Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm voting

In the media you will hear several of the same phrases, "Go vote, let your voice be heard." This election is the most important election in decades." You have a responsibility to vote." Vote. It's your right." All of these are true. That's why I'm voting. That's why I've voted in every election. I'm letting my voice be heard. However, I'm not just voting for myself. I'm voting for my kids as well. After all, it is their future I'm voting for. Since they are too young to really care about the elections or at least know anything about it, it's my responsibility as their parent to vote for their best interest. So here is a list of my key issues (in no particular order).

Taxes: McCain does want to continue to give the American people tax breaks. He wants those who earn their living to keep as much of their own money as possible. Is it a huge tax break, no. But is it allowing what my family makes to stay, mostly, in our pockets.. yes. Obama "says" he will tax those making $250,000 or more. But in recent days that number has dropped to $200,000 and then again, per his VP pick's words, $150,000(Tax). Anyone seeing a pattern here? A radio talk show host said it reminds him of the days of Clinton (I was too young and into myself back during his presidency to remember) when Clinton said he would only tax the richest of the rich but ended up taxing those making $42,000+. Seems to me Obama doesn't care about the middle class.. those actually working for their dollars. How does it make any sense for my family, who work hard for their money, to pay into a system where that money will go to people who haven't worked a day in their life and haven't put a cent into the system themselves. I'm all for helping those who need help.. but not spoon feeding those who are lazy.

Abortion: McCain is pro-life. He believes a baby is a baby from the time of conception. Not a fetus, not a mass of tissue but a baby. He believes that a baby has rights at the time of conception. Obama believes in the right to choose. He believes, "it's above his pay grade" to decide when a baby has rights. He believes that a woman has a right to choose when to abort a baby even if it's as late as 9 months. He wants to lift the ban on partial birth abortion. He says in the interest of the "health of the mother" a woman should be able to abort whenever. So when someone says the "health of the mother" what is it you think of? Her life? Well, the "health of the mother" is anything from her physical health, mental health, emotional health, financial health. So a woman who is, say, 9 months pregnant, looks around at the economy and says, "There's no way I can afford having this baby. It would be too much financial stress. I want an abortion." Bam.. she's got one. Crazy, right? Not to Obama.(Abortion)

Homosexual marriage: McCain is against it. Believes in only traditional marriage between one man and one woman. Obama is for homosexual marriage. I believe marriage is between one man and one woman. Does anyone remember what happened to Rome? (Homosexual Marriage)

Israel: McCain is pro Israel. Meaning as president, he would stand in alliance with Israel. Obama also says that he is pro Israel. But a recent article that was brought to my attention has me thinking otherwise(Here). If he is a friend and "frequent dinner companion" with ANYONE who is anti Israel, anti Jews than.. sorry in my eyes he isn't pro Israel. "Oh, but he doesn't feel that way anymore" you might say. So the fact that he said he would like to continue to carry on conversations with this man doesn't seem wrong to you? Is this just something else that Obama is saying now but later will go back on too? Israel is God's nation. Israel and the people of Israel are God's people. I truly believe the only reason God has had mercy on this nation of recent history is because of our stand for Israel. If we ever go against Israel, we are going against God.. and to quote my pastor, "God doesn't lose any battles." I much rather stand in the mercy of God then stand for Obama.

Call me a Bible fool. That's fine. Call me a judgemental Christian. I'm not. No one is perfect. Christianity isn't perfect. But God's Word is. I know what It (God's Word) says and just by going by those moral standards, I cannot vote for Obama. He isn't right for this country. He is trying to pull you in by your purse strings. He is trying to tell you what you want to hear, but not what is true. He has an excuse for everything.

On November 4th.. look at those candidates names on your ballot. No matter who you vote for, you will be voting for change. What you need to decide is, is that change going to better this country or worsen it? Will that change benefit you as the individual or will it only help the 'new' government? Please, don't take this election lightly or your vote lightly. Please, do your research, pray.. I can only hope, no pray, that God gives this nation's voters wisdom and has mercy on us once more.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Humpy Day

First of all.. go visit MckMama. She had Stellan today. He wasn't supposed to even make it out of the womb alive (at least that's what the doctors said at around 24 weeks of MckMama being pregnant). At last check he was in the "special nursery, not the NICU(!!!) and so far.. they haven't found anything majorly (a few minor issues) wrong with him. Talk about a living miracle!!!

Secondly, Nathan popped his 2nd tooth yesterday. Should have known since he had me up all night the night before. And when he is teething.. he bites! I totally forgot Zoey did the same thing. But he gets told "No, no!" sternly the first time, the second time I'll say "No, no!" while tapping my finger on his nose and then 3 strikes and he's out. No more milk until next nursing session. After the first or second warning he usually stops.. I've only had to take him completely off twice, I think. Nathan is also pulling up. He hasn't quite got his balance to his feet as he is pulling himself up, but if he is holding some one's fingers he can do it. Scary to think I may have a walker in the next few months.

Thirdly, I'm STILL sore. STILL! It's not as bad as it was yesterday but man oh man does my body still hurt. I'm glad I gave myself today off. I would have probably died if I went in today. But I'm back at it tomorrow.. bright and early. I really wish I had someone to go with me. But no one wants to get up that early to go work out.

Lastly, I will leave you with some pictures to get you through the rest of your hump day.

Enjoying a lick of Halloween cupcake.

Enjoying a bite of Halloween cupcake.

"Heyyyyyy!!!! Where is MY cupcake?"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our day through pictures

I'm still 25, right?

My body is beyond sore. It's like... old. I'm telling you.. working out is NOT healthy. I've finally got myself back in the gym. It only took like 3 months.. but who's counting? Anyway, it's only been 2 days and my body is screaming for mercy. But.. I.. must.. go.. I've got $50 to win from the hunky hubby. Tomorrow is my rest day. Yay!!! I get to sleep past 5:30am! Keep up with my weight loss by following "Taking it off" on the right sidebar.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Nathan Crawling

Nathan has been scooting for a week or two. He would get on all fours, rock, spread out, scrunch back up and then start all over.. he would get a few feet this way but never too far. But now... he is getting places. Today was an example... while his brother and sister were trying to enjoy lunch, he decided he wanted in on the action too. Sorry about all the background noise.. the TV, washer and dryer were all on... we don't believe in quiet around here.... (how I wish we did...)

Not Me! Monday

As usual just click the button for full "Not Me! Monday" rules. "MckMama" is having a baby this week!!! Go over and wish her well!!

*I did not pick-up Nathan's pappy and stick in my mouth (1 million times) after it dropped on the ground. Dirt don't hurt... me.

*I did not secretly love taking Nathan to the doctor, not because he was sick, but because it meant I could leave a list of "chores" for my husband to do once he got home.

*I did not run around the house with fake fangs in my mouth scaring my children, not me!

*I did not spray silly string all over my children and then snaps photos so I could use it as blog blackmail later.

*I did not bet my husband $50 that I would get up at 5:30am to go to the gym.. just so I WOULD have to get up because I hate losing, not because I really just need to go to the gym.

*I did not eat 4 doughnuts in one day. That's just unhealthy.

*I did not almost pee in my pants Saturday night while going through the haunted house.. I have better bladder control than that!

Now, it's your turn!!! Have fun and have a good Monday!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I can't believe... quickly my kids are growing up. It's seems like yesterday Jon Kent was doing his one leg push and crawl or just yesterday that Zoey was crawling around chasing her brother... but alas it wasn't yesterday and they have both grown up to be wonderful little kids. Now it's their baby brother who is crawling. Not just scooting.. but full on crawling. How can that be? Wasn't I just pushing him out of the womb yesterday? I swear. Kids these days are in such a hurry to grow up.. and what for? To pay bills? *sigh* Oh, and he is already trying to pull himself up on things. I'm sure, if he's anything like his siblings, Nathan will be walking soon enough. Jon Kent was a little past 8 months when he took his first steps and Zoey was a little past 9 months. I still just can't believe it.

Today after getting out of Sunday school class, I went into the sanctuary and saw Jon Kent and Zoey with their Sunday school teacher singing and playing the drums. They have such a good time in Sunday school or really at church all together. They are the only two there their ages (we have a small church) so they get a lot of attention from everyone. They enjoy it. My daddy runs the audio booth and he was back there getting ready for the morning services and he recorded their little concert.. or at least part of it. I was told there were other songs before their finale.

1, 2, 3 Pumpkins

This is what we did today. Fun stuff!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just don't touch my hair

Oh dear mother of pearl... I.Hate.Haunted.Houses. Sooooo.... Kent, Kerith (Kent's sister), Tim (Kerith's boyfriend) and myself all went to a place called Atrox. I've never been to any haunted houses before so I didn't know what to expect. I wasn't really nervous about it or scared, really.. just.. anxious. So we get there and we wait.. and wait... and wait.. and wait... After waiting for 3 HOURS we finally go through it. Y'all... they touched my hair. Ack! I was slap up against Kent the entire time and Kerith was slap up against me the entire time. It was pretty funny. Someone would sneak around the corner or come up behind me and grab my hair or scratch my head.. so not cool. I would scream, Kent would laugh, I would tell Kent to shut-up, etc. It was pretty freaky. What got me the most was just the suspense. For most of the way through it I had my head buried in Kent's back. He said when we got out that he thought he was going to have to get me surgically removed from his butt.. yeah.. really funny there.... I'm soooo not going back.. ever.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Before you vote: coming soon

I've had some problems with my audio hosting.. I'm working on it and really hope to get the 30 minute audio back up soon. Crazy hosting place had naked women around my audio.. @@ (eye rolls).

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sweet Tiny Prince

Can you tell he's sick?
And yes his eyes are opened while being asleep.
He went down for a nap at 10:30am.. it's now 1:04pm.
He never sleeps that long.
I should be grateful, I guess.
But I don't like it when my babies don't feel well.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Soccer Drama

As most of you know, the kids are playing soccer for a local rec league. That have been having a blast. All the kids on the team have been.. until Saturday. We played a team that was.. well... full of cheaters. OK, so maybe that's a bit harsh... their COACHES are cheaters. They kept bullying the refs (who are teenagers.. young teenagers at that...) and had their kids pushing, tripping, kicking, etc. our team. Now granted.. these are 2-6 year olds so there will be accidental kicks or trips.. but these weren't accidental.. at all. Everyone who was there was like.. "Why aren't these refs calling these trips, kicks, etc.?" It was crazy. One of our players.. our MVP at that, got hurt and his parents thought his knee was really hurt to the point of having to take him to the doctor.

So anyway, our coach (who is a cop for the town) had enough of it.. so he complained to the head guy. The head guy said that their had been a lot of complaints, in similar nature, against that team. He said as it stands now that our team and the other team are tied for first place and he is thinking of disqualifying some of the games against the other team (don't know why) but if he doesn't he said that he would want our team and the other team to play a 5 minute "play-off". Our coach said thanks, but no thanks because he didn't want to risk our kids getting hurt (again) while playing that team. He said he would just forfeit the game and let the other team take first.. and said the heck with any trophy he would buy a first place trophy for our kids.

In all honesty.. it's just little kids soccer... but the way the other team was playing was really uncalled for. There were people from the other teams at our game and they even said it was ridiculous. I even over heard a parent from the other team said that he had never seen their coaches get like that and it was a bit unnerving to him. So that says a ton just from him. Anyway, it's a bunch of drama that I hope settles soon.

First Sibling Bath Time

Kent is off at a "Letters From Dad" class so I had all three of the kids for bath time. I decided since Nathan is sitting so well on his own that I would just throw him in the big tub with his brother and sister. They did very well together. Zoey did get "loud" and it scared Nathan a little bit because of the echo in the bathroom. He cried for a minute or two.. but other than that he seemed to like it. It's still more work than just throwing him in the sink and the other two in the tub.. but eventually it will make bath time a lot easier.

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid...

Good ole Chuck-E-Cheese... We went there today after going to the doctor. We had to take Jon Kent for a recheck of his lungs from when he had pneumonia a couple of weeks ago. He still has some streaking in his x-rays but his lungs sounded good. The doctor told us that if he develops a fever or starts coughing to give her a call to get reseen. We have to go back Nov. 4th to get another recheck to see if his lungs have cleared completely up. And all the kids will be getting their flu shots while we are there as well. Fun.

Anyway, we try to go to Chuck-E-Cheese whenever we go to the doctor since they are so close to one another. Our doctor is about an hour away so we do it all in one day.. saves on gas. Anyway, the kids enjoyed themselves greatly. Nathan wouldn't take a nap because so much was going on. He would lay his head on my chest and get still but then a game would sound or a kid would run by and he would pop his head back up to look around some more. He was out like a light once we got into the car though. All the kids took a nap on the way home. Peace and quiet...

Monday, October 20, 2008


I was tagged by Dani

1. I've only had one job.. besides being a SAHM.
2. I said in the 5th grade that I would marry Kent someday. I have my diary entry to prove it too!
3. I rather save money than spend it. Although I do like to spend it... lol.
4. I love pumpkin spice scented candles.
5. Fall is my favorite season.
6. I still feel like I should be 18, not 25.
7. My first car was a 1989 Honda Accord.

I tag anyone who wants to play along. If you do, just link back here and then leave a comment so I can check your blog out.

Not Me! Monday

* I did not get way too involved in a 2-6 year old soccer game Saturday and secretly wished the other team would just faint in exhaustion and quit playing so we would win.
* I did not lay perfectly still, acting like I was asleep, so that my husband would have to get up with the baby.
* I did not decide our bathroom didn't need to be cleaned by seeing if the toilet had any funky growths.
* I did not put off washing clothes because the laundry mountain wasn't that high.
* I did not decide if our sheets needed washing this week by sniffing them. (Ack! They do!)
* I did not make our Christmas "To Do List" this week.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

I cleaned up the house and got everything in order so we could enjoy our weekend. That night we went to Kent's brother's homecoming football game. They played a small team who only had like 13 players total. They won 47-0 and that was with putting their 8th graders in. So go Victory!

The kids had a soccer game at 10am. We played our "rivals". We beat them our first game and so far we were the only ones to beat them. Their coaches are wayyyyy too into the game and would try to referee the game. It was ridiculous. It started making me mad because they were getting their players to tackle our players.. etc. They ended up beating us 6-4. So we are tied for first place. It doesn't make me mad that we lost as much as it makes me mad in how the other team's coaches were acting. Anyway, after the game we came home and the kids played with the dog for a little bit and then had lunch and went down for naps. When they got up Jon Kent and Zoey went with my parents to watch a movie and to spend the night at their house. Kent, Nathan and myself had a "date night". We swung by Target to pick up Nathan a jumperoo and some new pappies. Then we went to Olive Garden to eat. Nathan did well through most of dinner but about half way through he got antsy and hungry himself, so I held him while we finished up. Then fed him before going shopping. We went to a few more stores and then headed home. We got home and gave Nathan a bath and then let him play in his jumperoo. At first we had the settings too high so he couldn't really jump but once we figured how to lower it he figured out he could jump and he got this HUGE smile on his face. It was priceless. After all that he nursed and then went to bed.

We went to church. Then it was lunch with Kent's family. Then back to church. While at church the kids were in the nursery. Kent's sister kept it tonight and she "says" Nathan crawled. I believe her... but I'm sooooo not counting it as his first time because I didn't see it. ;0) Now we are just catching up on some our DVR stuff and then it will be to bed. And tomorrow is Monday so our week starts allll over again.... is it the weekend yet?

Friday, October 17, 2008


I'm going to college. Well.. I think I am. You know.. money still has to be exchanged, etc. etc. But at least I am accepted. They still need my transcripts or say they do.. but I sent them awhile back so they should have them. I'll call them Monday and see if they got them or not. I have to register by December 18th and have my money by then or at least be approved for a student loan. So I still got stuff to get done.. but at least this part of it is out of the way. I'm going back to college.. Yeehaw!


  • It's amazing that in two weeks we have gone through seven gallons of milk. That is roughly $28 we spend on milk alone each paycheck.
  • It's amazing that the ER charged $3,000+ for one bag of fluids, one bag of antibiotics and a x-ray for Jon Kent.
  • It's amazing that despite having a million and one toys to play with, the kids rather just follow me around all morning just to "see what I was doing".
  • It's amazing that Nathan is STILL getting up at all hours of the night. And if I go to settle him back down, without feeding him, he won't go back to sleep. But if Kent goes to settle him back down he will at least lay quietly (if not go back to sleep) for an hour or so. We've decided that when Nathan sees Kent he thinks, "Craaaaap. She sent the person without the boob supply".
  • It's amazing how many toys these kids have.. and how they think they must pull each and every one of them out.. everyday.
  • It's amazing how the kids can be playing quietly but as soon as I put Nathan down for a nap they get loud.
  • It amazing that I haven't lost my mind. Or have I?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tag.. I'm it!

I'm supposed to pic the sixth picture in the sixth album. Here it is!

This was from our trip to the beach. Now.. who do I tag. I think a lot of my readers have either been tagged by someone else or have already done this. So whoever is left... TAG!


My in-laws (who live next door) got a dog a few weeks ago. He was a lab and they named him Dodger. He was a pretty good pup but he wouldn't stay at or around the house. He always went through the woods to someone else's house. My MIL (mother-in-law) would walk a good 20 minutes there and back to get the dog and bring him back. He would stay long enough for her to go back inside and off he went again. Soooo.. one day another neighbor, who knew they were looking for Dodger, brought him back to their house. The people whose house he kept going to had put a collar on him and apparently claimed him as their own. Since my in-laws aren't confrontational people, they let it go. Dodge apparently liked it over at the other people's house, they were feeding him, taking care of him, etc. Dodger had been gone over a week or so until... Bear. My in-laws got a new puppy, a golden retriever. He's not so much a puppy anymore, as he will be a year old in November. But he is really sweet. My MIL brought him over yesterday afternoon to let us see him and she opened the door and he shot right in the house, down the hall way and into Zoey's room. Where she was playing with her stuff animals. She SCREAMED in horror (she is afraid of bigger dogs). She didn't calmed down for quite some time. Bear didn't mean to scare her.. he was just excited. Anyway, today Zoey did much better with him. She even rode her bike around him and played around him. But once he started her way she found my hip.. I'm hoping she gets used to him soon. He really is a super sweet dog. The funny thing about all this is that as soon as Bear arrives Dodger comes back and actually stays. As long as Bear is there Dodger will stay at my in-laws' house. My MIL took Bear to the vet this morning to get the once over and Dodger was there but once they left and came back he was gone. Hasn't been back since. They are hoping he doesn't come back now. Because he obviously didn't want to be there in the first place and Bear really doesn't care much for him.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

We went to the park this morning. When we got there the slides were wet so I took the kids walking down the sidewalks. It's so pretty in that part of our town. The kids picked up various nuts and berries. They had a really good time. I went further than I had planned. By the time we were walking back the kids were very tired and just ready to get back to the car. They said they both enjoyed it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trying the cup

I always start my kids on a sippy cup around 6 months or so. So, naturally, it's Nathan's turn. He did better with it than I thought he would- better than his siblings did their first times. He liked sucking on the spout part.. like a pappy. It was water -cold water- and it surprised him. He was intrigued and kept going for more. By the end he was soaked but at least he was interested.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Nathan got some alone time at the park today. The kids went over to see the great grands, so it was just Nathan, Kent and myself. We stopped by Sonic for their 1/2 price drinks and then swung by the college to finish up my application process. THEN it was to the park. Nathan enjoyed himself. It was the first time he has been to the park and actually got to do something.

Not Me! Monday

For the full "rules" of "Not Me!" Monday just click on the above button. I'm a new reader to "My Charming Kids" but already love reading it. She is a wonderful woman, mother.. And Stellan is in my prayers.. click on over there and read all about that little miracle baby in the making!!
*I did not forget to put the clothes in the washing machine, despite the fact that it was full of soap and water, because I was caught up in reading all my new blogger friends. Not me!
*I did not procrastinate calling the college back because I'm really afraid to go back to school only to fail. Not me!
*I did not lose my cool with the kids' rec. league coordinator because he told us to not park in the grass and there I stood trying to lug two kids and a sleeping baby to the soccer field. Nope, not me!
*I am not obsessed with losing these last 9 pounds of baby weight. Nor did I eat chocolate all day yesterday despite the fact that I'm NOT obsessed with losing weight.
*I did not enjoy the few cuddles that Nathan gave to me over the weekend. Because he just loves to give them all the time. Not me!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Soccer and Bowling

Yesterday was quite busy for us. The kids had a soccer game yesterday morning. When we arrived the other team had already finished their game and we thought for a split second that we got our game time mixed up, but our coach was just lagging behind. He is a cop and he had to work the midnight shift so he got home at 7am and then slept for 2 hours and was running a bit behind. Anyway, the kids had a good time. Jon Kent almost scored a goal. He kicked it and then one of his teammates kicked it again into the goal. So he "helped". This was the first game that Jon Kent had actually got into the groove of it and actually fought for the ball and got in the middle. It was cute. And he did well with his breathing and he didn't tire out like I thought he would. We also won the game. We are undefeated so far.

After the game we came home for a bit and rested. I fed Nathan and then we all got dressed to go to a birthday party. It was a bowling party. The kids enjoyed themselves but it took so long in between their turns that they quickly lost interest with it and roamed over to some of the arcade games. I did manage to get a few pictures of their first few bowls. They looked cute in their bowling shoes. After the party we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and came home.

We grilled out for supper. Steaks and shrimp. It was all good.. minus the shrimp(I don't like it). But Kent thought it was good so.. After supper we just chilled out and sent the kids to bed. It was a good day.

Today was church and our usual stuff. Well almost.. Kent's grandfather has been battling a cold for the past week and it finally got the better of him today. He had all he could take of it and just went to the ER, since there are no doctors working on Sundays. They gave him a shot and some medicine. Hopefully he will feel better soon. He looked really miserable today.

Tomorrow Kent is off. I need to put some stuff in storage and get some stuff out. All our winter stuff needs to be brought out and sorted. Fun. I am also hoping to get over to the college and get all my loose ends tied up. Then maybe take the kids to the park since it's right by the college. We'll see. I love it when Kent is off.. two extra hands for helping out!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Woot-woot! We have a tooth!

So Nathan has been a fuss bucket for days now. He would just let out these painful cries from out of the blue. So I have been feeling his gummies for days and days. Yesterday he finally let me look at his gums and I could see his two front bottom teeth just below the skin. I have been feeling his gums all day. Nothing. Then tonight right before putting him to bed I gave his gums one more rub down.. and surprise!!! a tooth! I was so proud. I ran and got Kent to feel it as well. My baby has his first tooth. No more sweet gummy smiles.. that's the sad part. But how cute are those first smiles with teeth... priceless!!

Friday! How I do love my weekends!

And it's going to be a long weekend at that! Kent has Monday off as well. We have a few plans for tomorrow but the rest will be just hanging out. I cleaned the house and washed clothes today. The kids and I hung out inside and did school and crafts today. It was kind of cool this morning and drizzling so the kids weren't pleased to hear we wouldn't be going outdoors. But I tried my hardest to keep them occupied with coloring, reading, block building, etc. It worked for the most part. I dodged all, "Are we going outside to play now?" questions. Tomorrow we have a soccer game and then a birthday party to attend. It should be fun.

In other news, Jon Kent is doing much better. His fever seems to be gone now. He had a low grade one yesterday but nothing since. He is eating again and playing. He does tire out easily but it will take some time for him to get his full wind back. He is waking up a lot during the night. He will complain that something or another is hurting him. Last night it was his stomach and back. I figure his antibiotic might be upsetting his stomach a little and maybe his back hurting is just the pneumonia in his lungs. Don't really know for sure. Those are just my mommy educated guesses. I'm hoping by the time we go back for his recheck that his x-rays will be clear.

These are from today. It was our "craft". They loved doing them.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

No paper required

Sleep.. how sweet it is...

It's just too bad I'm not getting any. Six months, SIX months I haven't had more than 4 hours of solid sleep. Jon Kent and Zoey had both at least a few times slept through the night by now. But not my Nathan. He likes mommy's milk way too much. And honestly it wouldn't bother me a bit if he were only getting up once. But he gets up 3 times during the night. I've tried soothing him back to sleep. Giving him his paci. Changing his diaper. And it may work once out of 20 times, but for the most part nursing him is the only way to soothe him. *sigh* I just want some good sleep. Good restful sleep. Surely I'm not asking too much.. right?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy 1/2 Brithday, Nathan!!!!!

Today Nathan is 6 months old! I can't believe it!!! We went for his 6th month check-up today and here are his stats. 20 pounds, 2 oz (8.3 pounds at birth). 27.5 inches in length (20.5 at birth). The doctor said he was off the charts for everything but was proportional, so he wasn't a "fat" baby.. just a big one. He got his shots and the flu shot. He handled it all well. Took a good long nap and has been a little bit grumpy but otherwise fine. Kent switched out his carseat. He's now in a convertible seat, so no more lugging a big infant carrier around. He also took a bath sitting up in the sink, so no more baby tub. He also had some table food this evening. Mashed potatoes. He LOVED it. He hates the jarred stuff.. but he gobbled the potatoes up. I didn't give him much. Just enough to give him a taste of it.

Some of the things Nathan is doing now at 6 months:
Rolling all over the place.
Sitting unassisted with only a few unbalanced fall.
Gets all fours and rocks.
Has scooted backwards a bit.
Can pivot to whatever direction he wants to roll.
Takes 2-3 naps a day.
Still getting up several times during the night.
He is still nursing very well.
He smiles and laughs, A LOT.
Likes to drive his motor boat (blow raspberries).
Gets vocal but no constant sounds.

Happy 6 months, Nathan!!!
Getting his first taste of mashed potatoes.

Nathan on all fours.

Getting a big boy bath in the sink!

Enjoying the tastiness of his bath toy.