Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day!

(Sweetest moment of our Columbus Day)

Since it's a federal holiday and all, Kent was off. Love, love, love days where Kent is off and it's during the week.

Our day was pretty busy. I needed to weed through our clothes, the kids clothes, sort, organize, wash and put all that away. My house looked wrecked by lunch time. Clothes everywhere, toys everywhere (since the kids were at their own will of playing), dishes from breakfast still weren't put away, it was just a mess. To say I was stressed was an understatement. BUT, I actually managed it well. I knew there needed to be a mess in order to get things done. And now, it's all done and my house is basically back in order. I washed SIX loads of clothes today, but it's all done and I am soooo happy! I now know exactly what each of the kids need to finish off their fall/winter wardrobe and I know that I need a few things as well. But I want to shed some pounds before I go shopping.

Besides all that boring babble ^ there, we did have some fun today. We took the kids back to Monkey Joe's. Those who are blessed to be on my picture list via texts were loaded down with pictures. The kids had a blast. The last few times we have been there Nathan had been a little dare devil. Shooting down the slides all by himself. But today, he wasn't having it. He loved going down it with Kent or me, but try to make him go by himself and he wasn't having it. He did go down a couple of the slides alone, but he wasn't thrilled. He did get up smiling and laughing but the look on his face going down the slides wasn't pure enjoyment. ;)

After Monkey Joe's we had to swing by the grocery store for a "few" things. An hour and a buggy full later and we were on our way home...

Kent and I made supper together and then it was clean up time for the kiddies and then bath and bed. It was an earlier bedtime for them. Then Kent and I dug into some ice cream. YUM. But not so good for my diet, but I did good all day and I know I didn't max out on my calories, so it should be OK. I hope so. I have at least 10 pounds I want off by Thanksgiving.

Anyway, that was our boring but busy day. Aren't you glad you read about it?


Brandi said...

I am actually : p

Bridgett said...

That picture is adorable...and I can definitely tell that Nathan looks like his daddy in those pictures.

Parker is okay for winter, I think. He needed a new jacket so I ordered him one from Land's End.

Autumn's coat still fits...but I had to get her some winter shoes.

And she still needs a few more pants and shirts. She grew so much this summer, everything is really tight and some of her pants are highwatering.

Doug had to work yesterday. :(

And Parker still had school. So it was a pretty normal day for us.


Hurricane Rojo said...

Hi GF.

I tagged you on my blog.

Be mad, be glad, be happy, or be sad. Regardless, I called you out and gave you free advertising!

Hurricane Rojo