Sunday, October 26, 2008

I can't believe... quickly my kids are growing up. It's seems like yesterday Jon Kent was doing his one leg push and crawl or just yesterday that Zoey was crawling around chasing her brother... but alas it wasn't yesterday and they have both grown up to be wonderful little kids. Now it's their baby brother who is crawling. Not just scooting.. but full on crawling. How can that be? Wasn't I just pushing him out of the womb yesterday? I swear. Kids these days are in such a hurry to grow up.. and what for? To pay bills? *sigh* Oh, and he is already trying to pull himself up on things. I'm sure, if he's anything like his siblings, Nathan will be walking soon enough. Jon Kent was a little past 8 months when he took his first steps and Zoey was a little past 9 months. I still just can't believe it.

Today after getting out of Sunday school class, I went into the sanctuary and saw Jon Kent and Zoey with their Sunday school teacher singing and playing the drums. They have such a good time in Sunday school or really at church all together. They are the only two there their ages (we have a small church) so they get a lot of attention from everyone. They enjoy it. My daddy runs the audio booth and he was back there getting ready for the morning services and he recorded their little concert.. or at least part of it. I was told there were other songs before their finale.


Christy said...

That was too cute! My boys were both watching with me and Emma too!

They do grow up too fast! Emma walks, almost runs everywhere, crawls up onto everything (including our table...huge issue!), but it's so much fun!

Janis said...

Super cute! :) That is something you will treasure forever!

have a great week!


Karen said...

That video is too cute!! Looks like you got the next American Idol on your hands! And, WTG Nathan!!

BB said...

lol they are too cute in their video