Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My baby girl is WHAT?

She is off to kindergarten.  Huh?  Did I just really write that?  Really?  Kindergarten... hmmm... not preschool.  But kindergarten.  Yes, Emily.. it's happening.. your babies are growing up.. and quickly!

How I just want to hit the pause button.  Freeze Zoey in time, just as she is now.  Freeze her right now while she still thinks I hung the moon.  Freeze time while she still wants to give me hugs and kisses and still doesn't pronounce a lot of words the way they were intended.

Today Zoey and her preschool class did their end of the year program and "graduated" from preschool.  She was all smiles.  I was too.. for the most part.  A few tears were shed but only because I was just bursting with pride at how well my little girl has done during her first year of school.  And just a little, tiny bit of sad that she is quickly growing up.

Happy Graduating Preschool Day my baby girl!  I am so very proud of you and all you are doing!  You are off to a great start!

They are "too cool for preschool"!

"H is for happy hearts- filled with love and cheer."

"Z is for zest- Let's give ourselves a great big cheer!"

Telling everyone what she learned to do in preschool.

Getting an award.

Zoey and Miss Eskierka

Zoey and Mrs. Pitts

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