Sunday, October 11, 2009

More new beginnings

We have been attending a church here in South Carolina since before we actually moved here. We have enjoyed it greatly. They were without a pastor when we first started coming, but have since found one and his first Sunday will be in two weeks. This church is just great. What really drew me in was their the couples Sunday school class that we are in. It's full of couples, our ages, with kids and they are all in the same time of life we are in. They have kids, mostly who are small like ours. Some of the women stay at home, some work. They are all super friendly. I just really look forward to getting to know these people. We are a class gathering on the 24 of this month. Anyway, the church as a whole in a larger church. They run about 175-200 every Sunday morning and around 100 at night. They have many ways for us to be involved. They have a great children's department, with lots for the kids to do. Every Sunday after church the kids are talking 90 to nothing about what they learned. Even Nathan has gotten used to his class and doesn't cry anymore. It's just really nice to belong to this church and finally feel apart of it. They unashamedly talk about God and Jesus. They have shown me, already, how to be a better Christian. To be bold in my walk. That it's OK to be nervous, scared. Many of these people have already been great mentors for me. My walk with God has strengthen just by fellowshipping, listening, learning from these people. I'm thankful already for this church and this is just the beginning!


Taking Heart said...

Glad you have found a new church home!

TnL's Mommy said...

That is so great to hear!! I bet it is a huge relief to have that feeling of belonging to a church and loving it! I can't imagine having to move to a new place and start all over with church!! Good for you and your family!! Are things still going ok with your brother?