Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Humpy Day

First of all.. go visit MckMama. She had Stellan today. He wasn't supposed to even make it out of the womb alive (at least that's what the doctors said at around 24 weeks of MckMama being pregnant). At last check he was in the "special nursery, not the NICU(!!!) and so far.. they haven't found anything majorly (a few minor issues) wrong with him. Talk about a living miracle!!!

Secondly, Nathan popped his 2nd tooth yesterday. Should have known since he had me up all night the night before. And when he is teething.. he bites! I totally forgot Zoey did the same thing. But he gets told "No, no!" sternly the first time, the second time I'll say "No, no!" while tapping my finger on his nose and then 3 strikes and he's out. No more milk until next nursing session. After the first or second warning he usually stops.. I've only had to take him completely off twice, I think. Nathan is also pulling up. He hasn't quite got his balance to his feet as he is pulling himself up, but if he is holding some one's fingers he can do it. Scary to think I may have a walker in the next few months.

Thirdly, I'm STILL sore. STILL! It's not as bad as it was yesterday but man oh man does my body still hurt. I'm glad I gave myself today off. I would have probably died if I went in today. But I'm back at it tomorrow.. bright and early. I really wish I had someone to go with me. But no one wants to get up that early to go work out.

Lastly, I will leave you with some pictures to get you through the rest of your hump day.

Enjoying a lick of Halloween cupcake.

Enjoying a bite of Halloween cupcake.

"Heyyyyyy!!!! Where is MY cupcake?"

4 comments: said...

ooohhh cupcakes

I gotta go find your email and then tomorrow I am going to mail you a cute bow for your cute Zoey!



Janis said...

Isn't Stellan just a perfect miracle! What hope it gives us!

Those cupcakes look yummy! I'm not a big sugar person but these last few weeks of pregnancy I have been craving cake!!!

Have a great day.

Mc Allen said...

Yes, horaaay for Stellen... And yourt pics are soooo sweet, makes me want a cupcake real bad! Your babies are just precious in these! And the 3 strikes - no snacking is just genious!!! Leah

Terri said...

I read MckMama too...just love her journal...yes it is a miracle..Stellan is just precious!

Love the kids of your kids...

I start my exercising again monday...i dread it already but i am ready to start feeling better again...

Hope your soreness goes away soon