Sunday, November 9, 2008


You know.. There are some people in my life that I never thought (naive as that may be) would talk about me behind my back. And even if they did talk about me behind my back.. NEVER would I think they would talk about my MOTHERING behind my back. My freaking MOTHERING! The one thing I do day in and day out.. and they have the audacity to talk bad about me and how I raise my kids. FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!


Janis said...

Sorry to hear that people are being unkind! Hope they are repentive and you can forgive and move on!

God Bless

Leene said...

I am sorry that someone you know would say cruel things about your mothering. That is the one area in life that I know is the most sensitive for alot of women - myself included. You're not given a rule book when you have a child and I think its normal to question yourself but then to have others question you is just heartbreaking. Leene

TnL's Mommy said...

I am so sorry Emily that happened. Just remember that you know in your heart that you do the best you know to do and that is all that matters!! You are a much stronger person than whoever said that to you!

Pam said...

I know exactly how you feel. (not the mothering part but the being talked about) I had a fantastic job but little did I know that someone was feeding our boss untrue info about me. It was a slow poisen till she finally believed them and I got it big time from her. She did not actually fire me which was a surprise the way she went off on me. I had no idea that my "friend" even disliked me. She was my friend! I was my bosses first hired employee and her hardest working and most loyal. I would have done anything for her. Instead, I quit and we moved across the country to be close to my family.(my hubs was between jobs,thank goodness) I feel betrayed even months later. All I can say is drop these people from your life. You don't need their poisen. I'm sure your mothering is great and know that no one is perfect not even the gossiper.
(came over from Not Me Monday- actually I think my link was right under yours)

Brandi said...

Emily, I am so sorry that someone would do this to you. You are an amazing woman and an amazing mother. You should be proud of who you are and the life you have :)

Christy said...

Emily I'm sorry someone did this to you. There's just some things that you don't do and attacking your parenting is one thing. It's one thing when someone is a terrible parent, but it's sooooo obvious you are a loving and devoted Momma.

Bernadette said...

I'm totally available to come kick someone in the forehead ;)

That was way below the belt line for someone to even have gone there, especially the gossip part of it. There is no way, and I don't even personally know you, that you are a bad or even mediocre mother....You are a great mother, that is obvious.

I've taken flack from people who judged me without knowing me...mostly just because I'm a young mother.

It's simpoly not true...and just look at those kids, they obviously have a good hand raising them.

I hope the little ones feel better and the itty one doesn't get sick. You take it easy :)

Terri said...

I'm sorry someone has hurt you Emily...I know I only know you from the internet...but it's not hard to see that you are a great mother...hold your head up high sista... I have just one word for them.... Karma!

Big Hugs!