Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm voting

In the media you will hear several of the same phrases, "Go vote, let your voice be heard." This election is the most important election in decades." You have a responsibility to vote." Vote. It's your right." All of these are true. That's why I'm voting. That's why I've voted in every election. I'm letting my voice be heard. However, I'm not just voting for myself. I'm voting for my kids as well. After all, it is their future I'm voting for. Since they are too young to really care about the elections or at least know anything about it, it's my responsibility as their parent to vote for their best interest. So here is a list of my key issues (in no particular order).

Taxes: McCain does want to continue to give the American people tax breaks. He wants those who earn their living to keep as much of their own money as possible. Is it a huge tax break, no. But is it allowing what my family makes to stay, mostly, in our pockets.. yes. Obama "says" he will tax those making $250,000 or more. But in recent days that number has dropped to $200,000 and then again, per his VP pick's words, $150,000(Tax). Anyone seeing a pattern here? A radio talk show host said it reminds him of the days of Clinton (I was too young and into myself back during his presidency to remember) when Clinton said he would only tax the richest of the rich but ended up taxing those making $42,000+. Seems to me Obama doesn't care about the middle class.. those actually working for their dollars. How does it make any sense for my family, who work hard for their money, to pay into a system where that money will go to people who haven't worked a day in their life and haven't put a cent into the system themselves. I'm all for helping those who need help.. but not spoon feeding those who are lazy.

Abortion: McCain is pro-life. He believes a baby is a baby from the time of conception. Not a fetus, not a mass of tissue but a baby. He believes that a baby has rights at the time of conception. Obama believes in the right to choose. He believes, "it's above his pay grade" to decide when a baby has rights. He believes that a woman has a right to choose when to abort a baby even if it's as late as 9 months. He wants to lift the ban on partial birth abortion. He says in the interest of the "health of the mother" a woman should be able to abort whenever. So when someone says the "health of the mother" what is it you think of? Her life? Well, the "health of the mother" is anything from her physical health, mental health, emotional health, financial health. So a woman who is, say, 9 months pregnant, looks around at the economy and says, "There's no way I can afford having this baby. It would be too much financial stress. I want an abortion." Bam.. she's got one. Crazy, right? Not to Obama.(Abortion)

Homosexual marriage: McCain is against it. Believes in only traditional marriage between one man and one woman. Obama is for homosexual marriage. I believe marriage is between one man and one woman. Does anyone remember what happened to Rome? (Homosexual Marriage)

Israel: McCain is pro Israel. Meaning as president, he would stand in alliance with Israel. Obama also says that he is pro Israel. But a recent article that was brought to my attention has me thinking otherwise(Here). If he is a friend and "frequent dinner companion" with ANYONE who is anti Israel, anti Jews than.. sorry in my eyes he isn't pro Israel. "Oh, but he doesn't feel that way anymore" you might say. So the fact that he said he would like to continue to carry on conversations with this man doesn't seem wrong to you? Is this just something else that Obama is saying now but later will go back on too? Israel is God's nation. Israel and the people of Israel are God's people. I truly believe the only reason God has had mercy on this nation of recent history is because of our stand for Israel. If we ever go against Israel, we are going against God.. and to quote my pastor, "God doesn't lose any battles." I much rather stand in the mercy of God then stand for Obama.

Call me a Bible fool. That's fine. Call me a judgemental Christian. I'm not. No one is perfect. Christianity isn't perfect. But God's Word is. I know what It (God's Word) says and just by going by those moral standards, I cannot vote for Obama. He isn't right for this country. He is trying to pull you in by your purse strings. He is trying to tell you what you want to hear, but not what is true. He has an excuse for everything.

On November 4th.. look at those candidates names on your ballot. No matter who you vote for, you will be voting for change. What you need to decide is, is that change going to better this country or worsen it? Will that change benefit you as the individual or will it only help the 'new' government? Please, don't take this election lightly or your vote lightly. Please, do your research, pray.. I can only hope, no pray, that God gives this nation's voters wisdom and has mercy on us once more.


Karen said...

Very Nice Em! You know I feel the same way you do!

Christy said...

AMEN! Couldn't agree with you more, that's why when I voted it was for McCain for all the reasons you listed and more!

Danielle said...

well spoken and i agree 100%!