Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of School in Random Sentences

All O'villers successfully made it to school today. I forgot how early 5:30am was. I made a nice breakfast for the kids which they hardly ate. They all had butterflies. Getting 3 fed, clothed, hair done, shoes tied, supplies in hand, and lunches made took a lot longer than I figured. Jon Kent being my nervous nelly was, well.. nervous. But I think he will do great. Zoey was her social, confident self. Nathan was giddy to just be at school.Patiently   waiting for 2:30 so I can hear all about their first day. 

Friday, August 2, 2013


This past Sunday (Kent's 32nd birthday) we headed to Alabama to spend some time with family. On the way we wanted to make a pit stop for the kids. The boys are allllll into Legos and even Zoey likes to grab a box full and creative something so we decided to take them to the Lego Land Discovery Center in Atlanta. They had a great time. The place wasn't so big so it wasn't overwhelming and thankfully not crowded. We were able to take our time, do every activity, enjoy the rides, and not wait long in any line. The kids were completely happy and enjoyed every minute. Success!