Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday, Nathan!!

I guess with the arrival of Nathan's 5th birthday I have been overwhelmed that what was left of Nathan's "babiness" is now quickly fading.  He isn't baby talking hardly at all.  His sentences are coherent (mostly) and complete.  He knows his letters, their sounds, his numbers, how to write some sentences, and can even read a few words.  These past 5 years have happened so fast.  To think that so much has happened in his short fives years.  Moving, growing, losing a grandmother, starting school, more growing.. so much.  How it's been 5 years in what feels like mere months I don't know, but boy am I trying to squeeze every moment out of it I can while I still have him little.  Because I know how quickly they grow.

Happy 5th Birthday to my last baby boy.  The boy who still loves to cuddle with his mommy and give sloppy kisses.  Thank you for completing our family and filling my heart to the point of bursting.