Tuesday, November 4, 2008


3 kids + 1 x-ray+ 3 flu shots= one tired momma.

Jon Kent's x-rays FINALLY came back clear from his pneumonia from over a month ago. So that is great! Then all 3 kids had to get their flu shot. None of them could get the flu mist (up the nose) because in the past year they have all had wheezing problems. Eh... it was soooo not fun. All 3 kids were crying and I only have two arms.. I felt horrible. Jon Kent got his first, then Zoey, then Nathan.. Nathan stopped crying first, then Zoey and finally Jon Kent quit (he is my whiner anyway....). The older two got stickers that say, "I'm a Junior Flu Fighter" and some suckers. Nathan got some mommy milk. ;0)

Going to go vote in a bit. I hope everyone uses their right to vote today!

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