Thursday, October 22, 2009

A girl and her worm

Zoey isn't your typical girl. She doesn't really get into dresses, dolls, frilly things, etc. Don't get me wrong, she can play a mean game of dress up and get into a glittery mess. But that isn't her passion. Her passion is... Worms. Yes, worms. All types. Big, small, dead, alive. She isn't picky. Since we moved here there have been several holes dug in the backyard in search of worms. And so far nothing has been found. Until today. The hugest, slimiest worm was unearth by my sweet princess. She was THRILLED. Until her brother told her it was dead. I ran over (OK, so it was more of a walk with a sense of dread to it.. tomato, tamato) and checked it out (OK, again check it out is a bit strong , I more or less poked it with a stick). It moved. I screamed. Zoey's was bubbling over with excitement. Me, notsomuch. And what happened next could only be described as.. magical. (OK, magical for Zoey). The worm is a "she" and "her" name is Kiki Madison O'viller. Jon Kent picked out the name Madison, for obvious reasons. Kiki is outside currently, in a bucket full of dirt. Goodness knows, it's not coming into this house.


Stephanie said...

LOL. So funny. Earlier today I was doing yard work and pulling weeds, and I kept finding worms. The girls would run over and get them and play with them. They walked around holding them, saying, "AWWWWW, it's SO cute!" And then Camryn put one of them in time-out. Not sure why.

Tiffany Lockette said...

Oh my gosh, that is hilarious. Isn't she a beauty...I am laughing. That is how I was when I was her age except my passion was the fuzzy worms. Too funny.

Karen said...

LOL, She's too cute! Nathan's my critter lover. His favorite thing is Lizards. He chases them around and talks to them. lol

Christy said...

ROFL! "Isn't he a beauty" classic!! I love her screams of being grossed out and her absolute love and fascination! Too funny!

Bridgett said...

And lots of screaming had by all! LOL

That was so cute.

But wow. That was a HUGE worm! EEEEKKK!

Me no likey earth worms. I know I should...they're part of the earth...but they're all squirmy and slimy. And when I dissected one in biology, it was full of nothing but dirt and poop. Seriously. LOL

BTW, I just love all your accents. :)