Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jon Kent's Birthday in Review

Jon Kent got up bright and early. Apparently he wanted to enjoy his birthday in full.. So I went and got him out of bed and wished him a happy birthday. He was soooo excited. I sang "Happy Birthday" to him as I carried him back to our room for some cartoons in momma and daddy's bed. After everyone was up for the day Kent made "birthday pancakes" and he got to blow out the candles. After breakfast Kent had to run to town to get the carpet cleaner but he was back shortly. Once he did that we went on a treasure hunt for Jon Kent's birthday present. He had a good time with that. It would have been better had the weather not went from 70 to 50 over night. ....Soooo wasn't expecting that when I made the treasure map to go outside... Anyway, he followed all the clues and the map to his birthday present. He was excited. And he enjoyed his car all day. Later, after lunch, all the kids went up to Kent's parents' house so we could clean the carpets real quick. While there he got another present from his great grandparents (Lincoln Logs). After we got done with the carpets we took the kids to a town over and let them play in an arcade and ride some little kiddie rides. They had a good time. We then made a slight detour on our "all about the birthday boy" outing. It was for Zoey and it will be posted about later.. don't want to steal the "birthday boy's" thunder. Then we took the birthday boy to Garfield's for birthday steak. The waiter got him a bowl of ice cream and everyone sang to him. It was really cute. After that Kent took the kids to another toy store to let them pick "just one more toy" out while I went and fed Nathan. Then we went home and my parents came over to give Jon Kent his birthday gift (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fighting thingy). Then it was to bed for the birthday boy and all the O'ville kiddies. It was a really good day!


Terri said...

Happy Birthday Jon Kent!!!

Looks like you had a wonderful day


Bernadette said...

Yay! for treasure hunts! ..what a good idea :)

Sounds like a great birthday!