Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Soccer Drama

As most of you know, the kids are playing soccer for a local rec league. That have been having a blast. All the kids on the team have been.. until Saturday. We played a team that was.. well... full of cheaters. OK, so maybe that's a bit harsh... their COACHES are cheaters. They kept bullying the refs (who are teenagers.. young teenagers at that...) and had their kids pushing, tripping, kicking, etc. our team. Now granted.. these are 2-6 year olds so there will be accidental kicks or trips.. but these weren't accidental.. at all. Everyone who was there was like.. "Why aren't these refs calling these trips, kicks, etc.?" It was crazy. One of our players.. our MVP at that, got hurt and his parents thought his knee was really hurt to the point of having to take him to the doctor.

So anyway, our coach (who is a cop for the town) had enough of it.. so he complained to the head guy. The head guy said that their had been a lot of complaints, in similar nature, against that team. He said as it stands now that our team and the other team are tied for first place and he is thinking of disqualifying some of the games against the other team (don't know why) but if he doesn't he said that he would want our team and the other team to play a 5 minute "play-off". Our coach said thanks, but no thanks because he didn't want to risk our kids getting hurt (again) while playing that team. He said he would just forfeit the game and let the other team take first.. and said the heck with any trophy he would buy a first place trophy for our kids.

In all honesty.. it's just little kids soccer... but the way the other team was playing was really uncalled for. There were people from the other teams at our game and they even said it was ridiculous. I even over heard a parent from the other team said that he had never seen their coaches get like that and it was a bit unnerving to him. So that says a ton just from him. Anyway, it's a bunch of drama that I hope settles soon.


Janis said...

That's just plain scary. I want my kids to be able to participate in sports and other activities but some parents just get out of control! Hope the refs follow through and punish that type of behavior!


Angel said...

I agree with your coach.... I wouldn't want to play that team again and chance any of the kids getting hurt. It's sad that the other team's coaches have to be that way.
I hope all the drama soon passes.

Mc Allen said...

aww, thats to bad, Im sorry. My kids played basket ball for the y and one of the coaches was a nightmare, they dreded playing his team. Thnk goodness your peeps are looking out and ya'll actually have sthem on your sede. I'll be back to see how it go's! great blog ;) Leah

Karen said...

wow, that IS too much drama for a 2-6 year old team. Shame on those coaches for teaching them that behavior!

Terri said...

That's just sad isn't it...grown people acting like ...it's just a game....and in front of all those little ones....


Christy said...

That's horrible and honestly disgusting. My kids play sports here, but they're VERY big on sportsmanship at this age especially...train them up in good sportsmanship now and as they get older it'll already be a part of who they are.

The coaches should be "fired" or released. What's also sad is those little children have been taught to have bad sportsmanship by the people who should have been teaching them just the opposite.

Here all the kids get trophy's, no score is kept at this age, etc.

THAT GIRL said...

So... I finally archived my old J-Land journal. You can visit it here, I linked to you there as well, since you are an original. It looks pretty cute!


new one is same



P.S. LOVE your music... how very appropriate!

Indigo said...

Why weren't the other teams parents speaking up about the ugliness being taught to their kids, or where they condoning it? The scary thing is as young as these kids are they're impressionable. How can those parents even begin to think it's ok, for their kids to learn that behavior...
What you saw was the making of bullies...I'm sorry your kids team had to witness and be subjected to such behavior. (Hugs)Indigo