Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me! Monday

* I did not get way too involved in a 2-6 year old soccer game Saturday and secretly wished the other team would just faint in exhaustion and quit playing so we would win.
* I did not lay perfectly still, acting like I was asleep, so that my husband would have to get up with the baby.
* I did not decide our bathroom didn't need to be cleaned by seeing if the toilet had any funky growths.
* I did not put off washing clothes because the laundry mountain wasn't that high.
* I did not decide if our sheets needed washing this week by sniffing them. (Ack! They do!)
* I did not make our Christmas "To Do List" this week.


Emily said...

its never to early to start thinking about christmas!laundry is over rated!!

Rebeckah said...

Your kids are SUPER adorable! I love the picture in your blog header. I have to wash sheets and I keep putting it off. I don't dare sniff them! Who wants to smell that : ). Hope you have a wonderful week! Blessings to you!

Pam said...

It's a good thing you didn't do any of those things! I never wait to wash our sheets until someone pees in the bed... that would be even worse!!

I DIDN'T decide to read NOT ME MONDAY posts instead of deal with my messy house... nope that would be irresponsible... NOT ME!!

Angel said...

LOL....I couldnt help but laugh when ya said ya did not pretend to be sleeping so Kent would get up with the baby. I use to do that from time to time too when Nicholas was a baby.
Oh, and speaking of sheets... tomorrow I have to wash ours, along with the rest of the laundry. UGH.