Friday, October 17, 2008


  • It's amazing that in two weeks we have gone through seven gallons of milk. That is roughly $28 we spend on milk alone each paycheck.
  • It's amazing that the ER charged $3,000+ for one bag of fluids, one bag of antibiotics and a x-ray for Jon Kent.
  • It's amazing that despite having a million and one toys to play with, the kids rather just follow me around all morning just to "see what I was doing".
  • It's amazing that Nathan is STILL getting up at all hours of the night. And if I go to settle him back down, without feeding him, he won't go back to sleep. But if Kent goes to settle him back down he will at least lay quietly (if not go back to sleep) for an hour or so. We've decided that when Nathan sees Kent he thinks, "Craaaaap. She sent the person without the boob supply".
  • It's amazing how many toys these kids have.. and how they think they must pull each and every one of them out.. everyday.
  • It's amazing how the kids can be playing quietly but as soon as I put Nathan down for a nap they get loud.
  • It amazing that I haven't lost my mind. Or have I?


Angel said...

You are such an amazing mommy.
And I couldn't help but laugh about what ya said about how Nathan must think.... "Craaaaap. She sent the person without the boob supply". LOL...too cute!!
Hope yall have a wonderful weekend!

Terri said...

Cute entry..hope you haven't pulled ALL your hair

Could you tell me how you made the bulletpoints beside each sentence?

I used to do that on my AOL journal all the time...but haven't a clue on


Karen said...

ya's amazing I haven't lost my mind yet either!