Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me! Monday

As usual just click the button for full "Not Me! Monday" rules. "MckMama" is having a baby this week!!! Go over and wish her well!!

*I did not pick-up Nathan's pappy and stick in my mouth (1 million times) after it dropped on the ground. Dirt don't hurt... me.

*I did not secretly love taking Nathan to the doctor, not because he was sick, but because it meant I could leave a list of "chores" for my husband to do once he got home.

*I did not run around the house with fake fangs in my mouth scaring my children, not me!

*I did not spray silly string all over my children and then snaps photos so I could use it as blog blackmail later.

*I did not bet my husband $50 that I would get up at 5:30am to go to the gym.. just so I WOULD have to get up because I hate losing, not because I really just need to go to the gym.

*I did not eat 4 doughnuts in one day. That's just unhealthy.

*I did not almost pee in my pants Saturday night while going through the haunted house.. I have better bladder control than that!

Now, it's your turn!!! Have fun and have a good Monday!!!


mommaof4wife2r said...

super fun...and who wouldn't eat 4 donuts in one day if they could? there's never any left here, so i guess that's good! ha!

Sugar Mommy said...

ahhh...the donuts. I don't blame you one iota.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, too! :)

McDowell Family said...

Krispy Kreme...I'm jealous!!! We don't have that donut shop where I live and they are undoubtedly the best!

Indigo said...

Love the NOT Me's! My daughters second Halloween. I painted my face like a tiger and wore fangs. She screamed bloody murder every time I tried to pick her up. (Hugs)Indigo