Friday, October 30, 2009

Tricks, treats and a little more.

Last night, right before heading to bed, I hopped on the internet to check my mail and facebook. My mom was on and IM'ed me. We chatted for a few minutes when out of no where she says, "We are coming!". I'm like, "Here?". "Yes", she says. I was ecstatic! A surprise visit = awesome! They will be here in about an hour. They really wanted to see Jon Kent play soccer and since he was sick last time they couldn't. And they really wanted to see the kids all dressed up and out trick or treating. So that's what we plan to do. Play soccer and trick or treat. AND have a fall festival at our church. Busy, busy, busy Saturday for sure. Now, if the rain will just hold off it would be even better!

Now, to brag on my hubby. Tonight we were laying around watching TV while the kids ran around playing. A commercial came on for a pumpkin spice latte... YUM. So at 8:30pm he went out to Starbucks and got me one. I'm drinking it now... Don't be jealous. I've got a great husband AND a pumpkin spice latte. Double YUM!

I know I've been sparse with my blogging lately. I have been addicted to facebook and all that goes on over there. But I do want to keep this up. I don't blog for others or really even for myself. I do it for my kids. I want a detailed documentation for them to read back on when they are older. When they have kids they can look back and see EXACTLY where THAT behavior is coming from. Haha. I just really want to give them the best gift of all, to see that I cared for them, loved them, made mistakes, did somethings wrong but in the end did the best I could and despite it all love them more than even I could have ever dreamed.


Stephanie said...

Yay! I can only imagine how exciting a surprise visit from them is, especially not living as close anymore.

I'm very impressed with your hubby. And jealous... pumpkin spice latte's are the best!

Have a fun Halloween!!!

Bridgett said...

LOVE surprise visits. How fun. :)

Totally jealous of the latte. Wanna share?

And finally, that is EXACTLY the reason I blog too. I sometimes talk about other things...but the heart of my journal is all about my kids and always will be.

It's my gift to them.