Friday, June 3, 2011

Busy and fun summer ahead!

It's finally summertime.  I have been waiting all year for this.  I love summer!  I love having my kids with me and us finding fun things to get into or finding new things to learn about.

I had decided well before school let out that we were going to keep busy this summer.  I wanted my kids to enjoy their time away from school and to make memories in the process.  So far we have a lot of things planned.  Jon Kent has basketball camp next week, my daddy is coming for a visit, we have VBS the last full week in June, we have two trips planned to two different water parks, a weekend beach getaway, possibly dance classes for Zoey and a trip to Six Flags.  Also, somewhere in there, the kids are going for a few days to Alabama without me.  All that added with just regular days of going to parks, having plans with friends and such and it makes for a busy summer.  And I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope to fill this blog in the coming weeks with pictures from our adventures and trips.  So stay tuned!

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