in my bed, where my eldest child is snoring and being all around restless so I took him back to his bed. 5 minutes after getting back in my bed Nathan wakes up wanting his baba so I give it to him and lay him back down (bad, bad momma) and get back in the bed. And I kid you not.. Kent's alarm goes off for him to get up and thusly for me to get up about 20 minutes later. I told Kent to forget about waking me up, I was sleeping in. And that I did. The kids didn't get up until 8am. It was glorious.

Hopefully I'll get a run in this evening. If not.. there is tomorrow, pending my kids sleep well.

Monday, July 20, 2009

'Home' again

It just doesn't feel right calling this apartment home. But being back together with my husband does. It took longer to get home than it did to go back to Alabama, but that's OK. We made it back and it felt good to be a family again. The kids loved seeing their daddy and played and loved on him until bed time. I loved being whole again, having my partner in parenthood beside me. I do have to say that I'm falling more and more in love with South Carolina or at least the area we are in. It is starting to feel more like home or at least more like I belong here. Which makes me feel better and more comfortable. 4 days until we close on the house and 7 days until we are moved in.

Today was my first day back at running. And to say I'm out of shape would be a great understatement. I know I'm out of shape when my "fat" starts to itch after I've been running for a bit and my muscles are warmed. But it's the first day of hopefully getting a grip back on my health. I've been far from healthy for one too many months now, so it's back to exercising, drinking water and eating right. I don't have a clue how much I weigh and I quite frankly like it that way. But I do know what I weighed right before we moved, so going from that I want to lose 10 pounds and tone, tone, tone. I hope to truly stick to it this time.

Well, it's Monday so that means washing clothes and getting the apartment back in order. Which it was in order until we came home. Now it's messy again. Besides that, I don't really know what we will be up to today. I'll be sure to take pictures if it's anything interesting.. or I will try.. I think my batteries are dead. Later!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aww, blast from the past

I was being nosey and looking around on my daddy's hard drive at all his pictures. And I ran up on these. I can't believe how much my older two kids have grown and changed. To think that time will only get faster.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A lot of Vidoes

This is a little bit of what we have been up to this week.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I apologize for my lack of regularly updating lately and not commenting on other blogs. Been busy with packing, moving, unpacking, repacking, traveling, living out of a suitcase, spending time with my family, sending a thousand and one text messages to my husband, reading, doing VBS, going to doctor appointment, missing my husband, getting into a nursing program only to give my spot up, balancing our checking account, playing with my pet monkey and getting very little sleep.

Seriously you do understand...


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Unfinished business

As most of my readers know, I went back to school this spring to get my RN. I applied to the nursing program, along with about 600-700 other people. Then April 1 Kent found out he got a job promotion and we have since moved to South Carolina. I didn't with drawl my application because in the back of my mind I didn't really feel comfortable doing so. I thought if I did, sure as this world, Kent's job would somehow fall through and there I gave up my shot. So I let the process go on, thinking that since I wasn't enrolled for the summer that somehow that would lessen my chances. Today I opened up a packet and there was my acceptance letter into the nursing program. The program that, from what I was told, only let in 52 people this year. 52 people out of 600. My first thought? Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Why? At this point, I would have rather gotten a rejection letter. Because I can't use this chance. We live too far away and there is no way I can live apart from my husband for 2 years. Sure, I can apply in South Carolina. But was this my one shot? My shot to finish up my schooling and start my career? All these thoughts, these mixed emotions.. I'm happy to have been selected, honored. But I can't use it. To me it feels like unfinished business. A waste. It's hard to explain the feeling that is circulating inside of me.. happiness that I was able to be selected, sadness that I don't get to follow through with it, angry that I didn't do this sooner... Just unfinished.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Discovering Fort Discovery

I saw a billboard that said "Come discover Fort Discovery". So I said.. "Why not?" So today we went and discovered Fort Discovery. It's actually pretty neat. And didn't cost us an arm and a leg. Although that's because two of the kids got in free. But for Jon Kent and myself it was $14. Anyway, it's a hands on museum where you see how different things work. How things like telephones have progressed to where they are today. There is also a space exhibit. Jon Kent really enjoyed that. And one of the neat things about this place is it is right on the river. The first picture is of the kids walking down what is called the "Riverwalk". The path we are on is the top trail. There is also a bottom trail that is right on the river but I couldn't find a ramp to get the stroller down. It's really beautiful. Anyway, back to Fort Discovery. The kids had a good time and we will go back, but only with an extra set of hands. It was hard to spend time showing the kids how to work each exhibit when you have two others running around.. or away.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Office Depot fun

An hour in Office Depot will wear a kid... or three... out.

Monday, July 6, 2009


We checked out the pool this afternoon. The kids had a good time and I'm sure we will be back to visit it again soon.

Our day thus far

Half our day is done now. We got up this morning, ate breakfast and headed out. I wanted to find our new house to show the kids. So we got on the road and turned on the GPS. Found the house and showed the kids. They were thrilled to see it but didn't understand why they couldn't go in and look at it. I just told them it wasn't ready yet. Then we found two parks to play at. One was in kind of an iffy neighborhood and didn't have any kids to play with. The second was in downtown North Augusta and there were several other kids there. Zoey went around and introduced herself to everyone and asked them all their names. Then she told me she had a lot of friends. They played there for awhile until Jon Kent had to potty. So we got in the car and headed back to the apartment. All the kids are napping now or at least they are all in bed. After they get up I think we will head over to the pool and swim.