Friday, October 2, 2009

Flying Solo

Kent had to work custody tonight (4pm-12am) so it was just me and the small herd. They took late naps so once they got up and we all got ready we headed out. We went to Chick-fil-a for supper. Love, love, love their food. And it's one place I know all the kids will actually eat all that they are given. After the kids ate, they played for a bit and then we headed over to Dollar Tree for some (cheap) toys. I also picked up a Halloween craft for them to do and some sidewalk chalk. Then we drove over to Wal-Mart to pick up some Fall decorations. Once we got home the kids wanted to ever so badly play with their sidewalk chalk, so we did.. even though it was dark out. While we were out there Nathan started playing "Duck, duck, goose". He learned this from us playing it earlier this week. It was cute. He just went around hitting each of us and saying, "uck!". Then after he did that several times and without hitting anyone he would say, "boooooose!" and take off running. It was pretty funny. After playing for a bit outside we came inside for baths. Then after baths I let the kids put the Halloween window clings up. Then it was bed. But that didn't last long. Zoey said she was scared and then so did Jon Kent. So they are both now in my bed. Nate is my only brave child.... As for this momma, I am waiting on my hubby to get home. Although, I doubt I make it. I'm tired! OH! And I've done some redecorating in here. Nice, no?


TnL's Mommy said...

I really like your new look! It is very fall like but still girly! Love it!! Sounds like a good evening was had by all...I had a rough day and will post about it in the morning.

Bridgett said...

It looks great! :)

Sounds like a fun evening too.
My kids love sidewalk chalk. Autumn we'll write that she loves me and Parker will 'x' it out. LOL


Brandi said...

Like the changes to your blog. The kiddos are oh so cute :)