Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bootastic Halloween!

Our Halloween was PACKED full of things to do. We started bright and early this morning with soccer. Jon Kent scored another goal!! I was so proud of him, despite the fact that I missed it.. again. I went to the car to get some cups for the water cooler and by the time I got back he had scored. I am thinking he just scores only when I am not there. :/ But I was proud of him nonetheless.

After soccer we came home and ate lunch and put the kids down for naps. Kent and I needed to get to the church to help with the games. The kids came later and seemed to have a good time. Zoey got her face painted with a little puppy dog on her cheek. The kids got a lot of candy and were pretty hyped up by the time we left.

After the festival at church, we came home and got the kids in their costumes. We were fixing to walk out the door when the bottom fell out of the sky and it started pouring. So we waited it out for about 20 minutes and it quit. About half way down the street it starts raining again, but not too heavy. So we just dealt with it. It soon quit. The kids had a good time trick-or-treating and thankfully all the neighbors who had set up their yards/garages to scare trick-or-treaters didn't do anything to the kids. They waited until we left and then started back up. We did get to see several groups of older kids get the mess scared out of them. Pretty amusing. While we had the kids getting candy, my parents stayed here and handed out what we had. Everyone thought I over did it with buying so much candy, but it was just enough. And if we hadn't turned off our porch light they probably would still be coming. I love it though. This is the first year we were able to go door-to-door trick-or-treating and being able to also hand out candy. It's nice being in this community and be able to do that.

And last but not least, my Auburn Tigers pulled out a win today!!! After 3 weeks of having to see them lose it was great to see them playing... better.

The kids are already talking about what they want to be NEXT Halloween! ;)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Tricks, treats and a little more.

Last night, right before heading to bed, I hopped on the internet to check my mail and facebook. My mom was on and IM'ed me. We chatted for a few minutes when out of no where she says, "We are coming!". I'm like, "Here?". "Yes", she says. I was ecstatic! A surprise visit = awesome! They will be here in about an hour. They really wanted to see Jon Kent play soccer and since he was sick last time they couldn't. And they really wanted to see the kids all dressed up and out trick or treating. So that's what we plan to do. Play soccer and trick or treat. AND have a fall festival at our church. Busy, busy, busy Saturday for sure. Now, if the rain will just hold off it would be even better!

Now, to brag on my hubby. Tonight we were laying around watching TV while the kids ran around playing. A commercial came on for a pumpkin spice latte... YUM. So at 8:30pm he went out to Starbucks and got me one. I'm drinking it now... Don't be jealous. I've got a great husband AND a pumpkin spice latte. Double YUM!

I know I've been sparse with my blogging lately. I have been addicted to facebook and all that goes on over there. But I do want to keep this up. I don't blog for others or really even for myself. I do it for my kids. I want a detailed documentation for them to read back on when they are older. When they have kids they can look back and see EXACTLY where THAT behavior is coming from. Haha. I just really want to give them the best gift of all, to see that I cared for them, loved them, made mistakes, did somethings wrong but in the end did the best I could and despite it all love them more than even I could have ever dreamed.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Continued prayers and another request.

So while y'all are praying for Stellan, please pray for this family as well. If you haven't read her blog, then I'll catch y'all up really quickly. They started the adoption process with their 8 month old son before he was even born. The birth mother picked them and said the birth father had zero to do with her or the baby during the whole pregnancy. The day the baby is born the birth father's grandmother comes busting into the hospital demanding to see the baby and the birth father was there too. And ever since have been trying to regain custody. The birth mother said that the best place for the baby is with the current family, so they are in legal battles and woes. Please pray for this family and continue to pray for Stellan. Tomorrow is his 1st birthday!!!

Stellan- Prayers are needed!

Tomorrow will be Stellan's 1st Birthday. And instead of celebrating that, Stellan is in the hospital in the worst state his parents or the doctors have every seen him in. Please say a prayer for him. Read his mother's post, look at the pictures and pray.

Monday, October 26, 2009

My kids aren't going to be little forever

This realization is hitting me hard lately. I was updating Nathan's baby book tonight and when I do that I always compare his stats to Jon Kent and Zoey's. Who was bigger at X-age, etc. Tonight when I flipped through Jon Kent's baby book I realized something. I have two more "entries" in his book and it will then be completed. His baby book will be done. That is so sad to me. His 5th birthday and his first day of school is it. And his "baby years" will be gone. Just. Like. That. Oh how time flies. Oh how I am going to look back on these years when they are older and long for them again. Sometimes my womb even aches for them to be back in there. I just want to hold them in and keep them safe. To keep them from this world and all the bad things that are out there. But I know that with the bad, there is good. And the good is what makes moments to put in baby books, in blogs. I love my kids more than life and while I wish they could stay where they are right now forever, that just isn't the way life is. It means they are living. That they are healthy and growing and experiencing. They are breathing and living life. What more could I ask for? No, they won't be little forever. But they will be my babies.. forever.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Torture Chamber

The kids have been sick. One will get better and the next in line will get it. I have been off and on fighting off a cold. It's been a trying week to say the least. Today, after Nathan running a mild to high fever for about 4 days, I took him in to see the doctor on call. She looked him over and said all seemed fine, but wanted to send him for an x-ray.

And this doctor had little bedside manner. Trust me lady, I didn't want to be there anymore than you did!

So we had to go to the local hospital's ER to get that done. I'm not used to that. Our old pediatrician had everything in house. I wasn't thrilled about taking my 18 month old, whose immune system is already working overtime, to an ER full of germs. But whatever. This is where I should have listened to my gut. Should have just came home and let things run its course. So we get in there and get worked in and taken back to get the x-rays done. We walk in there and the tech tells me that since he is a baby they will have to put him in this. I just looked at it, looked at him, looked back at it and looked back at him and then said, "REALLY!?!!?!?". He said, "Yes, sometimes adults just don't know their own strength and we do this so no one gets hurt." It was horrible. HORRIBLE! I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever do that crap again. I am getting the kids a new pediatrician tomorrow. There is NO WAY we are going back there. NO FREAKING WAY!

Doctor just called and said everything was normal. To just let it runs it's course. Easy for her to say. She doesn't have to listen to her baby crackle when he breathes.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A girl and her worm

Zoey isn't your typical girl. She doesn't really get into dresses, dolls, frilly things, etc. Don't get me wrong, she can play a mean game of dress up and get into a glittery mess. But that isn't her passion. Her passion is... Worms. Yes, worms. All types. Big, small, dead, alive. She isn't picky. Since we moved here there have been several holes dug in the backyard in search of worms. And so far nothing has been found. Until today. The hugest, slimiest worm was unearth by my sweet princess. She was THRILLED. Until her brother told her it was dead. I ran over (OK, so it was more of a walk with a sense of dread to it.. tomato, tamato) and checked it out (OK, again check it out is a bit strong , I more or less poked it with a stick). It moved. I screamed. Zoey's was bubbling over with excitement. Me, notsomuch. And what happened next could only be described as.. magical. (OK, magical for Zoey). The worm is a "she" and "her" name is Kiki Madison O'viller. Jon Kent picked out the name Madison, for obvious reasons. Kiki is outside currently, in a bucket full of dirt. Goodness knows, it's not coming into this house.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend with my parents

My parents spent the weekend with us. It was a really great visit. I miss our family and friends so much, so it's really nice to see them and not have to drive the 4 hours myself to do it. It was truly like a breath of fresh air.

The weekend started off great. My parents arrived here around 11am and the kids gave them a joyous welcome. Running to the door, yelling and screaming their names, big hugs and all around just a great moment and a wonderful reunion. After the kids got up from their naps, we took them to the park to play for a bit. Then came home and met up with Kent. We then went to eat and let the kids play for a bit. When we went outside to put the kids in their car seats and I felt something hit my head. I look up to see if it was starting to rain, but nope.. a bird pooped on my head! I was very disgusted and wanted it out of my hair. My family was too busy laughing their heads off to get the poop out of my hair. My daddy finally managed to get a napkin and get it out of my hair. We then swung by Dollar Tree (the kids favorite place) and Wal-Mart (where I picked up some yummy pumpkin spice candles!). When we got home and got the kids ready for bed I could tell Jon Kent wasn't feeling too well. Took his temperature and it was 102. Motrin and bed were this doctor's orders. The night was rough, but only because Jon Kent's fever at 1am was around 103.3 and wouldn't come down. After laying with him for over an hour and watching him, it finally came down to 101. I felt comfortable enough to go to sleep in my own bed at that point. The thing about him being sick, besides the fact that he was sick, was that he couldn't play soccer and my parents wouldn't get to see him play. So sad. Pretty much all Saturday morning Jon Kent seemed fine. Running around, playing, eating, etc. The kids went down for a nap and my mom and I took off to go shopping. Zoey needed some shoes and some more winter things. We also swung by this great place call "Kit and Caboodles" and found all sorts of neat stuff and I got a lot of ideas for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers! We then went to Target to grab Zoey's fore mentioned shoes. While we were there, Kent called and told me that Jon Kent woke up from his nap running a fever of 103 and was throwing up. So I gave him the number to the doctor's office and he gave them a ring. The doctor told him more than likely it was viral. Flu, swine flu or just a virus floating around. But if Jon Kent was still having the same symptoms at that time the next day to bring him in. So we treated the fever and gave him plain foods. He was fine. By 8pm that night his fever was gone and so far hasn't returned. So with Jon Kent on the mend Kent and I went out for a date (can I get a woot-woot?). We went to a great Mexican restaurant and then saw a movie (Couples Retreat. Hilarious!). During the movie my phone was vibrating and I really thought nothing of it. I just thought I was getting multiple messages from people I follow on twitter and facebook. Then I look down and see it's my dad calling me. I sent him a text to text me back. So he did and he said nevermind but that he needed the code for our security system earlier because they burned some cookies, made the fire alarm go off, the security people called, they didn't know the code, so they were going to send the fire department out unless my daddy could give her the code. So he somehow gave them my name and a number they needed and that was that. Thankfully, but I felt horrible for not answering my phone. I later listened to the voicemail and my daddy was telling me (with my alarm system going off in the background) that he needed the code or they were sending the fire department. It's funny now, but I am sure it wasn't then. Anyway, after the movie we swung by Starbucks and grabbed some coffee (pumpkin spice latte for me, YUM!) and some doughnuts as a peace offering for my parents. ;) Today was spent at church and just relaxing around. Jon Kent didn't go to church today, just in case he was contagious, so Kent stayed home with him. My husband did all the laundry, cleaned up the house and just got things back in order while we were gone. Lovely! After lunch and some laying around my parents packed up and headed back home. It's always so sad to see them leave. I get a lump in my throat every time. It's always so good to see family, but sad to see them go. But they will be back for Thanksgiving and Kent's parents and grandparents are expected to come in about 3 more weeks. So we had a good weekend, despite the sickness. So very thankful for weekends with my parents.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day!

(Sweetest moment of our Columbus Day)

Since it's a federal holiday and all, Kent was off. Love, love, love days where Kent is off and it's during the week.

Our day was pretty busy. I needed to weed through our clothes, the kids clothes, sort, organize, wash and put all that away. My house looked wrecked by lunch time. Clothes everywhere, toys everywhere (since the kids were at their own will of playing), dishes from breakfast still weren't put away, it was just a mess. To say I was stressed was an understatement. BUT, I actually managed it well. I knew there needed to be a mess in order to get things done. And now, it's all done and my house is basically back in order. I washed SIX loads of clothes today, but it's all done and I am soooo happy! I now know exactly what each of the kids need to finish off their fall/winter wardrobe and I know that I need a few things as well. But I want to shed some pounds before I go shopping.

Besides all that boring babble ^ there, we did have some fun today. We took the kids back to Monkey Joe's. Those who are blessed to be on my picture list via texts were loaded down with pictures. The kids had a blast. The last few times we have been there Nathan had been a little dare devil. Shooting down the slides all by himself. But today, he wasn't having it. He loved going down it with Kent or me, but try to make him go by himself and he wasn't having it. He did go down a couple of the slides alone, but he wasn't thrilled. He did get up smiling and laughing but the look on his face going down the slides wasn't pure enjoyment. ;)

After Monkey Joe's we had to swing by the grocery store for a "few" things. An hour and a buggy full later and we were on our way home...

Kent and I made supper together and then it was clean up time for the kiddies and then bath and bed. It was an earlier bedtime for them. Then Kent and I dug into some ice cream. YUM. But not so good for my diet, but I did good all day and I know I didn't max out on my calories, so it should be OK. I hope so. I have at least 10 pounds I want off by Thanksgiving.

Anyway, that was our boring but busy day. Aren't you glad you read about it?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

More new beginnings

We have been attending a church here in South Carolina since before we actually moved here. We have enjoyed it greatly. They were without a pastor when we first started coming, but have since found one and his first Sunday will be in two weeks. This church is just great. What really drew me in was their the couples Sunday school class that we are in. It's full of couples, our ages, with kids and they are all in the same time of life we are in. They have kids, mostly who are small like ours. Some of the women stay at home, some work. They are all super friendly. I just really look forward to getting to know these people. We are a class gathering on the 24 of this month. Anyway, the church as a whole in a larger church. They run about 175-200 every Sunday morning and around 100 at night. They have many ways for us to be involved. They have a great children's department, with lots for the kids to do. Every Sunday after church the kids are talking 90 to nothing about what they learned. Even Nathan has gotten used to his class and doesn't cry anymore. It's just really nice to belong to this church and finally feel apart of it. They unashamedly talk about God and Jesus. They have shown me, already, how to be a better Christian. To be bold in my walk. That it's OK to be nervous, scared. Many of these people have already been great mentors for me. My walk with God has strengthen just by fellowshipping, listening, learning from these people. I'm thankful already for this church and this is just the beginning!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jon Kent-ism

Jon Kent: Let's play Simon says!
Us: OK.
Jon Kent: I'm the Simoner!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

18 months

Happy 18 month to my baby boy, Nathan. It's hard to believe sometimes that you are already 18 months. Other times I think, "It's only been 18 months?" You know, like when you climb into the bathroom sink for the millionth time. Or the fact that you are still waking up every single night. But even with all that, you are still my baby who is a clone of his daddy. I love you baby Nate and I am so glad you are part of this family.

What are you doing now at 18 months?
-You are in the middle of cutting your 4 cuspids (top and bottom).
-You are a very picky eater, unless it's chicken or your daddy's grilled hamburger.
-You love to be read to.
-When you see me first thing in the morning, you have the biggest smile. It melts my heart.
-You have a favorite blanket. That goes everywhere with you.
-You love getting into your stroller and going for walks.
-You are picking up new words just about everyday. But you put your own twist on them.
-You are my only child who likes to wear hats or sunglasses.
-You weigh 26.6 pounds and are 33 inches long.

Happy 18 months, Nathan!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mask Making- 101

First you need to go to the Dollar Tree and pick yourself up this kit for... $1. Duh.
Then you need some cute kids to put the masks together and enjoy the finish product.

Look over the directions. If you are a man, skip this part.
You know you were going to anyways.

Glue on the parts.


Then try it on and let your inner bat come out!

Or your inner cat.. whichever. Meowww!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Satisfying Saturday

Our day didn't start off great. We all (except for Nathan) got about 5-6 hours of sleep. The older kids didn't go to sleep until close to 1am. Then around 4:30am we had to change sheets because Zoey's pull-up leaked (she was sooo not doing that before we moved. I can't help but think either she hit a growth spurt and her bladder just hasn't caught up or that the move had some negative effects on her night time bladder control). So we did that and then it was just a really unrestful sleep for the next 2 and a half hours. 7am the alarm clock went off and the day had to start. We had soccer at 9am. We got there late and I hate that. But life goes on. The kids practiced for 45 minutes and then had their game. It looked like none of the kids on our team got a good night's rest, they were all so sluggish. But they still seemed to have a good time. Then we came home, ate lunch and then kids went down for a nap.. and so did I. It was marvelous. After nap time we went outside and played, took a walk and set out our fall decorations. Then we came in, played for a bit and then cooked supper- grilled hamburgers. After supper we went outside and roasted marshmallows. Then it was bath and bed. Now we are watching/listening to the Auburn vs. Tennessee football game. War Eagle! We are currently winning too and from the sounds of Kent's cheers and laughter we must be doing well. Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Flying Solo

Kent had to work custody tonight (4pm-12am) so it was just me and the small herd. They took late naps so once they got up and we all got ready we headed out. We went to Chick-fil-a for supper. Love, love, love their food. And it's one place I know all the kids will actually eat all that they are given. After the kids ate, they played for a bit and then we headed over to Dollar Tree for some (cheap) toys. I also picked up a Halloween craft for them to do and some sidewalk chalk. Then we drove over to Wal-Mart to pick up some Fall decorations. Once we got home the kids wanted to ever so badly play with their sidewalk chalk, so we did.. even though it was dark out. While we were out there Nathan started playing "Duck, duck, goose". He learned this from us playing it earlier this week. It was cute. He just went around hitting each of us and saying, "uck!". Then after he did that several times and without hitting anyone he would say, "boooooose!" and take off running. It was pretty funny. After playing for a bit outside we came inside for baths. Then after baths I let the kids put the Halloween window clings up. Then it was bed. But that didn't last long. Zoey said she was scared and then so did Jon Kent. So they are both now in my bed. Nate is my only brave child.... As for this momma, I am waiting on my hubby to get home. Although, I doubt I make it. I'm tired! OH! And I've done some redecorating in here. Nice, no?