Monday, October 6, 2008

Here is the latest

At 2pm Jon Kent woke up and I took his temp. It was 104.8. I FREAKED! Called the doctor and went through a bunch of hoops until they said take him to the ER. So we get there around 3pm and his temp was 103.9. They get him IVs and took a chest X-ray. We wait and wait and wait... finally they come and tell us he has a high white blood cell count. So we wait and wait... then they come in and said the x-ray showed pneumonia. So we wait and wait and wait... finally after an hour and a half of waiting they come in with a bag of fluids and antibiotic. Kent and Jon Kent are actually still at the ER. I had to come home to feed Nathan since he still refuses to take a bottle......... that's another post for another time. Anyway, they should be home soon and we have an appointment for 8am with Jon Kent's pediatrician to see what we need to do next. His fever did get down to 99.something... But I think it was starting to rise again because he was getting hot and whining... He has dealt with all this amazingly. He was such a big boy the whole time. I'm really proud of him for that. I just hate that he is going through all this......... I'll try and keep y'all updated on the latest.


Angel said...

I am so sorry to hear that Jon Kent is going through this!
What an amazing little boy to be handling this as well as he is.
I really hope he starts to feel better really soon.
Saying a prayer for him... that he is soon all better.
{{{{Big Hugs}}}}

Kim said...

Bleh, my first comment wouldn't go through. Let's try this again!

How scary! Pneumonia is a very scary thing but luckily with today's medicine they can usually get it under control very quickly. I don't know if you remember but Kallie was hospitalized when she was 2 for pneumonia. We spent about 3 days in the hospital before she was discharged. It was scary. Once they started administering the antibiotics things calmed down really fast. It did take about a week and a half for her chest x-ray to come back clear though. I'll be saying lots of prayers for JK but I'm sure he'll be fine!!! Scary stuff! Hang in there, mama!

AmyP said...

I hope JK is feeling better by now. We have been dealing with the sickies for a week now. I *think* we are all better now. Only time will tell. ((hugs jk))

Brandi said...

Poor Little Guy. I hope he feels better soon (((hugs)))

Karen said...

That is so scary. :( Continued prayers!