Thursday, October 16, 2008


My in-laws (who live next door) got a dog a few weeks ago. He was a lab and they named him Dodger. He was a pretty good pup but he wouldn't stay at or around the house. He always went through the woods to someone else's house. My MIL (mother-in-law) would walk a good 20 minutes there and back to get the dog and bring him back. He would stay long enough for her to go back inside and off he went again. Soooo.. one day another neighbor, who knew they were looking for Dodger, brought him back to their house. The people whose house he kept going to had put a collar on him and apparently claimed him as their own. Since my in-laws aren't confrontational people, they let it go. Dodge apparently liked it over at the other people's house, they were feeding him, taking care of him, etc. Dodger had been gone over a week or so until... Bear. My in-laws got a new puppy, a golden retriever. He's not so much a puppy anymore, as he will be a year old in November. But he is really sweet. My MIL brought him over yesterday afternoon to let us see him and she opened the door and he shot right in the house, down the hall way and into Zoey's room. Where she was playing with her stuff animals. She SCREAMED in horror (she is afraid of bigger dogs). She didn't calmed down for quite some time. Bear didn't mean to scare her.. he was just excited. Anyway, today Zoey did much better with him. She even rode her bike around him and played around him. But once he started her way she found my hip.. I'm hoping she gets used to him soon. He really is a super sweet dog. The funny thing about all this is that as soon as Bear arrives Dodger comes back and actually stays. As long as Bear is there Dodger will stay at my in-laws' house. My MIL took Bear to the vet this morning to get the once over and Dodger was there but once they left and came back he was gone. Hasn't been back since. They are hoping he doesn't come back now. Because he obviously didn't want to be there in the first place and Bear really doesn't care much for him.


BB said...

Bear is a beautiful dog :)

Terri said...

Awww Bear is just adorable!!!!