Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Randomness of Pictures

Nathan getting his breathing treatments at home.
Zoey showing me her earring.
Our latest craft. The kids' hands made into a wreath. It was fun getting Nathan to hold still so I could trace his hand.. really fun.


Leene said...

Poor Nathan, breathing treatments are never fun for either Mom or little one. I love the wreath - such a personal touch, I might borrow that idea and we can make our own thankful wreath. Leene

Brandi said...

What a funnn craft! Poor kiddo, my neice is doing her breathing treatments, saw his picture and said just now "Uh why can't I have a cute mask!" : )


Karen said...

Aw poor Nathan, I hope he's done with those soon. I love Zoey's earrings!

Bernadette said...

LMAO! It was probably almost as much fun as I have trying to clip Eli's nails ;)

Love the wreath...that would be a great idea for Pey's class to do for her teacher.

LOL, each pic I've seen of Nathan with the mask on I can't help but think of him saying something in the Darth Vader (sp?!) voice!