Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Dentist

..for the kids.

I'm still looking.

So the kids went to their new dentist yesterday. Compared to our last dentist it was alright. The dentist himself was great. He wasn't seeing any patients by the time Zoey was ready for a cleaning, so he cleaned her teeth himself. The hygienist was very please at how well they both were. It probably helped that this dentist actually let me sit back there with them, while our last one didn't. They got to watch a little TV while they waited, which they thought was awesome. Both kids came out without needing to reschedule for fillings. Or I should say, Jon Kent had no cavities and Zoey "had a few spots, but we are watching those for now". This dentist isn't pro fillings so much. He says if they are small enough, sometimes they can be contained by better brushing, flossing, etc. So we'll see. I appreciate that he rather work to better the kids' teeth rather than just cranking up the drill and giving them fillings. I also like that this dentist was a pediatric dentist for the Army for 21 years. He was very kind and loving to the kids. After they were done they each got a token (Nathan too) to get a prize out of the prize machine. They thought that was great. They were a little disappointed to come out without balloons (our old dentist gave them balloons, stickers, tattoos and a prize) but I took them out for playtime and lunch so they didn't really dwell on it. ;) All in all, I am pleased with their dentist so far.

Now on to finding me a dentist.. Yikes.


Christy said...

A great Ped dentist is a precious find!! We have a great one here and I love her and hate the thought of her ever leaving before we eventually move back to the states, she's been here for 3 years so I'm not sure how much longer we have her, but she's not in the ARMY, but is a civilian so we may be blessed to have her for at least 3 more years!

So glad the kids had a good apt and no fillings!! Wahoo!

Bridgett said...

Sounds like a great place!

I love dentists who don't force fillings if they're not absolutely needed...especially the mercury ones. Eeek!

My kids have another appointment in March at their flouride free dentist. Parker STILL hasn't lost all of his baby teeth. I'm getting concerned.