Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend with my parents

My parents spent the weekend with us. It was a really great visit. I miss our family and friends so much, so it's really nice to see them and not have to drive the 4 hours myself to do it. It was truly like a breath of fresh air.

The weekend started off great. My parents arrived here around 11am and the kids gave them a joyous welcome. Running to the door, yelling and screaming their names, big hugs and all around just a great moment and a wonderful reunion. After the kids got up from their naps, we took them to the park to play for a bit. Then came home and met up with Kent. We then went to eat and let the kids play for a bit. When we went outside to put the kids in their car seats and I felt something hit my head. I look up to see if it was starting to rain, but nope.. a bird pooped on my head! I was very disgusted and wanted it out of my hair. My family was too busy laughing their heads off to get the poop out of my hair. My daddy finally managed to get a napkin and get it out of my hair. We then swung by Dollar Tree (the kids favorite place) and Wal-Mart (where I picked up some yummy pumpkin spice candles!). When we got home and got the kids ready for bed I could tell Jon Kent wasn't feeling too well. Took his temperature and it was 102. Motrin and bed were this doctor's orders. The night was rough, but only because Jon Kent's fever at 1am was around 103.3 and wouldn't come down. After laying with him for over an hour and watching him, it finally came down to 101. I felt comfortable enough to go to sleep in my own bed at that point. The thing about him being sick, besides the fact that he was sick, was that he couldn't play soccer and my parents wouldn't get to see him play. So sad. Pretty much all Saturday morning Jon Kent seemed fine. Running around, playing, eating, etc. The kids went down for a nap and my mom and I took off to go shopping. Zoey needed some shoes and some more winter things. We also swung by this great place call "Kit and Caboodles" and found all sorts of neat stuff and I got a lot of ideas for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers! We then went to Target to grab Zoey's fore mentioned shoes. While we were there, Kent called and told me that Jon Kent woke up from his nap running a fever of 103 and was throwing up. So I gave him the number to the doctor's office and he gave them a ring. The doctor told him more than likely it was viral. Flu, swine flu or just a virus floating around. But if Jon Kent was still having the same symptoms at that time the next day to bring him in. So we treated the fever and gave him plain foods. He was fine. By 8pm that night his fever was gone and so far hasn't returned. So with Jon Kent on the mend Kent and I went out for a date (can I get a woot-woot?). We went to a great Mexican restaurant and then saw a movie (Couples Retreat. Hilarious!). During the movie my phone was vibrating and I really thought nothing of it. I just thought I was getting multiple messages from people I follow on twitter and facebook. Then I look down and see it's my dad calling me. I sent him a text to text me back. So he did and he said nevermind but that he needed the code for our security system earlier because they burned some cookies, made the fire alarm go off, the security people called, they didn't know the code, so they were going to send the fire department out unless my daddy could give her the code. So he somehow gave them my name and a number they needed and that was that. Thankfully, but I felt horrible for not answering my phone. I later listened to the voicemail and my daddy was telling me (with my alarm system going off in the background) that he needed the code or they were sending the fire department. It's funny now, but I am sure it wasn't then. Anyway, after the movie we swung by Starbucks and grabbed some coffee (pumpkin spice latte for me, YUM!) and some doughnuts as a peace offering for my parents. ;) Today was spent at church and just relaxing around. Jon Kent didn't go to church today, just in case he was contagious, so Kent stayed home with him. My husband did all the laundry, cleaned up the house and just got things back in order while we were gone. Lovely! After lunch and some laying around my parents packed up and headed back home. It's always so sad to see them leave. I get a lump in my throat every time. It's always so good to see family, but sad to see them go. But they will be back for Thanksgiving and Kent's parents and grandparents are expected to come in about 3 more weeks. So we had a good weekend, despite the sickness. So very thankful for weekends with my parents.


Brandi said...

it's great that your family keeps coming to see you all. I hope Jon Kent is feeling better. I have the Walmart Pumpkin Spice candles my house smells yummy. Yay for datenight!!!!

Karen said...

Woot Woot for Date Night!!! I need one of those! Glad you had a great time with your parents!

Taking Heart said...

I selected you for a blog award... check it out over on my blog! have a great weekend, em!

Bridgett said...

Well, aside from the throwing up, fevers, and crazy alarm, it sounds like the perfect weekend! LOL

So glad you got to spend time with your parents.