Friday, August 28, 2009

Bust a move

Do you ever have days where you just want to let loose? Let your hair down? Be care free? Kind of like when you were a child. Nothing matters. You were solely in it for the fun. For the adventure. For the laughs. I wish I could be more childlike in the sense that I wish I didn't care so much. I see my children walking up to a complete stranger (child) and start talking. "What's your name?" While I've got cotton mouth and am breaking out in a sweat trying to think of a way to start a conversation with the new neighbor. Kids just see it how it is: There is a person there they want to play with and therefore they go over there and start talking and playing. Simple.

I'm actually trying to take cues from my children in the department of socializing. Seriously. I may think I am making a fool of myself, but really what does it matter in the end. I may make a new friend and even if I don't I won't regret not trying.

I'm also just trying to be more carefree. Hear a song I like, start singing it. Feel a beat in my feet, start dancing. Kind of like what Jon Kent did for me today. That boy let loose and wasn't afraid. He had a move to bust.

And he busted it.


Bridgett said...

HA! Loves it! He was totally jammin'!

Parker and Autumn were doing this the other their undies as well.

Oh, how I wish I could run around in my undies again.

And heck away! I always have and it's never let me down. :) Most times, the person seems grateful I started the conversation in the first place.

You can do it, Em! I have faith. :)

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh those pics look hilarious. I love the little sequence you did!

I agree... I've been thinking about the same thing as far as socializing and how easy it is for the kids but is just so hard for me. I've been working on it. I mean really, what are we afraid of?! Lol

Brandi said...

Jon Kent is so cute!!! I am still trying to live my life like Ryan does sweet & simple :)

Kristine said...

LMAO! Love it.

Bernadette said...

getting caught up with you over here!

Sounds like you've been busy since the move. I hope all's going well with the playgroups and you meet some moms you really like. It's hard to get to know people in big groups like that.

The kids look great! Nathan is getting so big!