Thursday, October 2, 2008

More pictures...

There's just not a lot to talk about lately. At least not anything that would make sense to anyone else. I did get some information back about my application for admissions to the college. I still have a few more steps to take to get my application accepted and to get myself in the college's system. It's frustrating.. but I'll get it done. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

The kiddos all in the bed this morning. All in their jammies!

Look at the goofy, but very cute, smile!

My beautiful baby girl.

"This is my costume"
There's my cutie again in a new Halloween shirt (can you tell I'm addicted to "seasonal" shirts?)

Who is that masked man?


Chrissie said...

Awww there are so sweet and making me miss my baby boy. College paperwork never ends. I just got two of my kids in and that was a huge headache. Now I'm trying to help my oldest daughter get back in to finish her nursing up. That is a nightmare because you can't even get into a nursing program here until 2010. Good luck with your stuff and hang in there.
Take care

Momma M said...

I can't believe he's sitting by himself! YAY! That's great. :-)

Karen said...

Aww look at Nathan sitting by himself! Little, big man!

Brandi said...

You're kids are so cute. Nathan is growing so fast.