Thursday, July 23, 2009

New happenings

This afternoon is the final inspection for the new house. We close tomorrow morning. I'm ready to get this done. Tomorrow we will sign our life away- again. Only thing different about this time over the last time we signed our life away is we will have all three of the kids with us. That should be interesting... oh, and it will be close to nap time. Monday the movers will come and unpack our big stuff. We asked them not to unpack the little stuff because basically what they do is just put the boxes in the rooms they belong and unpack everything on the floor. That would be fine if it were just Kent and me, but with three kids.. stuff would be EVERYWHERE. So we are just having them bring in the big stuff (beds, furniture, washer, dry, etc) and put it together, then just leave the boxes unopened in the room it belongs. We will have 7 days to report any damaged or stolen items, so that will give us enough time to go through everything.

In small O'villers news...
Nathan has now conquered the toilet. No, I don't mean he is potty trained, although that would be awesome. No, he has figured out how to climb on top of it and stand. He somehow pulls himself up with his little muscular arms and just claws his way on top. He saw his big brother standing on it last night to get his teeth brush and he figured that was the way to go. So now that's all he has been doing. Which is just awesome. Really.


Brandi said...

Good Luck!!!! I hope the move it goes well. I can't wait to see pictures of your new home :)

BTW stop by my blog and ask me anything.

Bridgett said...

Good luck today!

And yea, I'm giggling about Nathan. :)

Karen said...

I hope the closing went well!

LOL, at Nathan! My Nate's a climber too....just like his brother.