Saturday, August 8, 2009

Zoo knew?

That going to the zoo could be so fun. Wait.. we do!!

Yeah, I'm corny.. sue me.

So we went to the zoo today. It was Nathan's first time. I so need to remember to put that in his baby book. Yes, I keep a baby book for all my babies.. not just my first. Sorry.. off subject. So today we went to the zoo and had a good time.. until about noon when it got really hot and we started to melt. But that is neither here nor there. We decided to go ahead and get the family membership. For what it was going to cost us to get into the zoo for two trips we paid for today. And we already plan to go at least two more times for sure. The membership also comes with 12 free guest passes, which works out great with all the family that comes and goes. I would have to say the best parts of the zoo adventures today were: seeing the look on Nathan's face when he spotted an animal (it was like "OOOOOOh!!! LOOOOK!! ANIMAL!!!!"), watching Jon Kent and Zoey absorbed what we were trying to teach them about the animals and lastly but definitely the funniest.. when a bird that Kent was feeding nectar to hopped onto his hand and Kent started freaking out(FREAKING OUT!!!). So hilarious! I have a picture on my phone, but so far can't find the cord to hook it to the computer to upload it. But seriously.. funny. We had to leave earlier than we had planned because it was pretty hot. By the time we got in the car it was 100 degrees outside. Way too hot to be walking around the zoo! Here are some pictures of what we did get to see and do! Enjoy!


Bridgett said...

Looks like a really nice zoo! If it's anything like the Columbus Zoo, you could spend a week just seeing all the animals and sights. It's huge!

But the guest passes will be great, especially in the fall when it's a little cooler.

We're having a hot one today too...our hottest of the year so far. Blah. I don't do HOT well at all.


Kristine said...

Oh, how fun! We haven't made it to a zoo yet this year.

Karen said...

How fun!! We love the zoo! The family membership is great and totally worth it! Hope you have many more great trips there!