Saturday, October 3, 2009

Satisfying Saturday

Our day didn't start off great. We all (except for Nathan) got about 5-6 hours of sleep. The older kids didn't go to sleep until close to 1am. Then around 4:30am we had to change sheets because Zoey's pull-up leaked (she was sooo not doing that before we moved. I can't help but think either she hit a growth spurt and her bladder just hasn't caught up or that the move had some negative effects on her night time bladder control). So we did that and then it was just a really unrestful sleep for the next 2 and a half hours. 7am the alarm clock went off and the day had to start. We had soccer at 9am. We got there late and I hate that. But life goes on. The kids practiced for 45 minutes and then had their game. It looked like none of the kids on our team got a good night's rest, they were all so sluggish. But they still seemed to have a good time. Then we came home, ate lunch and then kids went down for a nap.. and so did I. It was marvelous. After nap time we went outside and played, took a walk and set out our fall decorations. Then we came in, played for a bit and then cooked supper- grilled hamburgers. After supper we went outside and roasted marshmallows. Then it was bath and bed. Now we are watching/listening to the Auburn vs. Tennessee football game. War Eagle! We are currently winning too and from the sounds of Kent's cheers and laughter we must be doing well. Enjoy the pictures!


Bridgett said...

LOVE the pictures.

Did Auburn win?
WVU did this weekend...but not because they were playing well, that's for sure. LOL


EmilytheCreative said...

Yeah we won. 5-0 so far for the season. We are finally ranked at like 17. They played well until like the last few minutes of the game. I don't know if they put in 2 string or what but they didn't look all that great.

Brandi said...

Great Pictures. Sounds like your day was good :)