Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me! Monday

It's that time again. Not Me! Monday. As always for full rules just click on the above button. Here's my not mes for the week.

I did not enjoy getting up early to work out, just because it meant some alone time.
I did not go a whole week without shaving my legs. And even it I did.. my husband did not call my legs the woolly beast. He loves me too much to say that!
I did not look forward to the kids' swing set being built because it meant they could go out and play and I didn't have to be right there with them.
I did not put off sending the kids' birthday party invitations out because I've been lazy and haven't addressed them yet. I'm more productive than that!
I am so not tired today because the kids slept great last night. I could totally take on the world today.
I am not still hurt by hurtful things *someone* said.

So.. what did you not do this week?


Mc Allen said...

aw' I'm sorry some wasn't nice to you. My girl came in today and told me someone was saying mean things, at any age, its painful. Sorry you didn't get sleep. I don't miss tjose days! sending you a big hug! LA

Christy said...