Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Moaning

I'm still hurt over what was said about me.. maybe I'm being overly sensitive about it. I don't know. The more I think about it the more it hurts, not so much by what *this person* said because I know my kids are well raised, but how "*they* said it. There was a room full of people (of some people who love and care for me.. so why in this world *they* thought it wouldn't get back to me...) some who know me and some who don't. Those that don't may think I'm a horrible, neglectful mother now. And that ticks me off. I obsess DAILY over if I'm doing enough for my kids. If I should or shouldn't have done this or that. It drives me nuts some days. And then to turn around have *this* person say what *they* said. Just rubs me entirely the wrong way.

Zoey is also sick. As is Jon Kent but his is just coughing and a runny nose. Zoey has all that plus a fever. No outside play today.. and that with a brand spanking new swing set outside. I'm hoping it's just a cold and it passes soon.. without passing through the rest of us.. especially Nathan.

Since the kids were sick last night, neither slept well. And Nathan never does... so it was a long night. THEN on top of that I kept have some seriously weird dreams. I would be dreaming about something and then "wake up" only to be "waking up" in another dream. Does that make since? It was really weird. I was so tired from all that getting up and down all night that I didn't manage to get up this morning to work out. I'm just drained.. physically and emotionally.

And lastly.. I have a clogged milk duct. Which I know how to unclog it and all.. it just stinks that I have one. Bah! I'm done... hopefully my next post will be more delightful... maybe.

2 comments: said...

oh bummer - I am so sorry and you don't listen to one word that people say - (except nice people who like you like me:)

cold and flu season stinks - right?


so do clogged milk ducts - so sorry about that one - do you know the wet microwaved diaper trick?



Karen said...

(((Emily))) I know it's easier said then done but don't pay attention to people like that, they don't matter....and the people that do matter know the truth. I think every mother questions what they are doing sometimes, I know I have, but at the end of the day you know you've done your best and have done what's best for YOUR children and that's all that matters. When I see JK,Zoey and Nathan I see 3 happy, healthy children...and to that I say, Keep up the good work!