Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

I cleaned up the house and got everything in order so we could enjoy our weekend. That night we went to Kent's brother's homecoming football game. They played a small team who only had like 13 players total. They won 47-0 and that was with putting their 8th graders in. So go Victory!

The kids had a soccer game at 10am. We played our "rivals". We beat them our first game and so far we were the only ones to beat them. Their coaches are wayyyyy too into the game and would try to referee the game. It was ridiculous. It started making me mad because they were getting their players to tackle our players.. etc. They ended up beating us 6-4. So we are tied for first place. It doesn't make me mad that we lost as much as it makes me mad in how the other team's coaches were acting. Anyway, after the game we came home and the kids played with the dog for a little bit and then had lunch and went down for naps. When they got up Jon Kent and Zoey went with my parents to watch a movie and to spend the night at their house. Kent, Nathan and myself had a "date night". We swung by Target to pick up Nathan a jumperoo and some new pappies. Then we went to Olive Garden to eat. Nathan did well through most of dinner but about half way through he got antsy and hungry himself, so I held him while we finished up. Then fed him before going shopping. We went to a few more stores and then headed home. We got home and gave Nathan a bath and then let him play in his jumperoo. At first we had the settings too high so he couldn't really jump but once we figured how to lower it he figured out he could jump and he got this HUGE smile on his face. It was priceless. After all that he nursed and then went to bed.

We went to church. Then it was lunch with Kent's family. Then back to church. While at church the kids were in the nursery. Kent's sister kept it tonight and she "says" Nathan crawled. I believe her... but I'm sooooo not counting it as his first time because I didn't see it. ;0) Now we are just catching up on some our DVR stuff and then it will be to bed. And tomorrow is Monday so our week starts allll over again.... is it the weekend yet?


Karen said...

He's so cute in his Jumperoo! My Nathan doesn't like his anymore because he has to stay in one place, he'd rather be on the move.

Terri said...

You sound like me wishing for the weekend already...haha

Lovin your music =)

Have a good week

BB said...

Nathan is a cutie :) Yay for a date night. I know they are much needed. Sounds like your weekend was nice.