Friday, July 3, 2009

They're Heeerrrre.

Lookey what came up my drive way bright and early this morning. We were worried they wouldn't make it up the drive way since it's steep and graveled but the movers were able to make it up and for that we are thankful. Saved about 3-4 hours off our day. A lot of you have asked about how much it is to be moved professionally and if it's reasonable. I would say if you are moving across the country or a few states away it would be worth it. But if you are moving across town or an hour away, basically if you can go back and forth during the day making trips it probably wouldn't be worth it. This is costing about $5500. That isn't including storage, which most people wouldn't have. But we are since we are staying in temporary quarters. It has been really nice to let the professionals do it and not worry about things. They have labeled, sorted and pack very well. They are really nice too. Hopefully by the end of the day our house will be empty.


Terri said...

Gosh I just can't believe how fast they are...I do believe it would be well worth it if we were ever to move several states away...if we could afford it...but just moving in the same area...we would probably do it's a long drawn out process though...ack! So glad you were able to get movers to make this transition that much easier on you guys...

Happy 4th of July!


P.S. Thanks for answering our questions

Bridgett said...

Oh my goodness! $5500 is a lot of money.

Then again, they're doing A LOT of work. I'm glad it's all going so well!


Christy said...

When it's time to unpack, make sure that you have your list of each and every box, and make sure you check it twice that everyone is there. Make sure that if they were paid to unpack, they do it, that if there's an agreement for them to take or come back and pick up boxes, that they do so.

Personally ime with American movers, they're not very good, often theives, and are don't be afraid to stay on top of them if they deliver, if you find something missing, etc. Iwish I would have checked on here before they came and I could have shared some other info, but it's too late.

Hopefully you had good and honest packers.

Praying you're able to get into your house quickly.